Hi everyone,
welcome back to Mrs Drewy food channel, today we are cooking jollof rice, and of course, this is my way of cooking it, so if you like it just click on the subscribe button and I will see you on my next video, bye and have a nice day!


  1. nice one,but we never I cook mine is always too soft and it does not stand one by one wat can I do cos I really luv jollof rice

  2. I'm marrying a Ghanaian woman very soon .She is beautiful like you and loves to cook these recipes I feel so blessed!

  3. I'm trying to learn to cook Nigerian food as I am dating Naija guy who love his food thank you very much for sharing with us especially people like me who doesn't know about Nigerian food it really helps my man is enjoying my cooking now

  4. So are you supposed to chop the onions and mix them with the tomatoes in the pot? Because I blended my onions

  5. I m outside Ghana now finding it difficult to enjoy gh dishes, my dad always doing it not much but he is guy guy when cooking but when finish normal oo ,I told him I better than him but I haven't started but I hope this will help me do that God richly bless you dear.

  6. Lol the Most DRAMATIC jollof rice video i have seen so far ooo..😂 hahaha that music …i enjoyed watching😉

  7. Wow lovely yummy..i love your    channel and I'm your new subscriber.I also just started my youtube channel and it will mean a lot if we could support each other channel.sub for sub?

  8. This jolllof rice recipe looks soo delicious! I also have a jollof rice recipe, please check it out if you have time. Thanks 😊

  9. best recipe videos ive seen.. instructions are on point. thank you so much for taking your time and actually explaing on how to do it properly… im a greek girl with a love of african food but the way its all prepared and the spices used are so different so i been so confused on methods, etc. now i actually know what iam doing lol.. once again thank you so much x

  10. this video is old but I really like it.. it has thought me a lot and I like the music at the background also.. 💯✌😁

  11. It was too long I guess every one cook jollof rice differently I appreciate your way but I think I like my way better also a Ghanaian

  12. Hi my name is Deborah and i am 14 years old. Today i made jollof rice for my family using this instructions and it came out great. Thanks for posting this i really appreciate it

  13. Living in the US, I first ate Jollof rice at my friend's home (who's from Ghana). I must admit it brought me to tears since it reminded me of the Indian dish called pulao which is sort of similar to Jollof rice but a tad bit spicier. This recipe is spot on. If there are people who feel that they're missing Jollof rice, please use this video. I have personally experienced the difficulties of not being able to eat homemade food outside the country. May god bless you for this wonderful video.

  14. save for the music, this recipe is so good and easy to follow……it gave me the munchies right away. Thanks:)

  15. I’d to love have your vocals in this video ,
    it would have taken to another level
    Unfortunately it hasn’t 🙁
    but i like it
    im gonna try.

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