Indian Street Food of Hyderabad – Making HALEEM, SPICY Brain Curry + The BEST Street Food in India

– This is Hyderabadi haleem, goat and wheat stew pounded for hours. Full of spices. Unique Hyderabad specialty. And this is gonna be so delicious. Alright, check it out,
guys, it’s Trevor James. We are in Hyderabad, India,
this is a truly magical place full of delicious South Indian street food and Indian halal food. So today we’re gonna go for
a huge street food tour. Let’s check it out. This is Hyderabad, home to one of the most beautiful old cities in India. Full of delicious street food and a large muslim-Indian population. We came here to eat, specifically
during the Ramadan season when the locals fast during the
day and then feast at night. With a ton of unique Ramadan-only
specialties available for the occasion. And today we found four incredible street foods in Hyderabad. Let’s eat. Awesome, guys, first up
is the reason why we came to Hyderabad; haleem. Beautiful pounded wheat and
goat stew with tons of spices. Oh, and they’re gonna be making it here. So we are just preparing for the haleem. Lime and mint? Mint? (speaks foreign language) Oh, pudina, pudina, yeah, pudina mint. And we’re gonna be making the haleem in the big factory in
the back, let’s go see. We just found the most magical
haleem scene here, guys, and look at this. Oh wow! Haleem. Look at this. That is insane. Oh. So, gosht? – Gosht.
– Gosht. So there’s goat meat and chili? So there’s goat meat and chili, wow. Look at that. Gosht, chili, and mixing it. Wow, it’s beautiful and it’s
gonna turn into a thick stew. Just look at that. Oh it’s magic and this, when it’s done, is gonna be so thick. You have to pound it all day. And look at the huge line of haleem, here. This is, this is gonna be worth flying to Hyderabad for right here, this scene. Hyderabad specialty? – Hyderabad specialty, Ramadan specialty. – Ramadan special? Only for Ramadan? – Only for Ramadan. – Oh, it’s a magical scene. And look, there’s just
row after row of haleem. Oh, it’s all the same and
they’re lifting them all off. Beautiful. Oh wow, coriander, ginger, and garlic. Tons of coriander, so
much spices, this is it, Hyderabad haleem, this is what I dream of. Beautiful. You can smell, pudina? – Pudina, pudina.
– Pudina, yeah. – Goat meat, goat meat. – Oh, goat meat and pudina? Yeah, you can smell the
goat, the pudina, the mint, and the coriander and
they’re just pounding it, they’re gonna be pounding it all day, putting more wheat in so it
gets thicker and thicker. Oh and look at that, just
look at how thick it is. Wow. Pista House. And that is gonna eventually
turn into a thick paste so it’s like a meat stew. Strong. (Trevor laughs) Magical. This is it, we’re gonna
be putting the wheat in, here it goes. All the wheat. (general chatter in foreign language) Wow. Look at that. (general chatter in foreign language) Honestly, this is one of the most unique street foods you’ll find. Look at it now, it’s
getting thicker and thicker. This is extremely hot work, guys. Hours are put into this every day and it’s all for Ramadan season. Over the fire, standing
over the fire, burning, and we’ve just been here
for an hour and it’s so hot but I’m sure it’s all worth the flavor. They start at four in the
morning, putting the goat meat in, putting all the water and
the wheat and the spices in and it’s all day until 7
p.m. when the fast is broken and we are gonna have it then. Wow, truly incredible. And I’m completely
overwhelmed because the aroma, the spice, all of those ingredients, the mint, the cilantro. Hyderabad haleem. (Trevor laughs) Wow. And look at this, these are all the spices they’re gonna put into the haleem. So it’s basically cinnamon,
cloves, it’s very floral, you can smell the cloves
and the rose petals, there’s salt, cardamom,
cumin, oh, it’s all in there, it smells so floral and
cinnamony and they’re gonna pour one of these in each one of these pots. Okay, we’re gonna put all
these beautiful spices in. Oh, it’s so floral. And the cinnamon, the cinnamon,
the cloves, the rose petals. (Trevor laughs) Beautiful. And look how thick it is there. It’s getting more and
more thick and, honestly, the most amazing thing here
is how the rose petal smell is coming through with
the cardamom and clove. They’re just doing it to all
of these beautiful pots here. Oh and then we’re just putting oil in. Tons of oil. So there’s oil, all of those
floral spices, the cardamom. Oh, it’s a dream. And now they’re just putting
out the fire here, look, they’re throwing water
on all the coals there and the fire is slowly dying. (general chatter in foreign language) So they’re gonna let that
cook and it’s gonna turn into the thickest, most
beautiful goat stew. And look at this, we’re
just closing off the fire with this stone and clay
so the fire’s gonna die and then they’re gonna
pound out the haleem and turn it into an ultra thick stew. And here we go, guys,
the pounding has begun. Look at that haleem. Oh it’s so thick. It’s just getting thicker and thicker and you can see this whole row here is gonna start the pounding. It’s like a goat, cinnamon,
cloves, floral, rose flavor. And it really is about
the spice mix that adds such a strong, savory fragrance to it. Extreme cardamom, extreme rose petal. Beautiful. Look at this, oh milk.
– Milk. – So they just put a bit of
bone soup and now milk in. It’s just extremely rich and heavy. Look at this beautiful, that’s all lentil. Tons of lentil in there and
they’re just pounding it out. Oh wow. And we just added in oil, ghee? – Ghee.
– Ghee, yeah, we just added in a ton of ghee. So, as we’ve been watching
here, they’ve added in ghee, they’ve added in bone soup,
they’ve added in milk, and lentil, and that is making
it oily and even richer. (gentle Indian music) This right here is the iconic
haleem scene, look at that, look at that, look how
strong they’re pounding, that is extremely hard work. These guys are superheroes,
pounding out the meat, smoothing it out, making it nice and soft and all the spices are
getting mixed through. And we are pounding out
haleem in Hyderabad. That is so thick, beautiful. And this is extremely hard work, so heavy, these wooden mallets, you
gotta pound out that goat. It’s heavy. (Trevor laughs) And it’s ready now and we’re
just loading up the haleem to take to all the outlets in Hyderabad, Pista House haleem,
right from the cauldron. That smells amazing, it
really smells amazing. Full of energy and all of that– – Pista House. – Pista House haleem. Oh yeah, Pista House, it’s so thick, yeah. Very special. This is a dream world. And we are gonna scoop
into this bowl here. Oh look at how thick that is. So heavy, so nutritious,
look at that, wow. True haleem and just put a
little oil on top, thank you. Thank you very much. Okay, we’re gonna go try it out. Awesome, look at this,
guys, we’ve got true Pista House Hyderabadi haleem and we just watched them make it. Tons of ground up goat meat
in there and what I love is the absolute fragrant
aroma of all of the cloves and the rose petals and it’s
so thick, you would never guess that’s pretty much all meat and wheat and all of their secret spices. Mmm. Wow. Wow, delicious. That is amazing, look at
how thick it is, guys, and that is the most unique
flavor you will ever taste. It is unlike anything in
the world, you have to come to Hyderabad to taste that. You can really taste the
cardamom, it has a real spice to it, and then there’s
also that rose, very floral and it’s full of spice and
then the meat itself is full of energy and. So delicious, thank you.
– How’s the haleem? – Very delicious, I love all the spices, little bit, yeah.
– Thank you. – The meat is so aromatic
and it’s so amazing to see. Thank you very much, thank you so much. – How’s your haleem? – Very delicious.
– Thank you. – Pista House special.
– Pista House specialty. – Yeah.
– Pista House specialty. See you again.
– See you next time. – See you next time.
– Thank you so much, thank you, bye bye, bye bye.
– Thank you, bye bye. – After that amazing haleem,
we made our way downtown to experience eating it with the locals when they break the fast. So this is a special occasion;
Ramadan, Ramzan in Hyderabad and we’re on the hunt to go
to Pista House, the old branch here in Charminar, classic
Charminar downtown area. It’s so packed with
people, everybody is here to break the fast and spend
time with family and friends. And we’re going to Pista. You just feel the magic
in the air in Hyderabad. So much street food
culture and delicious food. If you love delicious
spicy curries and biryanis and haleem, meat, goat, kebabs, it’s all here, it’s your heaven. Look at here, we’ve got
Charminar, beautiful, old 400 year old mosque
and up here is Pista House. We’re gonna go finish with
a beautiful bowl of haleem. Here it is, guys. Pista House. We’re gonna have a beautiful bowl. (cars and bikes honking) So busy, and there it is. Straight from the factory, wow. Haleem. Wow and to be honest, on camera,
it doesn’t look incredible but it tastes amazing. And here’s our haleem. And they’re just topping
it with that lime, the shallot, and the cilantro. Mmm. One of the most unique
foods you will ever try and you can see so much passion going on. This is the soul of Hyderabad;
haleem during Ramzan. Bye bye.
– Bye bye. – Bye bye, thank you. Wow, so nice to come to
Hyderabad to eat that. After that incredible day of
haleem, we made our way out the next morning bright and
early to start another day of eating, starting with a
classic South Indian breakfast, the dosa, made from rice and lentil batter and loaded with tons
of delicious toppings. It feels so good to be in
Hyderabad and first up, bright and early, we’re gonna
go get a local specialty, the butter dosa. It’s supposed to be
right around the corner, super famous joint, let’s go try it out. Wow. Butter dosa. – Yeah, how many? – Eight butter dosa, please. And, oh, and these are the
idli here, look at this. Oh and that’s– – [Cook] Garlic ginger paste. – [Trevor] Oh, ginger chutney. – [Cook] Ah! – [Trevor] Okay this is
ginger chutney, garlic, and then onion, carrot.
(Cook speaks foreign language) Oh, onion, carrot, coriander, beautiful. – [Cook] We put butter. – [Trevor] Butter? – [Cook] Ah, butter. – [Trevor] Wow. So these are gonna be, this is gonna be the perfect start to the day. He’s just putting cheese over these dosas. Thank you very much. Oh and he’s just gonna cover it with, is that coconut chutney? – Coconut chutney. – Oh and he’s covering it with
coconut chutney over there. Thank you. So we got the idlis here and
he’s making the dosa now. Let’s try this out, look at this. What a beautiful start to
the day, these rice puffs, South Indian specialty. Mmm, wow. That is an ultra upgraded idli. It’s spicy, the onions, you can taste those onions and coriander. And this coconut chutney is
also very wholesome and nice and you can see we’re just making, oh, tons of these beautiful dosa. It’s a breakfast pancake
and South Indian specialty. We got that batter and we’re
gonna make pizza dosa, right? So it’s gonna be a pizza dosa. – Butter dosa, cheese dosa,
paneer dosa, pizza dosa. – Everything, you got everything. – Garlic dosa, garlic paneer dosa. – Oh so many types of filling. Okay, masala? So we’re putting that masala on, oh, and then the cheese goes on. And those are the idli. Oh this is a ginger chutney. And this is a semolina pudding
we’re putting right on top. Beautiful. Okay, and then a bit of
carrot, cilantro, and onion. Awesome. Butter. Awesome. More butter. Oh wow, oh and you see
we’re just spreading it out, it’s all soft and gooey, the
butter, the mozzarella, oh. The cilantro, the masala,
and that looks amazing. Awesome. – You grate paneer?
– Me? Okay, sure. So put some paneer on there. Oh yeah, nice, thank you boss. – Give it, give it.
– That’s enough? Yeah, enough, oh, he’s gonna load it. Oh yeah, load it up. Oh yeah, that’s it there. Thank you, boss. Look at that beautiful pizza dosa, it actually smells like pizza. And he puts a semolina
pudding in there with cheese, ginger chutney, all that spice, oh. (general chatter in foreign language) Mmm. Oh yeah. Wow, it tastes like pizza. You can taste the coriander, the masala, it’s gooey from that
cheese and you can see we’re just making tons
of these beautiful dosas. Awesome, guys, and we
are going for more food. We’re gonna go for more. After a quick ride, we made
our way out to Cafe Nayaab to try their famous brain
fry with some homemade naan straight from the tandoori oven. Awesome, guys, and right
here is Hotel Nayaab, we’re gonna get the special brain fry. Oh yeah, this is it right
here, let’s go try it out. Bheja fry? – Bheja fry, yes.
– Bheja fry. Oh the brain fry, okay,
we’re gonna go try it out. We are gonna make the mutton bheja fry. So he’s just putting in some oil and we’re putting some onion in. So we’ve got onion, oil, salt.
– Salt. – Oh, beautiful, bheja
fry and a little chili. Wow, so many spices. All the masala. Tons of masala spices, oh
and that smells so nice. – Tomato.
– Tomato, great. This is gonna be so
aromatic and delicious. Mmm, smells good. – Green chili.
– Green chili, green chili. And then here’s the bheja.
– Bheja. – So this is the brain. One mutton brain.
– One piece. – Oh and it goes right in. Okay. Brain for breakfast, beautiful. Oh yeah, here it is. Beautiful, the bheja fry. The mutton brain fry for breakfast. Oh yeah and we’re gonna
eat this with a roti. Wow, look at all the coals. There’s the roti, hot
and fresh, look at that. Oh and here’s the roti, awesome. What an awesome start to the day. We’ve got brain for breakfast
and we’re just gonna, oh yeah, eat it right outside
and, look at that brain. And this is what it’s all about. Local specialty and look
at the brain on there. All the coriander, the masala, the spices, and we’re gonna try it out. Mmm. Oh wow, that is incredibly delicious. That is the most silky
smooth, buttery brain and it really just melts
in your mouth with flavor. Brain, when done right, is
just like the most flavorful, silky, buttery, smoothness. It’s kinda like scrambled
eggs but more silky with spicy masala and onion
and a bit of that chili kick. Oh yeah, over top of prata,
doesn’t get any better. For our final meal, we went
for a meal that’s famous all over India, one that
you’ll crave in every city that you visit; the thali. All pure veg with so many
flavors to choose from. It is so good to be in Hyderabad, exploring for delicious street
food and amazing cuisine and right up here is one
of my favorite joints in all of India, they have
chains all across the country, Rajdhani Thali, we’re
gonna get a classic thali and have a nice lunch. Wow, just look at this
beautiful thali, here. Unbelievable selection of spicy gravies, and this is all pure veg, unlimited, and there is so many
different flavors here. So right here we’ve got
a beautiful bitter gourd. We’ve got a beautiful paneer
curry with curry leaves, oh it looks beautiful,
some cottage cheese. This is potato with papad
so there is supposed to be a bit of papad mixed into it. This is a gram flour curry,
looks like there’s a bit of fennel and maybe some
mustard seeds in there. And then we have two different dals, which is basically like lentil gravies. We have the sweet one and a savory one. And this here is jodhpuri
gatte which is basically, this little ball here gram flour and then a curd-cased gravy. And then this here is raw mango pulp. We have a sweet rice pudding,
amazing flavors here. And then we have an amazing chaat, kinda like an Indian snack with yogurt and a bit of spice and some crisps on top, looks like there’s a mint
chutney in there as well. Tons of different bread, look at that, we got papad, we got puri,
we got all different stuffs. And then over here we’ve
got two different types of mango pickle, so this
is a ripened mango pickle and a raw mango pickle. And then in here, there’s
look, there’s jalebi, sweet jalebi, which is like an
Indian fried sweet dough ball covered in condensed milk. We have right here, this is halwa, which is a semolina pudding. And then we’ve got three
different types of chutney here, mint, ginger, and sweet. And here we’ve got a dal baati churma which is like a dal with
looks like there’s some of these wheat crisps,
like cookies almost, and then this here is also a wheat but it’s got some sugar in there. So the idea is that you
get sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent, and
spicy all in one meal. Look at that, oh yeah, and this
is the paneer butter masala. Mmm. – Would you like to get some rice? – Sure, sure, thank you, yeah.
– Some rice? – It is so smooth and the
carrot lends a lot to it. It’s also maybe just slightly mustardy, you can taste the turmeric
and, over that puri, it’s fantastic, slight, slight sweetness from those onions as well, amazing. Thali is a meal you can
enjoy all over India and my personal favorite thing
to eat in the entire country cause you can enjoy so
many flavors in one sitting from bold curries and sweets
to delicious smoothies and healthy bread, you’ll
love everything on your plate. And in Hyderabad, just like this thali, there’s enough variety for a lifetime. What an amazing day it has
been here in Hyderabad, absolutely delicious street food. I would love to know what
you thought about this video in the comments below,
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delicious street food videos. Thanks a lot, guys.

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