Indians Taste Test American Sweets

(“Django Bluegrass”) – Toaster pastries. I mean, do you toast them or do you just eat them like that? – Never toasted a pastry in my life. – It looks like bread and jam with icing. – It’s a proud sponsor
of the American Olympics. I cannot see Michael Phelps winning gold medals eating this one. – Oh God, that’s so sweet. This is the cause for obesity in America. – That is so sweet. – This is what I’ve been waiting for. – Taste the explosion. What, it’s gonna blast in my mouth? – I love how they sound. I really wanna eat them. – One, two, three, go. – Woah. – Oh my God. – Ew, it kinda tastes
like toothpaste a bit. – My mouth is having a battle with itself and there’s just like
rockets flying all over. – Although I really can’t
make out any flavor, but I’m just enjoying the experience of stuff popping in my mouth. – Yeah, OK, I do like this. This is awesome. – The explosion was boom, boom, boom. – Yeah. (makes explosion sound) It’s like ding ling ling ling ling ling. Ding ling ling ling ling ling. – Twinkies. What kind of name is Twinkies? – I heard about this on “Zombieland”. – Individually wrapped cakes. It makes me feel important falsely. – It looks very creamy. – That’s a lot of cream, man. – That is a lot of cream. – Mawa cake is like Twinkies, but better, made by local bakeries in India. – They’re good, man. – Yeah, I like it, man. – Nice, but very sweet. – I thought it’d be horrible, and it would be very heavy,
and dense, and disgusting, but it’s damn tasty. Butterfinger. Crispity,
crunchity, peanut buttery. – Oh wow. – I didn’t expect it to be so hard inside. – This is really crunchy. – Crispity and crunchity. – These are good. – Yeah. – I thought it would be like a 5-Star, which we have here in India. – This is just (mumbling)
when you bite into it. And I would definitely have this over most Indian chocolates. – I’m really excited about this because I loved “Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory” as a kid. – This is like Playdoh. – OK, yeah, it is really chewy. – This is gonna take awhile. – It really feels like everything clay. – This is gonna probably
take me the entire cricket match to eat. – I’m getting this really sour taste, but it’s also a nice sour taste. – Thumbs up for American processed foods. – Oh wait. I think one of the earlier
Pop Rocks just popped again. – Do you guys have this every day? – Yeah, because if you
guys have this every day, I really can’t imagine how your lifestyles must be like. – I’m just imagining a bunch of really hyperactive kids, man. What I really liked though
was those Pop Rocks, which were really, I mean, they just blew my mind, apart from my mouth.

100 thoughts on “Indians Taste Test American Sweets

  1. Pop tarts isn't the reason for obesity when just one or two is a complete breakfast… Not that many calories. A full breakfast has more.

  2. What kind of nag me is Twinkie?.. seriously… Dude what kind of person name is pinky, sweety, bunty,etc.,?

  3. I love how the comment section is filled with love from Us stating how cute their accent is or how funny they are😅😊😍💖..We love you guys too🇺🇸💖🇮🇳

    Love from India💖

  4. Spot the difference😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😶😨like if you did

  5. These guys just wanna show that how well-balanced Indians are… Well in reality it is a whole different scenario and show some attitude to the Americans out there..!!🤣🤣🤣

  6. I dunno why it's in my recommendation after so many years…But I Love how every one love our accent and love Indians..And they are from buzzfeed India..I saw some people love our accent and want listen to it more…then U guys can check the buzzfeed India channel..Thank U guys for loving us.. Love from India❤❤🇮🇳🇮🇳

  7. bhosdiwalo hindi me batado english me batana zaruri he kya wo log hindi me baat karte he nhi na tumko kya chahiyeh english jhadna zaruri he kya

  8. It's really good seeing Americans taking everything in positive way,you guys are Soo cool, no offense,now I know why US is developed country not a developing country like India

  9. when they compared butter fingers to chikki and im like bro chikki is so hard i could break a tooth and butterfinger… ITS BUTTER AINT IT SUPPOSED TO BE.. well um soft?

  10. Come on guys you act like you haven't seen anything like that blasting pop craking candy powder in India…. Naatak …

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