If White Rice is Linked to Diabetes, What About China?

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  1. I honestly do not need anymore evidence for myself to continue plant-based. I am only here because I find his voice very calming.

  2. I am from the USA and have seen first hand, even living with the Chinese, You can see children eating burgers and fries and sipping fizzy drinks in China sure, 
    While there is lotteria (Japanese burger chain), McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC, 
    many of these places are empty most days of the week as many can not afford to eat at these places regularly, sure they are crowded when it’s the weekend, but most are sharing food, or just eating a ice cream cone to get outta the heat. And as far as the parents go they almost never eat fast American food. We need to stop blaming american fast food on diabetes, sure it’s a factor but a much smaller one. The bigger issue of the Chinese diet is rice, and lots of it, it is common practice for families to eat 3-5 bowls of rice per person, it’s cheap and many workers on their lunch break will go eat (cheap rice), then there’s the sweet sticky rice and corn with beans mixed with coconut sugar and table sugar in a plastic baggy people eat as a snack, and (sugar cane juice) coconut jello (sugar), xoi (sugar), bun vermicelli noodle soups (sugar), fruit after every meal, juices, banh bao, Minh pao.
    Alcohol is a problem but what isn’t stated is that beer is liquid bread, it’s all sugar and will cause insulin resistance in a hurry, it isn’t the ethanol, cigarettes is anyone’s guess on causing diabetes, the studies are weak. And we cannot say for sure that decades ago Chinas diabetes rates were low, because China has been reluctant to publish their real records on the matter, they may have had a diabetes problem all along, and many currently are undiagnosed, as it isn’t a practice to get a regular checkup in China. Eating more proteins and fatty foods will not make you obese to raise insulin much. 
    Carbohydrates make you obese, and definitely will cause a rise in insulin. 
    This is wrong and old science. And if diabetes is linked with “laziness” I find that hard to believe when a lot of farmers in the country side work all day, one can hardly call them lazy, but they still get diabetes. The Chinese eat way too many carbohydrates in their diet, it isn’t calories in calories out, laziness, wealthy or poor, it’s a hormonal issue linked to insulin causing diabetes, heart disease, cancers and more. Protein and fats don’t Raina’s insulin, carbohydrates do.Many are reversing diabetes and preventing it. Carbohydrates > insulin > fat storage This means carbohydrates increasing Insulin and insulin is creating fat storage in the liver and blood as high tryglycerides and body fat. So, what does one do? Start by eating a low carb high fat diet, get to know how the body works and functions to avoid or reverse this disease. Read why we get fat by Gary Taubes https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003WUYOQ6/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_twi_kin_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1526197016&sr=8-1&keywords=why+we+get+fat+gary+taubesLearn more at Dr Andreas Eenfeldt MD at Diet doctor website He will sell you nothing and has a lot of great information on low carb eatinghttps://www.dietdoctor.comAnd check out Stephen Cooksey who reversed his diabetes through a low carb high fat diet and is thriving https://www.diabetes-warrior.net

  3. What about China? My ancestors didn’t eat rice. Rice is poison for me. Perhaps it’s awesome for the tiny Chinese people but for a strapping lad like myself, rice will not help with these magnificent muscles. My best to the plant eaters. Your hearts are in the right place. Maybe.

  4. Comparisons were flawed based on mass alone. If you have 25g of something, measure a response, then add 25g of more something, than 50g of something will elicit a greater response than 25g of something.

    Observational studies and glucose response studies =/= causes of diabetes. Missing possible mechanisms, additional evidence that > insulin secretion leads to diabetes (ie. appropriate response to meal vs hypertrophic response).

    He's offering an explanation scientists have poured decades of research in, within 5 minutes, and… 6 studies? This is not an expert people.

  5. What? This study compares the insuline spike of 50 vs 100 g food.. Of course 100g will be higher.. Carbs has the highest insuline reaction, protein the second and fat the lowest.. So if you add protein of course you increase insuline.. That is why all the real keto diets are low carb and moderate protein and high plant base..

  6. If animal protein causes the spike, does plant protein like Seitan, Tofu, etc. cause the same spike when mixed with carbohydrate?

  7. This answers a lot. For a while I've been wondering why the high carb, low protein diet proposed by McDougal reverses diabetes in his patients, yet for some reason the low carb high fat and protein diet also reverses diabetes in other patients. Was very confused until I came across this video. Its the combination of carbs and animal protein that leads to high insulin spikes.

  8. Here is a thought I`ve been studying. Acidic Crystals—-I think that is the beginning of all Neurological symptoms. Could it be that is the reason some fat cells refuse to take in glucose ?

  9. The same amount of plant protein has the same effect. It's just more difficult to get the same amount of protein in a plantbased meal.

    No mentioning of increases in processed carb consumption in this video? No,… lets focus on meat and ignore the real reason for the diabetis epidemic.

  10. They eat cooled rice with resistant starch that works like fiber. This is most likely the reason.
    They traditionally eat fish and sea food with rice that would rise insulin spikes, so it's not the protein addition.
    Proteins mix badly with sugar and simple carbs (especially little particle processed flours), but not resistant starch.
    Vegans beware of any vegan baking products, flour rises much more insulin than real food, the finer the particle the bigger the insulin rise. It's better to eat chickpea than chickpea flour. Flour is industrial food just like oil.
    To much protein converts into glucose. Too much blood sugar binds into proteins causing glycation and Advenced Glycation End Products(AGEs).

  11. I eat a large plate of white rice and sweet potatoes after my long distance runs, but if this is the case I’ll keep eating it.

  12. greeting from hk i visit china every few month, so i dare to say that i know much more then most western out there, if you only look at rice you dont get the full picture. it is their style of living + low sugar diet.

    most of the people in china are farmer and fishman. they getup very early like 5:00 everyday and they move alot and walk alot the whole day. beside white rice they dont have much sugar stuff in their diet. they dont eat sugar stuff like sugar drink, donuts, pizza, sugar cereal

    so what they eat? they dont eat rice for breakfast, they eat 2-3 small dish of dimsung made with chicken and pork. at lunch and dinner they may have rice or noodles and dish with chicken, fish, pork and vegetable. when they eat they dont drink sugar drink like coke or fruit juice, they drink alot of black tea in many kind. one more thing they tend not to eat is fruit. they do eat small portion of tropical fruit sometime but not much. most chinese physician against fruit, they believe that fruit are cold or negative which mean not good for health

    so white rice is not the only factor. you need to look at everything beside the rice

    diabete are rising in china, because the young kids love eating western diet that means alot of sugar stuff and starch

  13. Animal protein and fat causes your cells to swell with fat . When insulin comes knocking, there is no room at the inn. Your body sends in more insulin to force it into the cells. There you go. That is the end of the story. Why are we questioning this anymore. ? Yes people , animal products that make you fat cause insulin resistance then every carb you put in causes problems.

  14. Bullshit.. If meat were bad for diabetes so many diabetics would do bad on keto.. But they do great!!

  15. This is a myopic and corrupt view of things. A more astute extrapolation would have been that, if you combine ANY protein source (either animal or plant derived) with rice you'll attain a more exaggerated insulin spike than just rice alone (until proven otherwise. For example, perhaps plant protein doesn't have the same affect). Protein + carbohydrate induces the greatest insulin response, it seems.

  16. If you eat white rice with a resistant starch this mitigates the spike in insulin very substantially from 70 to only 28. And the beneficial effects of the resistant starch lasts for many hours. So eat your rice(cooled even better it has more resistant starch), with resistant starches like beans or legumes.

  17. I normally eat twice a day and my main meal is 2 cups of black beans & 1 cup of white rice over shredded cabbage and 1/2 an avacado. Stew the beans with coconut oil, and chopped onion, garlic, peppers, olives, and tomatoes and drizzle olive oil on top. This is my "comfort" food and I have eaten this all of my life as my "cultural" Hispanic meal. Never mix animal protein / fat with Carbs and wait at least 8 hours in between meals.

  18. Instead of "seven times less" and "eight times less", you should say "one seventh" and "one eighth less". You cannot "times" a number and have less.

  19. Besides white rice, East Asians never eat whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta, always white flour. Some authorities claim that Durham wheat is better for health than bread wheat.

  20. If diabetes rate in China has gone from 2.6% to 9.7% in the past ten years, it has NOTHING to do with white rice, because they have ALWAYS eaten white rice. Time to think deeper and blame diabetes on something other than lack of rice bran.

  21. Both of my crazy rice eating Asian parents were pre diabetes. They weren't exposed to any western junk food the least.

  22. It also has to do with the communist party starving a large portion of their population that Chinese people have learned to take advantage any food that comes their way. So when they eat, they eat out of excess, even though they are not hungry.

  23. Why White Rice Is Better Than Brown Rice – Blood Sugar & Weight Loss
    Dr Sam Robbins

  24. too much SUGAR, fast food places add sugar where sugar doesn't belong, this includes the fries the burgers and your kfc chicken

  25. The above is linking ONLY one item, one factor, to their 'skinny yet DM2' statement….while there could be many others, for example smoking and its effects on developing diabetes…..Did you know that average cigarette consumption per capita in China is about twice the USA? And in Japan is 50% higher? By approximately how much does smoking increases the chance to develop DM? A whopping 50% !!!!

    "Smokers are insulin resistant, exhibit several aspects of the insulin resistance syndrome, and are at an increased risk for type 2 diabetes. Prospectively, the increased risk for diabetes in smoking men and women is around 50%"


    And that is only smoking….fast foods as mentioned below could be another reason…..even culture and constantly worrying about your job, instead of spending time with your family, in an introverted culture (suicides are high in Japan, you know) could lead to a higher level of stress.


  26. why its only animal protein? whats the difference to plant based protein in terms of insulin secretion if the amino acid profile is similar?

  27. This is very interesting. I lived in Japan for ten years. The diet there traditionally focuses on seafood as its main source of protein, along with tofu. A traditional Japanese breakfast would consist of a bowl of white rice, a small piece of grilled salmon, and miso soup, along with some green tea, and perhaps natto (fermented soybeans). However, most Japanese don't eat this kind of breakfast anymore, and most settle for toast and coffee, and perhaps an egg. Beef, chicken, and pork are also part of their diet, but I believe they eat much less of it than Americans do.

  28. If animal protein and fat spikes insulin as much as the poster claims then why do nearly all high fat low carb eaters experience such dramatic and easy weight loss? I by the way have 9% body fat eating HFLC was at 23% eating rice, pasta, sugar and bread. and by the way I do eat complex carbs like oatmeal and beans nearly every day. If I was having such massive insulin response as the poster claims there is no way i would have dropped weight and gained muscle in six months.

  29. You see, this is important article. You know why. It says indirectly eat fat and oil. Everything I eat straight carbs my blood sugar explodes (175 mg dl). When I eat carbs with protein, same thing, even worse. When I eat carbs with fat, it becomes much much better (like 140 mg dl after one hour) and I feel satisfied. I'm not nervous. Everything I eat fat, I feel full and satisfied. Maybe the fat is the answer.

  30. Anyone else catch the last slide where Dr Greger says antelope protein? Lol. I had to do a double take – slip or not great video as always! I’ve never felt guilty for eating white rice over brown bc they’re always paired with a yummy sos free sauce and lots of veggies. Happy body right here. Begs the question tho – what if the white rice is paired with vegetarian protein – does that raise insulin?

  31. If you google rice and Asians you find people wondering how they can do so many carbs and not gain weight. It makes me laugh. I'm american eating brown rice roughly 350+ nights a year. 5'8", 130lbs. Burn carbs; not fat. Fat makes you fat, not carbs.

  32. So you blame meat for this diabetes effect but I heard "don't mix carbs with fat." So there would need to be a study specifically to determine if it's ANY carbs mixed with fat, because those avocado on toast people are going to be pissed. So you wouldn't be able to have mashed potatoes with vegan butter or rice with avocado. But you specifically blame meat when chicken is extremely low in fat and shouldn't have the same effect.

  33. I see so you are saying we need to give up on white rice if we want to continue eating meat. Interesting, worth trying I guess, if you can afford it that is.

  34. conclusion: it's the Meat!

    ppl start to be able to consume more animal products then all the deep shits start to happen to everyone, everything, everywhere.

    be prepared to see sufferings, because sometimes they just couldn't care less.

    *also all the highly processed, toxic junk foods sold almost everywhere 🙄

  35. It usually takes decades to develop type 2 diabetes, hence why there is a higher rate of it in the elderly.
    Population growth is declining across asia and the average lifespan is increasing, this causes a larger demographic of elderly with their higher rates of diabetes.
    The higher rate could simply be because the population is gradually stabilizing, giving statistics that are more comparable to western population demographics with their lower birth rates, so it would be more interesting to look at diabetes in specific age groups in asia to see if there's any significant difference compared to the west.

    Wealth has also been increasing as such people could possibly be eating more, which may be a factor.

    Better healthcare and more people getting themselves checked, more sedentary lifestyles, and possibly better documentation revealing a more accurate statistic.

    The influx of sugary treats and drinks is most definitely a factor.

    Without first looking at changes in the age demographic it is difficult to see just how high the "increase" in diabetes across asia really is, and it is most certainly not due to any one reason.

  36. it is the animal FAT you idiot Greger not the animal protein that causes the insulin spike you stupid ignorant. how moron can this guy be?

  37. This assumption is exactly the same as Dr. Benjamin Bikman's speech on – 'Insulin vs. Glucagon: The relevance of dietary protein'
    ! Glucose + animal protein =high secretion of insulin

  38. ive been watching many videos on this also read quite a bit……they have eaten white rice for a looonnggg time but one thing that has changed is western foods finding their way into asia maybe there is a link to this or higher consumption of fat? id love to see some lf the facts behind this

  39. But when consumed on it's own, protein from animals only give an Insulin spike half as much as rice and other carbs. You either eat meat on it's own without carbs or carbs on it's own.
    That explains that you can treat diabetes and it's related diseases with a vegan diet or a low carb diet such as a ketogenic diet.

  40. China has " developed " meaning they have began to eat processed food, don't move as much, don't sleep well.

    The takeway from the video is that eating a high carbohydrate high protien diet can be hard on your insulin system.

  41. Wow that's it! Don't eat carbs with meat! Only eat carbs with veggies.problem not bout the meat or carbs ,just don't eat both at same time.

  42. How could it be so easy but still hospitals in the Netherlands do not see this and treat there diabetic patients with low carbs diets?

  43. its time for you vegan cunts to become extinct. This particular cunt cherry picks his data and adds lots of "maybe" to convince other vegan cunts. This shit is outdated and proved wrong several times over by people much much smarter than this vegan cunt.

  44. This guy is a load of bullshit – I just ate a half cup of white basmati rice with no proteins – just some plan rice with some peas, beef broth, mushrooms, carrots and my fucking blood sugar spiked to 156 an hour later and I'm pissed. I've never had a blood sugar over 155 till today. Send this bastard to the prison.

  45. Would be interesting to see what happens when you eat rice with fat like olive oil, or when you eat meat with non starchy vegetables. I like his videos but he obviously has a vegan agenda and presents the data to support veganism, if it turns out animal protein and non starchy vegetables have a similar spike I doubt he would let us know that.

  46. so is white rice good on a person who is vegan and eats no animal products and will their diabetes go away

  47. Complete non-sense. I eat 1-cup of white rice every single day, and I'm not diabetic nor ever have diabetes or any cardiovascular diseases. And, so does my 89 years old and counting grand-father.
    A dinner without white rice for me is a not a complete dinner. Diabetes is due to a high consumption of garbage/fast foods/drinks.

  48. Dr greger I have a question. Does the insulin spike occur with plant protein as well or is it specifically the animal protein?

  49. My family are big meat eaters and there is no heart disease in my family. We live to be 85 to 97 years old. My grandparents ate eggs, bacon or sausage or ham every morning, with flour tortillas made of lard. Spanish rice was eaten very often and there is no diabetes. The big difference is the meat that they ate was farm raised and healthy, not today’s factory raised, grain fed, hormone and antibiotic laced meat.
    Comparing people by race is bad science. Why not tell us all to eat whale blubber like the Inuit people do? I see these STUPID comparisons of Asian people’s diets, or Mediterranean diets and I cringe at the bad science. What did your family eat before McDonalds? Find the healthiest versions of your Great Grandparents or your grandparents diets. Living past your genes ability to reproduce is at this point … not likely.

  50. China n Japan have high diabetes rates and rising and white rice alone has no protein and nutrient deficient.
    Starchy vegetables are rich in carbohydrates, which can raise a person's blood sugar levels
    An analysis of 4 prospective studies on white rice consumption and diabetes found that each daily serving of white rice increased the risk of diabetes by 11%
    In addition to the glucose raising effects, cooked starchy foods also contain AGE's which promote aging and diabetes complications

  51. Nothing to do with the meat, it's the vegetable oils, people have actually reversed type 2 diabetes eating nothing but animal products… classic vegan bias "Dr" Greger

  52. This is a really misleading outlook considering the plethora of factors involved. Table sugar and cornstarch is extremely popular in cooking, fructose is everywhere, street food is dirt cheap and hydrogenated oils are pretty much unrestricted. You can't just pinpoint this on protein, considering just how refined their diets have become in recent years.

  53. This is fascinating! Thanks for the info. Recently I was scared away from carbs due to their supposed link to blood sugar spikes, which can lead to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, inflammation, arterial lesions, diabetes, heart disease and so on. It makes sense though that when paired with meat, this exasperates these adverse effects. Solid studies prove that whole grains reduce inflammation and increase glucose metabolism. The increase of insulin clearly is not a factor in disease. As well, grains have been an integral part of our diet for thousands of years (unlike many other people think). What gets me the most is that brilliant doctors out there buy into this stuff. We've been cultivating grains since the neolithic period (12,000 years ago). They are not a recent thing, but processed foods are.

  54. To summarize , people get obese eating animal products and vegetable oil . This causes insulin resistance . When they eat rice or potatoes their insulin skyrockets so they blame the carbohydrates . What I simply cannot understand is that even some long term type 2 diabetics still don't understand their own disease. As my dad always use to say, most people are shockingly lazy and uninformed. You only have to be a measly 10% better than the average person to succeed . Thank you Dr Greger for making us at least 10% more knowledgable !

  55. This is really dangerous and misleading. My family is chinese and diabetic. We do not eat fast food and eat little meat. But we love carbs like rice, bread, noodles. That is how we got the diabetes!!! When we cut out rice, carbs and just eat meat and vegetables, blood sugars are perfect! NO MORE DIABETES. Do not listen to this video. If you are at risk of diabetes, just cut out the carbs. That simple.

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