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Well hello,
ladies and gentlemen, and everyone watching. I am your host, TheReportOfTheWeek. Well, this video I guess is being a long time coming. It’s something that I had the idea to do. For a long time. I mean there for weeks or months. I wouldn’t quite say for years, but it’s been getting there. Of course I’ve been doing
this channel for awhile, and I get all sorts of comments. And I get quite a lot of comments each and every day. Sometimes I can get as many as a thousand comments a day, and you know of course, I can’t see every comment, but I can get the gist of, you know, What people’s thoughts and feedback and general views on the videos are. Now of course in all the years that this channels been going, the comments have made everything. There have been comments
that have been absolutely wonderful. Comments that have been… extremely hateful. And comments that are just downright weird and everything in between. You really see it all
when you’ve been here long enough. And I certainly have. But anyway,
I know this type of video is pretty popular to do. A lot of people do it. You know reacting to mean comments, reading bad comments. Etc. etc….
and the one thing that’s put me off from doing this video for so long. I really didn’t know how to initiate it. You know I was originally gonna try to look around and see what other people were doing. But just seeing from… thumbnails,
I kind of saw just everywhere. Where I saw there was some people that are reading it off their phones, there were some people of course that were doing it in a professional studio, there were some people that were just… tears streaming down their face and everything in between. I thought to myself, “I’m just not gonna watch
any of these videos,” “I’m just gonna do it my way…” And even if this ends up
not being… I suppose the status quo, forgive me. But I’m just gonna read perhaps react and respond to a few… negative comments. Now I get all sorts of comments, I know a lot of people might say, “Well your your comment section is actually very clean by…” you know, “the standards of the many”. And while there might be a lot of good comments. There’s a lot of bad ones too. And today I was kind of
searching around. I was trying to find some… comments that really
stuck out to me to include in this video, and I was surprised it actually took a lot more… It was a lot more
of a massive undertaking, should I say,
than I expected. because all I could get all I could see was one comment saying “F U”. And then another comment saying a “F this” “F that” “F thi…” And I was thinking well, I want to have some variety here. I don’t want every comment that I read in this video to just be the same… the same thing there’s some… variation thereof. So I hunted some stuff down and I came across about 17 comments or so that I found that I will go through. Now two things should be mentioned. First and foremost, To preserve the anonymity of those leaving these comments their names
have been censored. Also, I understand a wide variety of people watch these videos
so some of the harshest expletives in these messages have been censored to a degree though the exact messages
are likely decipherable with that being said,
some viewer discretion is advised So please proceed as you see it fit. On a final note, when it comes down to YouTube I know hate isn’t anything… You know. It’s not a good thing. I always say everyone should
treat each other with respect, kindness, and dignity. Of course in a perfect world, that’s how it…
really that’s how I would like to see it. But unfortunately that’s not the reality
we live in today. Whenever I get hate,
the best thing I try to do now is just brush it off, ignore it or sometimes in cases
like these even showcase it, even maybe make a little light of it. With that being said, let’s see what we have here. I picked out a few so let’s… get on with it. I’m gonna try to do some crude editing and get them up on the screen somewhere so wherever they pop up,
they pop up. Again, I didn’t pay 250 dollars for an editor so for that I apologize, but here’s the first one. This is a good one all right. “He looks like a rat.” Now that’s… That’s you know, that’s… That’s fair.
That’s fair. I get this one a lot. I’ve gotten hundreds of those comments, but I was thinking to myself. Well, he looks like a rat. Well that may be true. I think I do have maybe 5% rat DNA in my makeup. So that is true, but I was looking for an upgrade. You know, he looks like a rat, but they can do better than that. So I kept searching. I kept digging around
with my rat like claws to find something better. And sure enough look at this. “This guy eats like a mole rat.” Now that I think took it up a level. It’s not it’s not just a rat anymore. It’s a mole rat, and that’s a big step right there, so that just that just boosted the leveling. in an incalculable
level. in an incalculable
level level. in an incalculable
level level level. in an incalculable
level level level level. Anyway, I was saying. I want to even go further. I want to push the envelope here. I want to just keep this going and then I found this one. And this is, I think,
there’s nothing better than this. You look like an albino rat
with an actual picture. I don’t think that is
an albino rat in the picture. I think that’s just a little mouse, but this person went all out. I’m not a rat. I’m not a mole rat. I’m an albino rat with the little mouse emoji, I suppose, placed next to it. That’s incredible. That’s incredible. I didn’t think it could go
any farther than that. That’s the zenith of
all of the rat comparison comments that do exist out there. That’s it.
That’s the peak. That’s the apex. So I thought to myself, all right. We got that out of the way. Let’s find some other stuff now. There’s this one. I get this a lot. I’ve been getting this since 2013. I don’t understand
why people have this obsession with wanting to punch me so much. But I’ve been getting this for so long you get people they say they want to punch me. You know they want to
sucker punch me. And they want to do this. They want to do that. I get so many of these, it’s quite funny. I don’t understand the obsession. This guy even offered. He said
“how much money to punch you in the face multiple times?” Well, that’s an interesting offer, and I was trying to analyze
that a little further. What exactly did he mean by that? How much money to punch you
in the face multiple times? So is he saying he would pay me? To punch me in the face multiple times. Or does he want me to pay him? So he could punch me in the face multiple times. That confused me. I was kind of scratching
my head at that one. I really wasn’t sure
what to make of it. And then I was thinking you know, If… If he, you know, I wanted to know what the going rate exactly is. because it’s not something
that I’m exactly very proficient in. So what would
the going rate exactly be? To punch me in the face multiple times? And I’m afraid I just haven’t an answer if he listed his prices maybe we can kind of work a deal out, but I’m afraid he didn’t. so unfortunately that was just a business opportunity that’s lost. I’m afraid to say. Next time from where to advise on his part. He’s got to name the price, and then we could go from there. This one was just weird. “I want to beat him up then…” That’s just one of those things, I just I have nothing to say to it. That’s all that I have. So all right. Going from rats to punching me. Next we go… Oh, we got one more. This one got three up votes. So this is a good one. “i just really want to punch you right in the jaw, like just full-out fist to the jaw.” Well I do appreciate the descriptiveness and it’s clear other people did too. But I appreciate you could really see the passion come out in that one though. You know he reiterates his point. He’s got…
he’s a man on a mission. That’s all that I can say there. This one’s always classic. There’s another one… Get so many of those I swear. you get people to, you know, that say these things to me. And you know,
you take it with a grain of salt. You say … these people you don’t know them, you just ignore them, you brush them off. Forget about those people. You know, you move onward, you move forward, and we move on to the next one. This one… This one just… this one makes me laugh
because of the guys avatar. I don’t know why it is. But this one.
I just found rather funny. The guy he says,
“with that big ass suit”. I’m sorry, that one just makes me laugh. There’s something about the guys avatar, that just did that one in for me, and I just had to… Had to do that. I get so many of those
they also come in and talk about the suit styles
you know that I wear. Because I wear the detachable collars, or I wear the old style suits or the way. I present myself. I get so many people that come in and say these things
and it’s just funny. It’s just funny and that one
just made me laugh for some reason. Here’s almost three Consecutive ones.
The first two are about the suit. and I’m the third one I guess I’m not just an alien,
but I’m a… “bleeping bleeping alien”. I swear. Let’s see what else we got here. this one, This one was clever. “Lmao a list of ways to ROAST him” And he just lists them off. “stingy”, “Salmon hair, frog,
Donald Trump, elf”, “chin bleeper”, “TF eyebrows is this,
bony skin”, “Forehead big as my…” Posterior. No offense. I’m not trying to be mean, but this is all true facts, but hey, I’m judging from the outside. He could actually be pretty cool guy, so don’t hate on me guys.” Now, I was looking at this list. And some of these things, you know, I was thinking, well, maybe, maybe not, but two of them they got me. And I just sat there for a while, and I’m looking at it right now. and it leaves me speechless. And I would say is
ways to roast me not all of them did, but two of them were utterly successful. “Salmon hair and bony skin”. I don’t even know what to make of those two. Incomprehensible. Now speaking on the incomprehensible. Of course aside from all the standard people
just saying this or that. We get a few truly incomprehensible comments that do come in every day
like this guy says. “Why do you do it a food review? Here is why, because
you’re an Illuminati puppet. You’re helping them
with their depopulation agenda, doing review of unhealthy food
first year of your YouTube. You did energy drink review
is it any healthy people that look like you do you
even look at yourself? I mean give me a break.” And then who can forget this one. This one was posted on the failed Little Caesars of you where
I’m kind of sitting outside in the snow trying to review a pizza.
https://youtu.be/g0fwcSRtpPI “You know review brah, I really would have liked to eat a pizza very similar to the one
you ate in the snow. Here, but I became embroiled in some kind of senseless stoush with my older neighbor. He has trees classified in these parts
as ‘noxious weeds’. These trees are huge, and they’re getting into my plumbing
via their behemoth root systems. Anyway, it’s gonna cost me thousands to replace all the plumbing under the ground and may neighbor just said, ‘Well, you should have thought about that before buying the house.’ I said ‘Dude, it’s worse than that. Your tree branches are thick as
three bowling balls. And they’re hanging from
my roof guttering as we speak. I said ‘friend,
the answer using the connection as a bridge to
my new air conditioning system, and it has been infested.’ Again, he says ‘well,
you should have thought about that before you bought the house.’ So anyway,
I had no mood for pizza.” And that was just eloquently written. I suppose I could, I can sympathize with you to a degree, but to another degree… It seems like you have quite the problem on your hands, that’s all that I can
really say to that one. And then there’s some of the things that come out that just kind of make me shake my head and say, This is ridiculous! So this guy here at the top. He just starts out with you know, a negative completely inoffensive comment. He says who cares you lame weirdo. Well. That’s fine.
He has a right to say it. As you’ve seen compared to some of the stuff it’s harmless. Some of the people they kind of give harmless replies. “Oh nice try.” “700k people do”,
“watch your mouth young lady”. Some harmless replies right? It’s just a pretty harmless comment someone who might not like the channel just voicing his thoughts out. In a way that… it’s not really offensive. again some inoffensive replies. Then I scroll down,
and I my jaw almost dropped at how it just degraded. So you see the top comment there watch your mouth. I’m not even gonna…
I’m not even gonna really Repeat any of these, but just just take a
quick look at this stuff. Alright that second one’s a meme. The third one the guy’s given him a warning. But then the last two. I mean they’re telling this guy you should go die for saying that. Now granted these people are saying it as a joke. But still I think that’s a little harsh considering the subject matter of the original comment wouldn’t you think? And that’s just… that’s just a little… a little too overboard. I would say, even if they’re trying to say that in my defense that’s a bit too much, I’m afraid. And finally I want to end this one
with an email. This one was straight and to the point. “This needs to stop.” Now I get a lot of emails in my E-mail address every day in the hundreds at this point. A lot of spam, a lot of genuine remarks And everything in between, but this one kind of caught my eye, because it was very hastily
titled “This needs to stop.” So I clicked on it, and I thought to myself “Well, what needs to stop?” What exactly is is going on here?” Inquired about this. Individual writes: “my grandma
does not like your videos. She is 84, this is enough.”
[Pounding the table] Well dear sir or madam, It is quite unfortunate to tell you, but I’m afraid to announce that it is more likely that your grandma is to stop before my videos do. I know that was harsh, but that came to mind
immediately after saying that. That’s all but with all respect to your grandma, if she doesn’t like the videos, she doesn’t have to watch them. And that really goes for anyone
if you don’t like the content, you don’t have to watch it. We all have that free ability to click on the channel, and if we don’t like it could leave the dislike
and we can click off of it. Well anyway, That was just kind of reading and reacting to a few mean comments here and there. I know I get a lot every day. But I think the best way to kind of take all this stuff is
with a grain of salt. Ignore it. Brush it off and just move onward and forward. And if they really do get to you it’s always good to have a good support network in place whatever that might be. Your friends, your family, your loved ones any things in day-to-day life
that might give you Contentment, solace or happiness because I know at first when I first started getting
all these negative comments they were really getting to me, but I found ways to
cope with it and at this point I just see them I brush them off, and I was even able to make a video
kind of, you know, Kind of saying you know what? This is what it means to me. Whoops wrong hand. Forget it.
I was trying to make a zero with my hand.
you understand the picture, But that’s what it means to me doesn’t mean anything to me. You just brush it off And as I said, you just move onward and forward. Well, thank you all for watching this video ladies and gentlemen. I hope you enjoyed it. It was just trying out something new and if you’re interested Please check out the newest VORW radio broadcast. something I do for you every week. you can find it in the pinned comments, in the description or in the cards a fun hour of talk and music. Again, I do for you every week, feel free to check it out –
https://soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int Until then, take care. I’m your host, TheReportOfTheWeek.

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