INSANE Chinese Street Food in Canton, China | BEST Street Food in China + RARE Chinese Sashimi!

100 thoughts on “INSANE Chinese Street Food in Canton, China | BEST Street Food in China + RARE Chinese Sashimi!

  1. Funny how the guy who showed him how to eat the shashimi just helped himself & wasn't shy at all haha

  2. That Pork/Goose chef was fantastic. You could tell he really was passionate about his craft, and proud of the way he has mastered textures and flavors.

  3. Damn, i thought China was dirty cheap but the prices are almost the same as here and sometimes higher. The noodles are really cheap though

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  5. But where was your rice and veg? Imagine shovelling that goose and pork with a bunch of rice and sauce into your mouth 😮

  6. 北京有没有勉强能吃的店推荐啊?我北方人,华工上学的,毕业回北方以后再也体验不到烧鹅的美味了,每次只能是去广州深圳的时候顺便开开胃……

  7. I'm stealing old dude's move next time I go out for dinner. Never paying for a meal again under the guise of teaching em how to eat it.

  8. For the Double Skin Milk, I am recommend you try the cold one next time. The cold one will make you understand what DOUBLE SKIN means。

  9. You should go to enping, guangdong, china for food because I assure you the food from my home city is extremely good that in one day you can't help but to be tempted by all the food you see on the street and in other buildings as well

  10. are you against the dog meat trade sometimes you just say meat but other times you say if the meat is pork beef or lamb but other time you just sat …that meat

  11. The Cantonese chef was saying “天天新鲜 (The geese served are fresh everyday)” rather than “天天生鲜”.He was speaking Mandarin with typical Cantonese assent.🙂😋

  12. The last chinese guy is the definition of china. They pretend helping you but with a vicious ulterior motive. Never trust em. Never

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