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100 thoughts on “IHOP vs. Denny’s Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

  1. Rhett and Link should try to do this type of episode separate…I'm wondering if their ratings would differ more if they didn't know what the other was thinking.

  2. The last 3 times I ate at Dennys and got the veggitarian skillet I got bits of sausage in it. Why three times? I just wanted them to succeed…its a good location for my family to stop for brunch. But I'm done now.😔

  3. "Eggs is eggs"
    Incorrect. The scrambled eggs at these restaurants are mostly filler. They use a powdered mix that has flour in it.

  4. Ohkay but Denny’s saved me with so many drunken nights and hungover mornings.
    Their burgers are greasy and amazing 😭

  5. One I went to denny's and there was a boogar with a hair on it on top of my milkshake.. I now always check my food for hairy buggers.

  6. Denny's wins at everything except for the breakfast combo, yet IHOP takes it. Hmmm, I think GMM should start eliminating the weakest link on each side in order to fairly compare the total score.

  7. So, IHOP had the better combo platter, but Denny's had the better food outside of that one category. Thus, Waffle House wins.

  8. You guys should definetly try european pancakes also known as pannkakor in Sweden. If u do i also recommend norwegian waffles!

  9. Where im from anyone who ate at Dennys in the last three weeks has to get a Hepatitis A vaccine, soooo i guess ihop whens where im at lolol

  10. you guys should do the best pancake box flour because I've been using one brand my whole life and I wanna see if they're better ones

  11. Ihop: only wins by a point
    Ihop: We'll take it!

    Meanwhile they are both mad mediocre. I love it.

  12. There are no Denny's in Alaska. The closest Ihop is in Anchorage, a 14 hour drive for me.
    I've never eaten there. Do they have a Dollar Menu?

  13. You people have clearly never had a good home cooked breakfast! Those dishes would be rated around a 2 in my family.

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