Irish People Try American BBQ

(Laura) I wonder how, uh, their barbecue… …differs to our barbecue, because …our barbecue is just usually a man cooking salmonella… (Anne) *snort* (Laura) underneath an umbrella in the summer. (Anne) HA HA! (Robbie) They look very good. (Anne)Big bones, big… (Laura) *inaudible* (Paddy) It just – it smells amazing. (Robbie) You just kinda go for it. (Laura) Smile! (Robbie) They are succulent! (Anne) I don’t even like ribs, but these are delicious. (Laura) –Oooh mah gaawd– (Paddy) Fourteen? (Aine) Fourteen hours? (Robbie) It’s well worth it if it tastes like this. (Paddy) It’s just like the meat’s crumbling apart in your mouth. (Aine) Definitely. (Paddy) and the sauce just makes it so juicy. (Anne) And look you can break them off and make it more, like, ladylike. (Laura) *laughs* (Aine) All right, Paddy let it go! (Laura) There’s onions…there…I can’t speak… (Aine) I’m just smellin’ ’em. (Paddy) I know absolutely nothing about brisket. (Laura) Oh it’s so beautiful…it’s falling apart, oh!
(Anne) Oh my God, it’s… (Paddy) It’s delicious! It tastes better than it smells. (Robbie) Hm. (Laura) So good… (Paddy) Spicy. (Aine) Yeah, actually. (Paddy) Mm hmm. This is better than the ribs. It just falls apart in your mouth; all the meat just disintegrates as soon as it touches your tongue. The mustard goes brilliantly. it kind of like, gives it a cooling off. Our beef would be nicer, though. (Paddy)You think? (Aine) Like, my mam’s Sunday roast tastes way better than that.
(Paddy)Oh I don’t know. (Robbie) It does look like dog food. It looks horrible, yeah. (Anne) “Burnt end beans?” (Robbie) They cook them till they’re nearly…burnt…ended? (Aine)Chili-ish. (Anne) Oh! They’re very spicy! (Paddy) Smoky but spicy, with a barbecue kick. I don’t like them. (Aine) I’d put these on a baked potato. (Paddy) Oooh! Then it goes from hot to hotter, to hotter, to hotter, then it’s just like, burnin’. It’s overpowerin’. (Laura) Oh I’d bathe in it! (Aine) Beans: good. Sauce: good. (Paddy) Tasty! (Anne) This is pulled pork, obviously (Laura) Yeah, and slaw. (Paddy) It looks really good and smells – oh my God -if you guys had “Smell-o-vision!” (Robbie) It’s fallin’ apart. (Paddy) It’s so soft! (Anne) What sauce is it? (OS) Chipotle (Anne) What’s that? What’s chipotle? (Laura) Chipotle is like – spicy! Grrrwr! (Paddy) It keeps it goin’, you know, the flavor keeps comin’ as you’re chewin’ it. (Anne) It’s stringy, as it looks…definitely stringy. But it’s delicious. That’s good, I like that. (Robbie) Definitely, that’d be my number one, now. (Laura) It’s just the best. (Anne) It is. (Laura) They’re cute, they taste amazing. (Anne) It looks like a scone. (Laura) A scone with pepper sauce on it. -laughs- (Paddy) “Biscuits and gravy?” (OS) Yeah. (Paddy) Gravy and biscuits? (Robbie) Dippin’ a chocolate digestive into your bisto, like. -laughs- (Paddy) Smells nice. (Aine) Does it? It’s kinda bland. (Robbie) Yeah. (Paddy)Very chewy. (Laura) It tastes like sausages. (Paddy) It’s like something you’d make when you’re drunk at 5 o’clock in the morning. (Robbie) Nope, just the whole lot’s horrible. (Laura) It grows on you, though. (Robbie) Yeah, the sauce, it’s just too sausage-y or something. (Aine) Yeah that’s actually really not nice. (Anne) No, don’t like it at all. You obviously love it. (Laura)*mumbles* -laughs- (Anne) Oh my God we’re not supposed to eat meat! On Ash Wednesday! (Laura)It’s Ash Wednesday! (Anne)It’s Ash Wednesday! (Laura) We’re goin’ to Hell!

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  1. Every time I see this it makes me laugh, but OH, THE BISCUITS AND GRAVY! I have never seen biscuits and gravy like it before, and no way is the American version bland~ it has quite a bit of black pepper in it!

  2. Everything they serve looks like cafeteria food that sat there for 6 hours and these poor bastards have to eat it. The last video I watched they served them plane cornbread no mashed potatoes and turnip greens no vegetable soup that sat in the fridge for a night so the vegetables could really absorb that juice. Plane cornbread Sad just sad.

  3. Missouri usa here, what are burnt end beans?? born in bred here in the midwest, and i have never heard of them?

  4. I really don’t trust people when they say” my moms food is better.”

    When you grow up eating something you become accustomed to it. Therefore in your brain it’s imprinted as it’s good food.

  5. That biscuit and gravy looks like it's from a fast food joint 10 mins before breakfast is over and it's been sitting all morning lol and he said chewy 😂so yeah sounds about right.
    Y'all need at least 2 soft flakey biscuits smothered in gravy! Not that crap

  6. Hope those two nice Irish Catholic girls went to Confession after FACTS made them eat meat on "Ash Wednesday", in Ireland! (lol)

  7. If u can see the biscuit in biscuits and gravy then it's not biscuits and gravy…on a side note breakfast gravy should never hear the word bland

  8. Ain't nothing more primal than polishing a rib til it's smooth.

    Ain't nothing more civilized than the patience waiting 14 hours til you can polish that same rib.

  9. From an American who lived in the NE, SE and West Coast…WTF is 'Burnt End Beans'? Is that some shit made by the Deliverance mountain people ?

  10. That was the saddest biscuits and gravy. I’m from Texas We put potatoes and chunks of breakfast sausage in the gravy and the biscuits HAVE TO BE SOFT AND FLUFFY AND SMOTHERED IN THE GRAVY.
    Saddest representation ever

  11. If you can see the biscuit you didn't put nearly enough gravy on it. Break that sucker in half horizontally and smother it.

  12. You want real American BBQ make a bee line to Kansas City! ..Don't leave without attending a Chiefs NFL game.

  13. As a southern man who is a good southern cook I feel I cud go to Ireland. open a restaurant and within a year be the KING OF IRELAND. LOL

  14. I am recently in the South and biscuits aren't really a BBQ thing…I could be mistaken, but the gravy isn't smeared on like jelly, is poured over biscuits as if you're pouring over pancakes. Also, chocolate gravy is pretty fun!

  15. This makes me so happy. I was born and raised in the southern USA, and I'm also of Irish heritage, so this is all love to me!

  16. It's been commented about already, but they served that biscuit and gravy wrong. Especially if you are trying to do like we do in America. That looked like a gravy s'mores biscuit. We in America lay both pieces of the biscuit flat and smother both in white gravy with sausage mixed in it.

  17. Your not going to go to hell for eating meat on ash Wednesday. That's something the popes made up to keep you captured in their false religion.

  18. I’m from the south and I have heard it called white gravy , milk gravy and sausage gravy. I call it grease gravy and think it is pretty awful,

  19. The army used toast and the troops dubbed it shit on a shingle.
    .buttermilk biscuits with a little butter and honey is pretty good

  20. I think the previous comment was right, the biscuits and gravy was far from traditional. There should have been a lot more gravy, with extra flour added to make it thick, and black pepper to cure the bland taste. Just one reason why you should never have a gourmet chef make a traditional food. Just find any southerner and they could make it better than that.

  21. Like really, what the F do they eat there. Kidney pie, boiled goat n turnip sauce or dried fish n weeds. Really it's just bar b que. Make fire, add cow or pig put on sauce.
    Makes the concept of eating elsewhere frightening.

  22. Who TF thinks a biscuit is chewy? What did you guys do to fuck up biscuits and gravy. C'mon man, don't make it if you're going to ruin it😑

  23. It’s funny because I’m from Texas, land of some of the greatest BBQ in the world so these dishes look absolutely terrible and they like some of it lol imagine if they had true BBQ

  24. These Irish folks are, for lack of a better word, adorable. I'm sorry they weren't served a better example of biscuits and gravy, though…the real thing should have had them over the moon…

  25. Everyone's talking about the biscuits and gravy, which yeah, I think could have been done better, but my question is about the pulled pork and slaw… where's the bun? Typically we eat all of that on a sandwich…

  26. The same biscuit and gravy nasty mixture from the other video. Stop with that crap. That is NOT southern biscuits and gravy. You're F-ing us up with that. Learn how to cook!!

  27. Real sausage gravy and biscuits: Nice fluffy biscuits, creamy peppery country gravy, and pieces of nicely browned sausage.
    What they served: Most likely microwaved biscuits(makes them chewey), watered down sperm lookin gravy, and barely any sausage. To the people who made this, burn that recipe and go to any proper southern restaurant or household and ask how to make sausage gravy and biscuits(or if you are in the deep south shit on a shingle)

  28. There is another channel, Italians trying American food… Its a bad Italian cook, doing a bad copy job of American food, then pushing it on others.. 'claiming' its American version of Italian food.. dumb. The 'biscuits and gravy' reminded me of that… Poor recreation of great American food. You'd like it if it was made right.

  29. Irish look at an American biscuits and think, "scone!" So you might like the other way that we eat biscuits. With butter and honey or strawberry preserves.
    In our South, it is without doubt, the best hangover food known.

  30. You KNOW it’s gonna be a great video when Lolsy melts into her chair. Or says “I’d Bathe In That!” ….whichever.😍🤩😎

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