How to remove meat from a crab

Twist off the crabs claws. Twist off the legs. Push the body section out with your
thumbs. Pull off the dead man’s fingers Scoop the brown meat out of the shell with a small spoon. Cut the body section into two pieces. Take out the white meat with a lobster pin. Crack open the legs. Pull out the meat with a lobster pin. Twist apart the claw sections . Take out the meat with a lobster pin. Crack the claws with the back of a heavy knife. Pick out the remaining meat with a pin. Check that all the meat is free from shell and cartilage. And your crab is now ready to eat.

20 thoughts on “How to remove meat from a crab

  1. I believe it's a red rock crab, they're found off the west coast, most commonly as an occasional appearance when fishing for dungeness crab.

  2. Very nice. We use some of the meat from crabs to make a delicious crab mousse. Hope you'll take a look sometime. This is a very instructive video!

  3. Fine instruction, I have even instructed both Danish and German tourists in the cleaning of crab. I was close to believe that only we Norwegians who could clean crabs properly. Both Danes and Germans eat only the two prongs. I VIII now take the liberty to send this instruction to my customers so they can get a repetition of crab cleaning. Normally we use to also taking off the "stomach" in the area near the mouth and eyes.

  4. you shredded the crab meat the part is to have it in chunks you FUCKED up the meat AND A LOBSTER PIN WTF. …USE SCISSORS KEEP THE MEAT TOGETHER

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