How We Plant Rice: Learning How to Farm is Nice (it rhymes)!

Hello everybody, it’s Matthew. Yeah, that’s me. And you’re watching another episode of Rice
Farming TV. In this video I’m going to teach you the
beginning of how rice is grown, using nothing but rhymes and my little drone! Out on the rice farm I’ve been working non-stop
so I’m excited to share with you the progress of our new crop. And now that spring has come-around the heat
of the sun has dried up the ground. The time is now, to hook up our red tractor
to the chisel plow. Into the fields we go, dragging the plow nice
and slow. And as you see there we’re ripping the dirt,
exposing it to the air. This will dry it out real nice because in
a couple days we’ll plow again for a total of twice. Afterwards we’re left with these big chunks
of dirt, the ground is not ready, no we still have some work. You see, These dirt clods we need to break
up because the field is just too rough. But that’s an easy fix we’ll take our red
tractor and hook it up to a big red disc. As the disc-blades turn the clods are sliced,
flipped and mixed, breaking them down to about the size of your fist. And as you can see the dirt is nice and dry,
evidenced by that dust that starts to fly. We’ll wait a couple days and then disc it
once more, just as we had done with the chisel plow before. Now our progress has found its groove but
before we move on we need to make this field smooth. Yes, we want it nice and flat, we’ll need
to use our big yellow landplane in order to do that. The dirt clods tumble and roll as we go, the
bucket takes dirt from high spots to fill in where it was low. You see, water will eventually flow over this
leveled field, and a consistent depth will help the yield. We want our planted rice field not too dry
but not too deep, an equal amount of water is what we’d like to keep. But I’m getting ahead of myself now, before
we add water we need to add fertilizer, let me explain how! The jolly green John Deere tractor is our
new star, he’s pulling behind him what’s called an aqua-bar. He’s injecting nitrogen 3” down into the
ground, there it will wait for the rice plants’ roots to be found. And the tractor moves fast as the loose dirt
is combed by his shanks, and the only time he needs to slow down is to refill his tanks. I’m happy to report that when he is done
the number of tractor operations is down to one. Yes that’s right, our tractor work is about
to come to an end our last operation we’re going to roll on a fertilizer blend: nitrogen,
phosphorus and potassium. We roll this blend right on top, giving our
new crop its first nutrient pop. Yes, to apply the fertilizer a roller is what
we use it’s perfect because all around it has grooves. These grooves create indentations in the dirt
as the roller moves ahead, creating really tiny ridges that make for an awesome seed
bed. And with that the tractor work is done! We’re ready for water. Now wasn’t that fun! Once the field is flooded about two inches
deep we call up the crop duster, we’re on the edge of our seat! The seeds comes down like rain, there’s
nothing more rewarding than watching the plane. Now the long days are done, we can exhale
a deep breath of air, but the work remains because this baby rice needs love and care. But that is subject to be told down the line
in a future episode, in due time. I hope you enjoyed this video of how we plant
rice, if you did give me a thumbs up that sure would be nice. Don’t forget to subscribe and if you have
any questions please let me know by writing them down in the comment section below. If you have time, make your comment rhyme. Thank you. What’s his name? Uh, Goofy Gopher. Goofy Gopher Snake? Goofy Gopher Snake. Ok, that’s close.

100 thoughts on “How We Plant Rice: Learning How to Farm is Nice (it rhymes)!

  1. I love seeing my home,
    On this little box,
    From slithering snakes,
    To raptors and squawks.

    O, Mathew my friend,
    This video rocks,
    It tickled me pink and,
    It blew off my socks!

    Your talent is great,
    Your hair like a fox,
    I wish you good luck,
    With this year's new crops!

    (Edited SIX TIMES in an attempt to preserve my stanza formatting, but it seems that YouTube has zero concern for my poem looking right in their comment section. I'm very sorry.)

  2. The tractors keep rolling till the rice is a flowing. Great video again. What’s the rate of fertilizer your putting on?

  3. You are lucky,it didn't rain in-between. Doesn't the duck eat rice seeds?. Good video.

  4. I love seeing the area out there i grew up in Yolo county by Knights Landing kep up the great videos Matt my sincerest wish for a prosperous year for your family

  5. it is totally different with what we do here in Asia, here we plant the baby rice, not the seed, we plant the seed in temporary place, and then when it grow we take it so we can align the 2-4 week plant in our main field.

  6. Rice rain was amazing. I saw it first time in my life. P.S. Yawning owl and funny rice duck so funny. 🙂

  7. Hello Matt!
    So nice to see the tractor work done,
    and the rice seeds flying
    in the bright California sun!

    I loved seeing all of the wild critters,
    although I must say,
    the snake gave me the jitters!

  8. Thanks once again Matt. Heres a little ditty for ya: "The moral of the story; the moral to this song is simply one should never be where one does not belong. So if you see a neighbor carrying something, help him with his load and don't go mistaking paradise for that home across the road" B. Dylan
    From Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest

  9. This is great for kids and school. 🏫 Now it's summer they play in the pool. When Autumn comes harvest you will. Then you will have your fill.

  10. Matt is a poet and I didn't know it. Hope there's more to come from this farmer/poet. Have a great week. God Bless!!!

  11. Matt: Dr. Seuss and Sam I Am have nothing to worry about. Guess I just wasn't in the mood, dude. Thanks for the effort

  12. I like the clear explanations and great visuals that make your vlogs so enjoyable….but, not the poetry.

  13. Matt: Do you plant with grains of rice from your last year's crop, or do you buy special seed from a dedicated seed producer (I'm thinking of how corn farmers buy hybrid corn seed)? If the latter, maybe you could do a video on the differences between creating a food and a seed crop.

  14. Sites of the Buttes, along with the sun, motivate this girl to look for a pun. I'm a long way off, but this vid makes me a kid. Farming day… hauling hay… peaches pay. Farm life in California is sure to build ya!

  15. I don't like snakes.
    I like like how you sow.
    They better stay in your field our I'll chop with a hoe.

  16. Some people might do one or two creative YouTube videos but to be still going strong with your 70th is some going, in the UK we see commercials suggesting what a great place California is to visit, and I am sure it is, but your communication feels much more authentic. Great photography and crystal clear sound. Keep up the great work.

  17. Another great video. I saw animals this video. Snakes eat field mice and frogs. What does the turtle eat? The hawk eats the snakes, the frog, the turtle when small I think. What about waterfowl? What is next on the agenda. I hope that you will show young rice.

  18. Hi Matt! Love the video. It is very entertaining. I have always wondered where all the critters go that live in the rice fields. Do you bother to try and save any of them if you see them prior to the tractor work?

  19. Wow! That must have taken hours to put together. Looks like you had great weather. Love it when the YouTube alert appears, I am going to enjoy these videos for years.

  20. What is the difference between flying in the seeds and using rice paddies? Can i just grow the rice organically fom seed instead of growing paddies and regrowing it like the asians. What is the difference between the methods if i am growing it organically no chems

  21. hii matt… good clay soil…you are really very lucky…have a hope full season ..and my best wish to get high yeild..finaly good to see you …

  22. Matt, Another great video as always ! Apparently Dr Seuss has invaded your house ! I just read where your Governor has declared your state in a permanent 'Drought Emergency " ! Any thoughts you're willing to share on how this will affect this year's crop ? What do you anticipate the effects might be for CA farmers going forward ? I wonder if any in Sacramento give a thought to how their actions will affect the migratory birds visiting you annually either !

  23. I would like to know more where all that seed comes from and how it is prepped.
    I like your rhyming I really must say, I would do the same but it would take all day!

  24. Comments are good on this video about rice
    But how about a question, would that suffice
    With the cost of the plane to fly on the seed
    Wouldn't a tractor pulled rig be up to the deed
    Could you spread out the seed before the fake rain
    Or does the pilot just need a job to do with his plane

  25. Hi, Matt, You applied fertilizer twice. What is the composition of fertilizer in both instances? In my avocado fields, I apply mainly potassium nitrate as avocado trees take about 3 lbs per tree. Also, do you do any soil or plant tissue analysis to tweak fertilizer?

  26. Grabbing a Goofy gopher snake….thankfully not a rattler….that could be a mistake!!   Enjoyed the wildlife at the beginning.

  27. hi! may I ask where in California you are located? and what can be done with left over rice straw and the hull please?:)

  28. That was a fun video for sure. 😀 I loved your rhymes. But don't expect that out of me. Ha ha ha! The wild critters were fun to see. I love the little burrowing owls – so cute. And I learned a lot about how to plant rice. Now to go to the next video to see how those little rice seedlings are doing.

  29. We just had soybeans seeded by airplane yesterday. Flown on our wheat crop which will be harvested in a few weeks. This isn’t something we normally do, but we’ve done it once before in a wet year like this and it worked really well.

  30. We only work with solid fertiliser in our rice production systems (Portugal), we spread part of it before seeding (dry soil) and than we do a another application, 1 or 1.5 month after seeding. Very interesting to see how farmers work in different ways!!

  31. Hi Matt awesome video. I dont usually write comments on youtube but your video is awesome and I have a question burning in my head. I usually see farmers replanting their rice over here in South East Asia but it seems that its not something that you guys do over there, is there a particular reason why the rice is not replanted?

  32. I'm studying farming
    my university is all about rice
    we plant in a different way I am from Panama
    we don´t use planes to drop seeds from the sky,
    tropical weather make us use a lot of pesticides
    for bugs, for weeds and something more,
    I always like your videos and is always good to know something new.
    grettings from Panama And I hope you have a good harvest

  33. Hello!
    I would like to ask you what kind of nitrogen fertilizer you use because in Europe we are taught that nitrogen does not adhere to the ground and large amounts of water wash it and the plant can not reach it anymore. I predominantly cultivate corn and soybeans and i try as much as possible not to have accumulations of water in the field. You do a great job.

  34. Matthew you kind word they did teach me a thing or two that the field it's twice fertilized and to make ridges in the field for seed and a plane nice to see does spreads the seed and how did I do.

  35. Farming’s a passion
    Shared world round,
    Tilling the soil,
    Planting the ground

    California’s fashion
    While kooky and weird,
    Nice to see a farmer
    With a cap and red beard!

  36. Now I know what was going on as I was driving by the rice fields over time! The mysteries of farming so nicely explained.

  37. You know I'm starting to like this guy MattWhen it comes to Rice he knows where its atI would bust out more rhymes if I had the time But a car shows a calling and its my time to shineMatt I'm absolutely fascinated by your channel as you can tell from my comments. But what I really want to do is drive that harvester like I did in last nights dreams after seeing your vlogs. (I didn't drive it into a culvert or hit any rocks)Why don't you have a farm camp at the next harvest so some of us farmer wantabes can get some seat time and really see how hard rice farming work is.Thanks

  38. Not sure a rhyme I have or to use…I can only hope your amazing shows get millions of views.
    Thank you for all your hard work and fantastic shows!! Take care be safe.

  39. I really like the Deere tractor that's what I use to run as you can tell and please do not yell I bet all that work makes you smell lol what do you think please don't tell me that I sink into the brink lol God bless you and your family

  40. What method is utilized to flood the rice fields with water ? Can you please make a video to cover that aspect of land preparation ? Also please expand on irrigation methods ? Thanks! Great material !!!

  41. I sell Case IH equipment in La. it’s crazy the different types of equipment y’all use than we do here. It’s very interesting. Have you tried a Kelley diamond harrow for your straw management yet? Just curious of your thoughts I sold two last week.

  42. Me and my 2year old son love watching an episode before bed, although in the UK we can't plant rice we plant what veg we can and my son gets his tractor with the plough on to prepare the ground like you do with the chisels, keep up the great work you belong on TV you d get kids back into farming. 🙂

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