ITALIAN American Food in New York | Old School Italian Food in NYC

okay Spontaneous bite Yes, we are here! It’s Summer in the city so we had to go down by the water This is the way to do it. You gotta have some have some waterfront action when it’s the summertime And we are in South Brooklyn.
It’s a place we don’t come to that often But, why not, right? We are officially
starving. I can’t wait to eat it’s like 4:30/5:00 in the afternoon, so this is
going to be our first stop first meal of the day Yep, we’re gonna take you on a tour of some old-school Brooklyn spots.
Old-school Italian so we’re going to start off with some seafood right here at a
legendary spot in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn I can’t even talk about it
anymore, let’s go! Alright, so we are here in our first
stop of the day it’s called Randazzo’s Clam Bar. Anyone who’s from Brooklyn or
from New York City it’s a good chance if you grew up here you’ve come here before.
It’s a classic Italian seafood joint I used to come here a lot of times with my
pops. We would come here watch football eat it inside. Usually you know it the fall/winter,
football season, right? But now we’re actually in the Summer, eating outside on
these picnic tables. You can’t, can’t beat dining al fresco, right? In New
York, definitely not. Cool breeze. It’s actually my first time
here. Greg is taking me here. Oh I’m starving. Oh we are yeah. We haven’t eaten in well over 18 hours, so we’re gonna feast. A lot of good stuff coming. We’re going to show you very
soon. First off here’s my red wine, yeah. I got a little Peroni, the Italian
beer. So it’s Summertime, why not? Calamari is here. Thank you! The signature
dish here at Randazzo’s is the galamah That’s right so it’s fried calamari, but
you gotta use the Brooklyn lingo Galamah. So that’s what we do. We’ve got
the fried galamah, we’ve got it with their signature sauce. So they have the
medium and they got the spicy. Gotta go spicy. So this is the classic tomato
sauce. This is what it’s all about right here. I haven’t eaten this at least 15 or
more years. Decided to have it again it’s been a long time. Wow the calamari you can already hear the crisp Oh it’s so good.
Even on its own It’s so fresh. It’s very lightly battered
with some flour here it looks like. Super crispy you just feel it when you put the fork into it. Super crispy and light. But, we got to use some of that spicy
sauce. Gotta go in there Da sauce! Lightly battered, crunchy, perfect. So the sauce is not too spicy. You know when you the order the spicy, it’s got a very slight slight spice to it It’s just very flavorful and it goes so
well with the galamah Sweet and spicy this sauce, huh? It’s full of herbs, too. This bread. Yep it’s the bread, you dip that in the sauce That’s what this is for Oh it’s hard. Yeah it’s supposed to be, it
always has been. I’ll take this. This bread here dip it in
that sauce That’s what it’s for. It’s a good vessel for the sauce. It’s definitely like older bread that’s what it’s meant for though. Thank you. Here we got the baked clams as
our second food of the day I had a sip of beer first, right? But anytime you go to an Italian restaurant specializing in seafood, you gotta go with the baked clams.
Baked clams are just a classic Italian seafood dish here in New York, especially.
Even any Italian restaurant I love going with the baked clams. So we had to get an order of these. We got the little necks the smaller ones. Feeling that they’re better that way than the larger, so let’s do it. Let’s take a bite of this baked clam Mmm oh yeah The clam is very fresh. Got the right amount of bread crumbs in there. We got the nice chunky clam underneath. So good! Taste a
little Parmesan in there. Classic baked Very fresh. Scooping up
that juice, I like it. It’s like it just came out of the ocean. And there’s just something
better about eating it outside just steps from the water.It just adds to the appeal of it here. That’s how we get down Gotta get the rest of this baked clam
juice, breadcrumbs, all that good stuff. Yeah you get that briny clam juice, got the
lemon, you got the herbs oregano bread crumbs all that good stuff.
Baked clams are awesome That pasta’s nice and al dente. It’s got a little chew to it. Mmm Love when they cook it al dente. That’s the way to go. And the sauce definitely has a kick. It’s the fra diavolo, so this Seafood
Fra Diavolo. The Fra Diavolo’s the spicy red tomato sauce.
We got the seafood. So we have the clams, we have the mussels, then we have the shrimp. Oh that kick right away it was really nice. This is a little bit spicy from the sauce. Calamari sauce also we had The shrimp’s been bathing in that sauce. We don’t eat pasta that often, but man this is hitting the spot right now Ooh alright, so Randazzo’s was awesome Haven’t been there in so long. It was great to introduce Jumi to a childhood favorite
of mine. It’s been there over 80 years And as you well know, New York in 2012
Hurricane Sandy hit it very hard, especially this neighborhood. I had read
that the owner of Randazzo’s he had to escape when things got really dicey on a
raft That’s what the newspaper said. So I’m glad it survived I’m glad it’s still functioning. Glad this whole strip is
back to business and yeah this is a classic spot you come out here enjoy the
waterfront enjoy just the South Brooklyn feel. This is not Williamsburg folks.
This is not the hip neighborhoods. This is old-school Brooklyn right here.
Speaking of old-school Brooklyn, we’re gonna head to another really old-school
gem. You’re gonna see where that is. OK we are in another Brooklyn classic. Especially in the Summertime sitting outdoors. Everybody’s here. Oh yeah. What is it? L&B Spumoni
Gardens, check the sign right there. Brooklyn classic. Signature square slices
right here. Oh yeah. Very unique slice. They have the cheese first, sauce on top, a little
Parmesan on there too. Oh yeah, fresh. These are. They’re just churning them out all day long. These big big pans of them coming out. They cut them with a knife.
Gonna get one each and I got an extra, because can’t come all the way out
here not get – to not get just one. Had to get more than just one coming all the way out here. Let’s do it. It’s got that crispy bottom. It’s got a little
gumminess inside too. And that cheese, but you really taste the sauce on top and
that parmesan kicks in. I love sauce on top we’ve praised sauce on top pizza many times for good reason. Here comes Greg bearing desserts We couldn’t come to L&B Spumoni Gardens
and not get the spumoni, right? It’s their signature dessert. Ooh it’s dripping. So since this is my first time here, let me be the judge of it. So pistachio,
we got chocolate and we got vanilla right here. So kind of like
Italian ice + ice cream, or sherbert. I love the chocolate. It’s served in these
classic little paper cups. So if you remember we went to the Italian ice king
in our frozen dessert video we’ll put the card up here for that check it out.
It served a similar. That’s a New York classic cup right here. So let’s take a bite. So it’s got that cool refreshing Italian ice consistency mixed with the creamy like
an ice cream. This is a really interesting dessert. It’s a classic
here. You come here you get a slice, get a spumoni. Good to go. I heard the food
here is amazing too. There’s actually a sit down restaurant here as well. So I heard
that’s an awesome spot to hit up too. It’s such a New York summer classic right here. This is probably like a top five New York summer classic spot for sure. Even though they are
open all year round. You could sit out here in the dead of Winter if you like. I have before. It’s worth it. It’s getting darker and our stomach is
getting fuller. But we are down to our last stop of the day which is dessert! Yesss! That’s
right yes. So we’re going to a well-known Italian pastry shop here called Villabate Alba. It’s a gem here in Bensonhurst. They specialize in all types. They have
gelato, they got cannoli, they’ve got all types of good stuff here. So let’s see what
we’re gonna get into. We’re pretty full, but as you know, always have room for
dessert That’s right. Let’s do it Oh yeah. We got gelato. We got gelato.
We actually lucked out because it says on the sign that they’re closing for a
week for vacation. So we got here on the last day they’re open til they reopen again after vacation, so great timing. Best way to end this Italian classic,
classic Italian crawl. Impromptu crawl. We didn’t really plan this. We
literally just at the last minute like oh what the hell, why not? Let’s just uh
let’s do this So actually we woke up today. I’m not
saying this morning cuz it wasn’t morning. We woke up late. So we woke up
today and like oh let’s go to Brooklyn and get Italian food. Yeah we we travel
for food a lot and the funny thing we actually travel overseas for food more
than we do in our own city sometimes, especially it’s a place like deep
Brooklyn like this. So we initially ordered cannolo, but we had to get two.
We don’t eat cannoli that often so we got two. And I got something else that I like
to get from time to time because it brings me back to when I visited Italy
three years ago when I was in Naples, I had sfogliatelle. AKA lobster tail. Just look at the shape. It’s a flaky crispy. Let’s try this first the
flaky crispy pastry Oh wow It’s heavy ASMR. Oh wow So crispy and flaky. Got an excellent citrus flavor. Believe there’s orange rind in there. Hmm
Wow I love that citrusy kick to cut through the cream that’s inside. It’s really
good. So the only that would make this even better is if we had a little
espresso to go with it because oh it’s so perfect. But it’s 7:30 on a Sunday
night and we got to go to sleep and wake up for work tomorrow, so we got the next
best thing Coffee gelato. That’s right You got that strong coffee flavor. It’s definitely like an ice cream espresso right here. It hits the spot. It gets that coffee flavor you want without having that entire espresso
shot. Very good. So what’s nice is that they make their gelato in-house. Homemade. Thought about getting the gelato con brioche.
So that’s when they put two scoops of gelato in a brioche bread. But that’s a little
little hefty right now I’d rather get the extra pastries than
the brioche bread as good as it is. Had it in Sicily that’s an awesome dish, but
we’ll save that for a future Sicily episode when we make it out there. Yeah So there was a time when Greg and I used to go do explore like like this way. Like
impromptu going to places and like far near far. Today is just one of those days
like it brings us back to those times that today we’re just doing
it in video. That’s right so we hit up three awesome old-school Italian spots
here in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is known for Italian food especially like the
old-school red sauce joints like Randazzo’s. And then we had classic pizza
we can’t do an old-school Italian food video without pizza, right? L&B Spumoni
Gardens. Classic. And then we finish off here one of the best Italian dessert
spots in the city. Villabate Alba. Oh it was so good it really blew us away
at the end. Even though we were full that there was so much room for dessert. There always is. And it was today. Ooh what’d you think of it, today? What do
you think? Amazing day. The first time for all these spots for you. Yep
first time. First time. Yeah it’s not easy to get this kind of stuff in Queens. You
have a couple spots but they’re a little more spread out. So Brooklyn is the place
to be. So we hope you enjoyed this video today. Thank you so much for watching.
Please smash that like button. Smash it. Smash it! Like and subscribe. Yup subscribe, hit the bell. You want to be the first to comment, right? Yes you do! Good night! Thanks for watching. See you soon. Peace Music’s so nice. Very old school. Oh yeah. It’s an old school joint.

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