I’m Gay – Eugene Lee Yang

*Breathing noises* *Intense music* *Music intensifies* *Intense music* *Vocalizing with music* *Intense music* *Beat comes in with more vocalizing* *Dance Music* *Music stops*

100 thoughts on “I’m Gay – Eugene Lee Yang

  1. What a fucking pathetic world we are living in ! Don't tell me to explain what, it's too long and a big of a propaganda to explain, whatever, the civilization is about to crumble and we are going back to our caves (don't ask me why neither, I have a PhD in this, I can't explain a whole life of studies in a YouTube comment). THIS IS WRONG because IT IS FAKE !.

  2. Translate it if you want. Caralho esse é daqueles vídeos que te faz pensar

    Porra o final foi o melhor

    No meio da confusão o cara determinado a olhar só pra frente decidido que ele é assim e pronto
    olhando com uma cara de determinação e de dor tipo pq um simples detalhe causa essa grande confusão

  3. You’re gay no one asked no one cares. Stop corrupting the youth you’re supposed to be an example of right not wrong. Go back in the closet

  4. Omg. Absolutely beautiful and powerful. THANK YOU, YOUR SILENCE SCREAMS!! I love your coming out story. Thank you

  5. I love how in the end he didnt end up with the family he wanted but with the family he needed

    𝙄𝙢𝙢𝙖 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙘𝙧𝙮 𝙣𝙤𝙬

  6. every time i come back to this video i don't expect it to affect me as much as it did the first time i watched it. but then 2:54 comes and i tear up. every. time.

  7. for all you who disliked thid video i just want to say imagine all those lesbian , gay , bisexual and trans who you just upset

  8. I saw the title of this video when it came out and decided not to watch it because I figured it was just going to be him crying the whole time. Nothing wrong with those types of videos but they are kinda all the same and I already figured he was gay. But I’m so glad I sat down too watch this. It’s such a powerful, beautiful video and it literally made me cry.

  9. Eugene in that blue dress near the end was absolutely beautiful. I mean that in both a symbolism and like truly just beautiful, physically beautiful.

  10. Why did he have to notify the whole fucking world that's hes gay? Bro Idc just participate in the videos, that's all im here for😴🤣

  11. Am I the only one that has watch this video so many times and still cried every time???

    I just watch it when my faith in humanity is geting low

  12. Thank you Eugene for giving me the strength and courage to come out to my family. I hope you know that you are an inspiration to young LGBTQ+ people around the world. Thanks you for making this video.

  13. 1-this is so amazing I love it
    2-it’s so terrible that we live in a world where there’s is the kind of hate that would lead to this video
    3-It shows how Beauty can come from darkness even though I wish it didn’t need to
    4-Fucking Colors
    5-It makes me pissed there is much LGBTQ+ hate out there. As a strait guy who supports the community and has never even consider hating someone for such a BS reason it’s easy to forget there real hate out there
    6-Eugene you rock.

  14. I love this video so much, it’s such a beautiful art. Every time that I see this video I always feel like crying. He did an amazing job with this video. I’m not gay but I do support the LGBT community.

  15. squeals happily jumping up and down I love this it's so amazing and I LOVE Eugene for doing this with all his amazing glory along with his supporting friends!!!! When this came out i ran around showing EVERYONE this and the number of COMPLEMENTS and praises was plentiful! I am so happy and i hope Eugene is waving all those frills in them haters faces because he KILLED IT! <3

  16. NAWWWWWWWWWWWW ,really?!!!!! LIke,who could not tell that him and most likely the other 3 guys were flaming years ago when still doing Buzzfeed videos?

  17. This is a masterpiece, telling a story with no words, portraying emotions and making me cry. Eugene you are wonderful and talented. I, we will always support you. Dream on ♥

  18. i just came out to my parents about two months ago at the dinner table and it was so fucking casual like omG
    i said "hey yknow how ive been begging to go to pride fest"
    parents: "um, sure?"
    me: "yeah and well i just wanted to let you know, im bi."
    dad: "cool"
    mom: "okay"
    8yo bro: "whats that"
    they were so chill i love my parents

  19. Eugene. this is truly a masterpiece. you told a beautiful story without saying a word. you are inspiring, and a role model. we love you Eugene and forever will.

  20. Every time I watch this video it makes me smile it’s so gorgeous and well choreographed I was in the closet for so long and when I came out I lost friends and I haven’t told my grandparents I’m scared I started dance when I was 11-12 I’m 13 now I’m still not great but every time I watch this video I can’t help but wish I could be in one of them Eugene is an artist I live in Scotland and know it could never happen but I can’t help but dream

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