HUGE XL OYSTERS Fresh Seafood Feast at South Melbourne Market – Australian Food Tour

G’Day, it’s JD here and we’re at South
Melbourne Market for a seafood feast let’s go check it out today we have a massive seafood feast
for all of you including oysters from three different parts of Australia, sea
urchin, rock lobsters and a whole lot more of the fresh seafood right here
from the market. In this episode we’re filming from South Melbourne market
about a 10-minute tram ride outside of Melbourne City. Link to the location is
in the descriptions below. They have cooked seafood in this section let’s go
have a look oh look check it out they’ve got prawns
on skewers all different flavours here now teriyaki salmon the skins
Wow fish tacos ooh that looks nice cooked oysters Kilpatrick, Monay oysters. Wow we’ve got a lot of seafood here this how to cook seafood
and look at the lobster it’s a rock lobsters. We then made our way to the
fish market where we found loads of fresh seafood most of them are already
cooked so you can eat them right there these are some of the freshest seafood
from all over Australia. Tasmanian Oysters, South Australian oysters,New South Wales Oysters. Look at that sea urchin, fresh abalone
raw sashimi grade Scampi, there’s freshly cooked spinner crabs vlue swimmer crabs. Today we’ll be trying Oysters from three different regions of
Australia, Coffin Bay oysters from South Australia, Bruny Island oysters from
Tasmania and Giant Bateman Bay XL oysters from New South Wales. So this is some from New South Wales
they have Batemans Bay XL oysters.
these are Bruni Bay oysters from Tasmania, wow that looks really fresh,
these are Coffin Bay oysters from South Australia. Freshly cut lemon have a
variety of Tabasco sauce, vinegar, Sriracha. So from my experiences the
different oysters have different flavors and usually the larger ones are a bit less
flavorful that’s the smaller ones. I’ve had small oysters has been really
intense and flavor before. So, I’m eager to try these oysters and see what they
taste like alright I’m gonna just squeeze a little
bit of lemon on, just like a tiny bit of lemon juice to retain that
oyster flavor. okay let’s try one of these Bateman Bay oysters look how huge
they are. a little bit of lemon on there we’ll look how huge they are look how
big this oyster is, that’s massive. Should be able to do it in a mouthful all right
let’s go for it it’s really fleshy and plump it’s a
little bit salty but it’s a seawater that’s really good, let’s try our next
choice which is the Bruny Island from Tasmania just a bit of lemon okay
these are still very plum even though they’re smaller is still very plump. Let’s try it that’s a slightly more intense flavor in
that one than the big one that’s really good as well they’re all differently
choices now let’s try these Coffin Bay oysters from South Australia. all right let’s have a look look at that
Oh sounds out nicely it’s been nicely shucked, try this one that’s even more intense in the second
one so there we go the larger they are the less intensive flavor so this this
was the most intense one the smallest ones a second in terms of intensity and
that’s the least intense of them but this is very fleshy. I’m gonna try some
Tabasco sauce on this to add bit more flavor. I’m gonna try some of this standard Tobasco sauce. Just a few drops will do. look at that, spread the Tabasco sauce
around so huge, and we also got half of a rock lobster
and some sea urchin or Uni. Check out the sea urchin that looks really
fresh and meaty here’s the roe, that’s what we eat, the roe of the sea
urchin. It’s impartial II cleaned out but
look how look how creamy the sea urchin is so it’s been partially cleaned out
it’s really creamy roe, look at the roe on there. Alright let’s try this it’s so creamy,
you get flavor, it’s like a taste of the ocean in there creamy flesh. Let’s try
this lobster pull it off the head that I’m just gonna take a bite from it
I think. So look at that! It just comes off all right let’s give this lobster a go. Flavor’s not that intense although it’s
nice and fresh though. Flavor seems to get more intense as you move down to the tail. Maybe the flavors in the head let’s try
some yeah that was a bit more flavor from
that piece from the head. Alright thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed that
video don’t forget to click like if you enjoyed and don’t forget to subscribe
for more video for this channel JD out. So convenient to have the bin right here, eat an oyster, throw the shell away. Keep Australia tidy guys

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  1. Which are your favourite markets in Melbourne to go please as a local?? Especially for seafood??? Thank you

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