I Tried Black Rice Water For Faster Hair Growth?

6 thoughts on “I Tried Black Rice Water For Faster Hair Growth?

  1. Thanks so much for sharing I've been soo looking and praying trying to get my hair fuller and thicker and stronger I want to try THE black rice water treatment I've been doing the rice water treatment the white rice hopefully the black rice water treatment will be better and I will see results thanks for sharing have blessed day today in Jesus Christ our Lord GOD and savor JESUS CHRIST BY ps please pray my goal is to reach waste length healthy and strong and shiny hair Lord willing b4 this year's out my hair length about almost waste length the middle of my lower back

  2. I am a Black rice water fan dear. I just completed my 1 month challenge and got massive growth. I hope it work great for you too.

  3. Rice water
    rice water.. I like this video.. very interesting …. I made my experience into a cartoon over on my channel… Please check it out it would mean the world to me

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