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This is my super
secret specialty recipe, but I’m gonna share
it with you today. Super secret flip the
bird roast chicken. People think that
roasting a chicken seems a little
intimidating or difficult. I’m here to tell you that
actually it’s really easy. Roasting a chicken
at high heat is a great way to get really
crispy skin and also nice, juicy tender meat. So we have our beautiful
three and a half to four-pound chicken. We do wanna keep some
skin on there for flavor. But anything that’s kinda
excess or hanging off, we’ll get rid of it. I totally understand
that when you grab a chicken at the store,
everything seems easy, and of course you know what
the parts of a chicken are. Then you get it home and
you’re like, which way is this? I don’t know what’s up, down,
back, front, side to side. So I’m gonna show you. In order to figure out
which way is front and back, give the chicken a
little booty dance. So give her a
little shaky shake. And wherever is shimmy shaking
that looks like a booty, that’s the back. It’s true. The butt shakes and you
know that’s the back. This is my tail. This is the underside
of the chicken. That means the
breast is face up. We’re gonna take out
the wishbone first. The wishbone is located
at the top of the breast. So the [inaudible] where
the heart would be, that’s where the top
of the wishbone is. Make a trim cut as close to
or on the bone as you can. Come back, cut to the top,
and do it on the other side. When you get it here,
grab it by the top and give it a little twist. Removing the wishbone
saves time later when we’re carving so
that I could easily slice the breast off the breastbone. I’m gonna clean it up, set
it aside, and see who I can get to pull it with me later. Now we’re gonna make a
really super flavorful rub– onion powder, garlic, olive
oil, kosher salt, and really finely ground black pepper. Mix the rub together to
form a paste in the bowl, kind of like the consistency
of goopy wet sand. We’re gonna get pretty
hands on with this chicken right now, so don’t be afraid. Just go for it. We have to loosen the
skin all over the chicken because we’re going to
actually take this rub and put it directly on.

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  1. I never knew! I always buy chicken in parts. It is cheaper to buy the whole chicken so I will have to try this! Thanks!

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