How to use a RICE COOKER | Oats, Pasta, Potatoes, Veg, Lentils

Simple as that an idiot do not get at all Hi, guys welcome back to another video so today. We’re talking about rice cookers we’ve had a lot of questions lately about how do we cook everything in a rice cooker and People of being wanting demonstrations show us. How you cook oatmeal? Pasta Rice vegetables, what else do we do? potatoes Yeah, everything basically you know ice cover. So we’re going to show you how we do all that but first we want to demonstrate Okay, so this is your sort of you [know] traditional rice cooker basically. It’s got a on/off button Actually, it’s actually cool [warm] simple as that you can you know [one] [can] idiot you can’t get it wrong [alright], so this is a traditional style rice cooker, and it comes with a steamer yeah, and That’s the inside of it now this one was Handed down to [us] and the coaching is a very good it kind of comes up. Yeah, I’m blushing I mean, it’s it It’s initially nonstick But then as it wears away if the contents do begin to stick to the bottom that is really you know It’s just a waste you’re not with Losing a fair bit [of] food don’t you yeah and all Sorts not very healthy [because] whatever that coating is starts to come off on [your] food, and then it’s you know you’re consuming it. Yeah, okay, so that’s rice cooker one But if it’s always an afford, it’s a good option rice number two is the beast now This is digital. It is a little bit more fancy yeah um but Same principle yeah strainer again spoon a steamer, and that’s it hot It’s got a nano ceramic lining So it’s the healthiest sort of lining [that] you can have and this cost us 50 dollars 50 australian dollars here in Thailand [the] other one that we showed [you] first is our watch Eva, but it is a good investment if you can afford the initial It’s well worth that we recommend it Yeah
so rice cookers are fantastic for Students because if you don’t have a proper kitchen setup you can just put all your food in that and it’s done but if you’re short of time if you’re on a budget of rice cooker is just the easy cheap way of Getting a whole plant foods into your diet and not fussing and not needing a whole kitchen worth of appliances. Yeah So on to the demonstrations. Let’s do it Okay, how to cook oatmeal [in] the rice cooker? The Ratio is two cups of water at every one cup of oats plus an extra one cup [of] water at the end Boil the water first once the water is boiled just add your oats protip never close the Lid Never ever close the lid they will bubble over and explode everywhere And just stir occasionally Once you’re out to cook just turn off the rice cooker And you can either eat them like this [or] hot or you can remove this from the rice cooker and let them cool down So we’re going to cook some japanese ground sushi rice today And we recommend you try different varieties of rice just to spice things up and keep things buried some just got my Measuring cup that came with the rice cooker. This is [80%] of a standard cup metric cup and generally with rice It’s about a ratio of [1] to [1] but I like the right we like the rice moist So we put a little bit more than one for one so good 4 cups of rice So I’m going to do more than 4 cups of water. [I’m] going to steam some broccoli in here and That’s going to take some extra water so about 5 cups So the great thing about a rice cooker is that as the rice is cooking you can steam the veggies in the steamer on top? too easy, [so] Here is one of the fastest easiest meals pop your rice in the rice cooker next frozen veg [if] winner Today, we’re going to cook lentils in with the rice so we’ve soaked these lentils overnight, and you just put them in with the rice We did [2] and 3/4 of these cups of rice? 3/4 of one of these cups of lentils And I put about four and a quarter cups of water because brown rice takes a bit longer and these lentils are quite Tough even though they’re [been] soaked overnight. We’re also going to steam some eggplant on top which are going to require some water Cooking pasta in a rice cooker simply boil your water put your pasta ring That’s it pastor boiled As for our sauce tonight, we’re cooking it in our second rice cooker So that’s handy because we’ve got to but if you don’t have a second rice cooker you can just stir through Some diced up tomatoes and add some herbs to your pasta or you can prepare your sauce in your one rice cooker before you cook Your pasta up to you Cooking potatoes in the rice cooker easy peel chop them up cover them with water and That’s it close the lid let them boil up and That’s how you boil potatoes in a rice cooker I Hope this video has been helpful to you guys if you can think of any Interesting ways to you know use a rice cooker put them in the comments down below. We’d love to hear yeah Yeah, I think yeah recipe ideas that you might have and if you know of anyone who says I want to go vegan But you know, it’s too difficult or I can’t afford it [Shawn] this video thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like share and [subscribe] and remember until next time going vegan is not the most we Can do it’s the least we can do and it is very cheap and easy with a rice cooker? Sure, if [they] can see you next video. Bye guys We’re going to show you that veganism is not only good for your health the animals in the planet But it’s also good for your pocket you’re actually going to save money by feeding vegan, and this is the final meal absolutely delicious simple and Hearty

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  1. Before I became vegan, I would boil eggs in the rice cooker and it makes perfect deviled eggs. You put the eggs in the steam basket and put water and a little baking soda under it and push white rice. It comes about perfect every time.

  2. How do you clean the Aroma ARC-980SB? Just purchased one and can't figure out if the lid comes totally off or if the inside of the lid can be removed to clean? Have been searching online for anyone who has this particular one and has used it and then tried to clean the lid. Thanks ahead of time.

  3. I love living in this period, everything is so practical and easy but the price we get chemicals all over our foods,

  4. Awsome guys
    This is the first rice cooker in the family
    Growing up Greek there’s no such thing as a rice cooker … iam shocked at what it can do thank you
    Sofia the greek😁

  5. My husband and I journeying to a vegan diet, but this video totally threw seasoning out the window and that’s the stuff that turns people away from becoming vegan. Why not make it flavourful? Sorry, I can’t do bland foods. I’m adding spices. Wow!

  6. I have a few suggestions… I would wash grains to remove dirt and soak grains such as quinoa and rice overnight for 8-12 hours to remove the arsenic levels. I would also soak beans, say 2 cups of beans soak them in apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to break down the phytic acid on the beans.The attached article explains the process.

  7. two rice cookers one halogen oven is all you need if you dont have kitchen. no need for microwave or toasters. one gascan camping stove or electric hotplate cooker in addition and you are good.
    a blender juicer dry grinder wet paste grinder combo is the only other piece you need for all types of cooking

  8. Nice vid. A word of caution, though. Instead of using the cookers' measuring cup(s) as your unit of measure, use fluid ounces or deciliters. Rice cookers' cups are not all the same between the brands.

  9. Wow healthy meals I love eggplant dishes too.great ideas I sauté them with potatoes and tomatoes and garlic and onions 🤤

  10. You can make macaroni in a Rice Cooker too. It's super simple :
    – boil the water
    – add chopped veggies in it n boil for 5 min
    – add the macroni n boil it together mix spices as per ur choice
    – keep checking it n stiring it
    In no time u ll have delicious macronies ready . Enjoy!!

  11. Dears, you need to rinse the rice 2-3 times first if they are produced and packed in Asia, unlike US, Australia or Japan 🙂

  12. I didn't think I would love my rice cooker as much as I do. You can get a cooker at Walmart for less than $20 or I see them in the thrift stores all the time so I bought mine for $3. When I don't feel like cooking, it is one item that I will use just to get a quick easy meal.

    Quick rice idea. Put in brown rice, add water, add dried cranberries, add a bouillon cube crushed (I did onion), put the lid on, press down the cook button, when it snaps up to warm, take it out and enjoy.

    Put in white rice, add a can of mixed vegetables, a little water, add a vegetable bouillon cube crushed, add spices as desired such as garlic, onion, celery seasoning, smoky paprika, pepper, etc. Cook, Enjoy.

    During tomato season. I put in rice, add water, add a fresh tomato on the top. Cook, crush tomato and mix in rice. Yummy. You can add a little taco flavoring to make it mexican rice.

    Things I put over cooked rice: Orange sauce, teriyaki sauce, general tso sauce, gravies, cooked lentils/beans or get a package of indian food at Trader Joes like punjabi vegetables warmed up. Note: the steamer over cooks veggies so you may want to put in the veggies toward the end or use hardy veggies that don't overcook like root veggies. You can also eat rice for breakfast with fruit on it or a little sugar.

  13. I really appreciated your great video. Both of you are great human beings with a very positive attitude and it was fun and educating to watch you two explaining direct and on point how to use this magical device. Thanks!

  14. Of course they name their channel “the vegan couple”. Of course he’s wearing a “vegan” wife beater. Is it part of the vegan sign up process that you have to be super annoying?

  15. I had my rice pot cooker for 6 months never used it until I got online and look at some of the recipes that I can use I'm thankful for the hints and how to use rice cooker pot plus the oatmeal was a plus I would have made a mess in my kitchen thanks for the helpful tips . 😄

  16. You can cook eggs in Rice cooker, just wet a paper towel and place it in the cooker, then put the eggs on the paper towel and turn it on
    Or if you are using rice cooker with steamer you can do it there I guess but I did it with first method myself.

  17. Sometimes, you can look up the manufacturer of the rice cooker and look up the piece that needs replacing and order it.

  18. I'm excited to start this cooking tomorrow . I have 4 kids and doing a big move we sold our stove today and I have just a rice cooker. You guys saved my life ! Thanks

  19. Grateful for your time and effort went into this clip, 😊 highly appreciated… Gonna try all these out.. Thank you ❤️🇱🇰

  20. Why are you both skinny fat if veganism is so healthy?

    Skinny fat is not enough protein too many carbs.

    You're not convincing me to sacrifice my life for an animals.

  21. 4:31 clearly not enough water
    How thick are you guys? Bitching about food stuck to old rice cooker you mofos are clearly not using enough water!!!

    This is embaressing.

  22. Here in our dormitory only rice cooker is allowed so i cooked my lentils with rice and steam my spinach and okra :). I sometimes also put in mixed veggies

  23. When I go to college, I'm definitely going to steal my mom's small rice cooker. I meaaann, they have a big one for the family.

  24. ɪ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴜ ᴄᴀɴ sʜᴏᴡ ᴍᴇ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ᴀғғᴏʀᴅᴀʙʟᴇ ᴍᴇᴀʟ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴄᴀɴ ᴄᴏᴏᴋ ɪɴ ᴀ ʀɪᴄᴇ ᴄᴏᴏᴋᴇʀ.. ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs💛💚💙

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