I Surprised My Friend With A Giant 12-Pound Taco • Giant Food Time

100 thoughts on “I Surprised My Friend With A Giant 12-Pound Taco • Giant Food Time

  1. my Spanish teacher told our class that any taco no matter the filling can be "authentic" because her growing up in mexico, tacos were a means to get rid of anything in the fridge

  2. If you go to México and you ask for a taco like this (of a normal size), everybody is going to think that you want a quesadilla.
    To be honest for Mexicans American tacos are like a bad joke for us, but it I would not deny that it does look delicious

  3. Maaan this whole pregnancy so far baby is always like TACCOOOOOOSSSSS!! I See that monster taco and my baby is like. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! GIMMEEEE! I reeeeally want it now. Omg torture Dx <3

  4. I was so excited that I might have found someone that has my name but then I saw the spelling. 🙁 Oh well, LOVE TACOS!

  5. After watching the entire, to date, playlist I have to wonder how Jasmine has 6 friends who have obsessive love of very specific foods? 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Congrats on being gay and I sincerely mean that gay men have a problem with that gay women I support 120 million percent I'm a male feminist

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