Jaylor 5850 TMR Mixer: Dairy Ration on Armstrong Manor Farm

Hi, I’m Peter Armstrong. This is Armstrong Manor Farm. We’re located in Caledon, Ontario. I’m 5th generation on this farm. We’re currently milking about 290 cows, 3
times a day. Our average milk production, given the heat we have right now, it’s running around 38KG/ day. If we can get rid of some of this heat I’d
like to see it get back up over 40. Butter fat we’re running 4.1-4.2 butter fat
and 3.3 protein. So the cows are doing well despite this long
stretch of heat that we’ve had. Our mixer that we have here is a 5850. And I was actually trying to think, I believe
this is our 5th mixer. That isn’t to say that we always have to replace
them – we just like to keep current with a lot of our machinery. You know before they get run out we like to
update them. The service that we get from Jaylor is tremendous
– just really pleased with them. The quality of the feed that we get out of
it, the consistency of feed that we get out of it. I’m going to say that it’s probably been about
12 years we’ve been running Jaylors and anything else would be stepping backwards I think.

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