Japan Train Meal (Ekiben) – Eric Meal Time #191

100 thoughts on “Japan Train Meal (Ekiben) – Eric Meal Time #191

  1. I used to get on the trains in Japan just to ride to someplace so that I could eat ekiben! What a loser lol :-). That hot steak meal is much like an MRE the way it heats up. Saba is mackerel and I love it! Satoshi would call that Japanese taste. :-). Beef tongue is awesome most people say ew but I love beef tongue!

  2. i take my son football training. my wife left me for a man named estabon. he wears the same tank top everyday

  3. Omg all that food is amazing, the time they spend on presentation is beautiful.
    Love your channel, New Subby 😊

  4. damn for a white guy your chop stick skills are on point, once you know how to pick up rice thats when you know you mastered it

  5. Just be careful you don't end up digesting food that is contaminated by radiation. You people don't have any idea how freaken dangerous Japan is right now..

  6. Hi Eric, i love your eating videos. Im a fan from Philippines. Your videos are my stress reliever from school. Your son is a cutie 😅😍 i admire your relationship with ur sons. Take care always Godbless and upload more videos 😘😘

  7. Oh, YUM!! Those all look wonderful. I would definitely eat all of those.
    I bet you could take hand and foot warmer packs to heat non heated Benton boxes provided the container is heat proof and you have a suitable heat proof surface to set the warmers and box on.
    Just a thought. I have never tried it but after seeing how it is heated it made me think of that. 💜

  8. My gma cooks some AMAZINGLY tender tongue!!! Cut it with a fork its so tender and with an amazong light gravy sauce ….. AMAZING 🙌🙌

  9. ok so this video was one of your best ones… i would love to go on a train and eat like that… it also was kind of quite… all said and done it was a pleasure to watch this video… it would be cool if u could do more of these types of videos…. yeah eating on a train video has it going on oh yeah!!!! the food looked great … i never had sushi [ i like things cooked] but watching this video i just might give it a go sometime… again another great video Eric…

  10. I just came across your convenience foods-of-Japan videos, and I appreciate the information on the types of food choices one has there for whatever type of lifestyle. But I hear that Japan uses MSG as a main seasoning ingredient in a lot of their foods, and it makes me jittery and gives me a rash – so, are there non-MSG choices? Also, how were you able to travel around Japan and purchase the food to make the videos? Are you doing some sort of research or a special study?

  11. That breaded pork looked delicious. Loved the part when you gave that look and said or beer lol. I thought people ate bamboo leaf? Wouldnt the second leaf just be part of like a sandwich? 🤷‍♀️ Love the vids and seeing what local foods on the go you purchase.

  12. Just found out about your videos 2 days ago bro and I've been watching them non-stop I love your personality and your passion for the Japanese culture I share it

  13. Eric, THANK YOU!! Watching your videos has put Japan on my bucket list! I want to go so bad!!! And also i have fallen in love with sumo!!!! All the way from New London CT U.S.A!!! Thank you again for taking your time and sharing your love of food and your life!

  14. I wouldn't want to be the camera man this is painful I feel sorry for him or her watching you eat all alone. It would be nice to mention the price of each one.

  15. As always what a wonderful video I enjoy your videos immensely so educational and the food looks beautiful have a great day

  16. When I was a child my father was in the militsry and we lived in the phillipines. I ate such beautiful exotic foods. Now that I am married to a man, who has never left the United States until he met me. And that was Canada, we live in Michigan near Detroit. I wont be able to take him overseas tobexperience the culture (financially like alot of people). So I try to introduce him and my 2 kids to at least the foods of overseas. Hubby likes some and my daughyer does as well. But with myb10 year old son he is always to scared to try any of it. Watching these videos make me feel immersed into whatever and wherever the creature is.

  17. Wow Japan is the place to be I love everything about Japan. I would love to travel there. Hello Eric its great to see you, I watch ALL your videos over and over. I sure hope I win man how awesome that would be, I hope your having a great day or night I'm Sheila from Cleveland OH. I love all your shows and the ones with your Son's are really good too. Ok until your next video Eric. Bye bye. 🙂

  18. I love Japan, I've been there 2 time and I have determined that it is the most people convenient country in the world. So easy to eat and get around.

  19. I've been watching a ton of your eating videos and not once have I heard you say oh god have mercy on my soul this thing tastes like a dogs asshole. it's either ah not bad or its wow this is really good

  20. Oh so the heating element works on exothermic reaction of calcium oxide with water impressive
    But I think sodium oxide and water reaction element will be much viable on economy

  21. Maybe it is just me but it doesn’t seem the majority of food u eat is healthy is that because it’s basically fast food? Would like to see u do some traditional Japanese meals

  22. First,this is a hearsay.Manyy foreigners in Japan,presumably tourists,have few kinds of bowls at a time but not eating rice.They only eat stuff on top of the rice.Yeah they don't eat rice in thieir daily lives,not their habits.

    Anyway,traveling on a train with ekiben and green tea is a joy.I am Japanese by the way…

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