Irish People Taste Test American Breakfasts

Bláithín: Another American taste test, I was like literally they’re gonna have to repeat one we’ve already done I don’t understand how we haven’t tried…something. But I’m excited. George: Our breakfasts are all trying to get rid of a hangover Yeah, really stodgy…stocky…full food Aine: I’ve had pancakes in America and they are gooood! Donal: – I’ve never been to the States Bláithín: They do those really thick pancakes
that Sabrina the Teenage Witch got addicted to John: That’s right, yeah! John: Pancakes!
Bláithín: Yay! …with syrup
John: …and blueberry. Donal: Do I just try and fit it all in my mouth hole? Aine: Well, not that big of a bit. Donal: Aghmm Bláithín: What? There’s something else in here. What are those yellow bits?
John: Peach. There’s something about hot fruit, as well, just kinda freaks me out. – BURP George: Oh my god, yes. Bláithín: Ommm
John: Mmhmm Bláithín: Oh yeah
John: That’s good
Bláithín: Oh god Donal: I’ve got such bad heartburn
Aine: Ha Donal:I’ve literally been two seconds…I’m like Ehhhh Bláithín: I love this little square of butter that came on top ’cause that’s a really American thing You don’t get a slab of butter on the pancakes here Aine: See I love the Americans. See all this food, love it. John: This to me looks like egg
Bláithín: Hash brown Donal # Ooo, I love my hash
Ooo, I love my hash Aine: I’m intrigued now by this! Bláithín: I love hash
John: Is it just called hash? – (Illuminati)
George: Illuminati confirmed! Bláithín: It is actually like I’m getting a boner like… It’s amazing. Aine: No I don’t like this now. Donal: Do you not… Aine: Dry. Donal: Not a fan? Bláithín: But it’s more like a lunch though isn’t it? It’s very heavy. John: It’s really heavy. Hey. Bláithín: Wait a second, are they wedges? John: Ooh, hang on. Bláithín: Waffle and Wedges. George: Waffle and Wedges? Donal: Oooh. Eee. Aine: Apple Cinnamon Waffles Donal: Eee, it burns. George: This is apple. -Oh. George: Oh Wow Look at how un-classy we are. Bláithín: John, don’t trust it John. They’re trying to lull us into a false sense of security. John: I don’t even care -I’m very unsure of the apples. *shared laughter* John: This still looks suspiciously like a potato wedge. Bláithín: *laughs* Aine: Very tasty. Donal: My palate is all over the shop. -Very thick in the belly like. George: Yeeah -It’s like where’s the yogurt like? George: Yeah, it’d really slow you down for the start of the day. -Where’s some muesli like? Aine:Yes! Yes! George: Biscuits and Gravy -ah, I’ve always wondered what, ah, the biscuits were. Donal: This is not a biscuit. This is a scone. Aine: Don’t maul ’em, I’m gonna eat it. Donal: Sorry. John: You can’t dip that in your tea. You mugs are mad. -Looks like my dog got sick. And then he put a little crumpet on top. Bláithín: Oh no. John: Arse, Arse, Arse, Don’t like it. -No no, I wouldn’t be able to have that. No. George: No, gravy in the morning? Get out of here. That’s nuts. Bláithín: I think what John’s trying to say is this meal is arse. John: Tastes like Arse. Aine: This is The best one. Donal: Do ya think? Really? Aine: Yeah. John: Tastes like Trump’s ass. And same color, golden hair, eyuck. Donal: I feel like I true American. Aine: Yep. I feel great. Coming in here makes me love America even more when they give me shit like this. George: No. What happens is, I come in here and I try this food that you have me try and it’s like I’m a P.O.W Prisoner of war camp prisoner And I … I try this food… and then I I have to go back into the real world, And suddenly I’m like I’ve got hangovers. I need…Ants on a Log. Where do I get celery and raisins and peanut butter at 4 in the morning?

97 thoughts on “Irish People Taste Test American Breakfasts

  1. Blueberry is cooked inside the pancake, that's not hash nor hash browns! Wtf was that biscuit and gravy it looked like a sweet biscuit and potato blob complete fail! And always bacon and sausage!

  2. We dont eat any of that shit…. you need 2-3-4 eggs over easy, 3 bacon strips, hashbrowns, pancake with butter and syrup…AND FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES

  3. Pancakes and waffles are good but not with fruit.
    Was that biscuit gravy from a can or a pouch? Also, were the biscuits from a tube, frozen or made from scratch?
    love biscuits and spicy gravy with a fried, over-easy egg.

  4. Half this crap no American eats for breakfast, only the south eastern Americans eat biscuits and gravy, yuck!

  5. Peach and blueberry pancakes? Huh? When did peach ever enter the conversation? Apples on waffles?… yea it happens …but it’s not the norm.

  6. You should do this one again but they should either be drunk or have hangovers. THEN the magic happens for nonbelievers!!!

  7. A breakfast is four eggs sunny side up, a third pound of bacon (cooked done but not crispy), loaded hash browns (ham, jalapenos, and onion), buttered toast (for sopping up the egg yolk), and REAL biscuits and gravy (not the dog treats and floured water these guys have).

  8. Why can’t ya just do the classic eggs, bacon and toast? All those breakfasts are too expensive for almost everyone

  9. Who made this? Plain pancakes and waffles with just butter and syrup is way more American than this fruity crap.

  10. I like the Vids….but…..YOU can shove your constant anti- President Trump crap up your crapper….CLEAR???????

  11. I'm just glaring at the screen, knowing they fucked up the biscuits and gravy royally. My southern grandma is rolling in her grave, dammit.

  12. For me = the best Breakfast is= two Xtra Large grade AAA eggs fried sunny side up, 4-6 strips of Butcher thick-cut bacon, a pile of well-browned Hash Browns, perfect Toasts w/butter and Marmalade, Breakfast blend coffee w/ half&half creme. How often do I eat a meal like this, maybe once a year! Waaaaaaaaay too many calories. Normally I have Coffee, two pieces of toast, one with peanut butter or just butter, and the other with blackberry preserves. That's it until evening. I love pancakes, but it is so heavy and rich – I become ill afterward. So, I avoid them. Sometimes I have just a raisin bran muffin and coffee. Noon, a cup of tea and celery. Supper – grilled chicken breast, salad, greek plain yogurt, and water. As a monthly treat – I make spaghetti w/marinara and a simple salad. No garlic bread.

  13. Biscuits and Gravy. Yummm must not have been made right because….. well it’s the best thing ever when done right.

  14. The gravy and biscuits are probably cheap frozen stuff. You need to make the biscuits fresh and the gravy and sausage has to be cooked in and old fashion skillet over good heat to caramelize the ingredients to give it flavor. It's an old farm recipe that is simple and relies on the heat to get flavor from the food from heavy browning. It can be very bland if cooked on modern stuff. It's a white sauce with sausage. I think people also add bacon and bacon grease and potentially onions and other common easy farm ingredients. Although it's often done fairly simply as far as I know.

    And fresh biscuits are very soft, flaky, flavorful, and melt in your mouth. Those look like those crappy layered ones from a tube and frozen gravy sauce.

  15. Woah… no cheesy omelette, bacon, or chocolate chip pancakes… come on they should have brought them to ihop or Waffle House.

  16. I guess I haven’t noticed it every time, but does the Irish accent turn the “th” in a word to “tr”? Like, I heard “tree” instead of “three” and “turd” instead of “third.” Is that a certain dialect, or is it country-wide?

  17. It's always interesting to see what europeans think american food is like. Some things they really get but others they're totally off the mark, it's funny.

  18. I would’ve tried plain pancakes. As an American I would only ever order chocolate chip, blueberry, or plain waffles. Not peach.

    Also Waffles with Apples? Tf? Where’s the fried chicken.

    Also if they don’t like the gravy they’re must be something mentally wrong with them.

  19. Where's the steak or bacon and eggs, an omelette, grits, hash browns and btw, that gravy looked cold and nasty. Biscuits and gravy should have plenty of sausage in it, cover up those biscuits (which should be nice and fluffy)a lot more and it should be served hot!

  20. there is only one thing i can agree with about traditional breakfast eating…and this is a UK thing from very old times to my knowledge.
    breakfast should be the biggest meal, lunch the second biggest and then dinner the smallest…but nowadays it is the opposite…because no one has time for large breakfasts before work and they gorge on massive dinners and go to bed and all that food becomes fat and calories while you sleep…hello obesity

  21. Interestingly, adventurous cooks put liqueur in some pancakes. (Grasshopper pancakes are minty ones with white chocolate cream)

  22. not everyone puts fruit on their pancakes. I like mine regular but with butter between the stacks and on top with maple syrup yum yum

  23. Classy people…eating off their knife while they hold a fork in their other hand. They have the palate of a fucking goat…they'll eat anything and not know what it is

  24. okay all that food look delicious but who cooked the biscuits and gravy because you had weight-less gravy than you should of and I could completely tell just by the picture that the biscuit was overcooked

  25. Steak, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits with cheese, all covered with gravy. Coffee, whole milk, orange juice and eight ounces of vodka! That is a good American breakfast. That or left over pizza, coffee and gour ounces of vadka!

  26. If you don’t like that sausage gravy and biscuits that means somebody fucked it up. Let me cook it for you. It’s southern boy approved.

  27. I got a boner bout the same time the redhead chick did but then it was but a flaccid husk of it's former glory at the biscuits and gravy.

  28. for those who dont know, thats NOT a crumpet, different taste and not as hard, it in its own right is a biscuit as they often have a shorten in it

  29. What the fuck. No one eats this in American. List: regular waffles/blueberry, french toast, crispy hash browns, pancakes/blueberry, breakfast sandwich (sausage, egg, and cheese)

  30. I remember when I was little and the best breakfast in the whole world was putting two pop tarts on a plate and heating them up in the microwave😅

  31. I just dont think the Irish are eating great food here… not because the item isnt good…. but the way it was cooked was bad

  32. wait….wait….wait…..he said, "gravy for breakfast" … a negative manner. this man who actually eats freaking baked beans for breakfast.
    English people….quit eating beans with your breakfast….thats a sign of insanity.
    eggs, yes; bacon, yes; sausages, yes; toast, yes….blah blah waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, yes….ummm…i'll even go along with the mushrooms, but the beans are immediately, without hesitation going in the bin. I would forgo ever eating beans for breakfast for my entire life and instead substitute them for biscuits and gravy… any civilized human being would.

  33. I like fruit, but not on my damn cakes. I also only syrup as I go. I'm not a slather em in syrup kinda guy. Same with my toast. I don't slather with butter because it loses it's crisp. I syrup my cakes and butter my toast or English muffin as I go.

  34. 2 things I wonder about:
    Who picks the food?
    Seriously WTF do you people eat in Europe?
    I wanna see American people taste test ???, I'd bet at least 35% be tossed on the wall.
    My Family was from Europe….the crap they called food.

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