How to Order Food at an American Restaurant!

Ms. Noel: Okay, we’re here! Let’s head in! 😀 Hello everyone! My name is Miss Noel. Today, we will learn how to order food from
an American restaurant. Host: Hello
Ms. Noel: Hello! Ms. Noel: Hello! Do you have an availability for one? Host: Yeah Did you see the host? The host was the person who greeted me. She was the first person I met. The host is usually the first person you will
meet in a restaurant. The host will bring you to a table. You have to tell him or her how many people
are going to eat with you. I ate alone, one person, so I asked for a
table for one. If there are two people, you would ask for
a table for two. You will usually have 3 menus. The first menu is the smallest, and has large
pictures of appetizers and drinks. The second menu is the one you want to use. It has a list of all the food. The third menu is on the table, and has desserts
and alcohol. Now, we will see the waiter. The waiter is the person who brings you food. First, you will order your drinks. Second, you will order an appetizer, if you
want one. You don’t have to. Waiter: How are you doing today? Ms. Noel: I’m doing pretty good, and you? Waiter: Working hard, ma’am. Working hard. Ms. Noel: Just like everyday. Waiter: Yes ma’am. My name is *** I’ll be taking care of you
today. What can I start you off to drink with? Ms. Noel: I’ll just have a water, please,
and then can I go ahead and order an appetizer? Can I have the fried mozzerella (name of appetizer)? Waiter: Would you like any lemon with your
water? Ms. Noel: No. Watier: Are you ready to order or….. you
said you needed a moment? Ms. Noel: Just a few minutes for the order,
thanks. After you order your drink, you will wait
for around 15 minutes for your appetizer. If you did not order an appetizer, then you
can order your meal. If you order soup, it will come with your
appetizer. After the appetizer, you can order your meal. If you do not want an appetizer, this will
be step 2 for you. But, I was already full (not hungry), so I
asked my waiter for a box. Ms. Noel: Hey, sir? Waiter: Yes, ma’am? Ms. Noel: Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able
to eat the full meal, so may I just have it in a box? Waiter: Okay ma’am. Would you like that in a bowl to take that
home? Ms. Noel: I think I’ll be able to finish it,
thank you so much. The last thing you can order is a dessert. You order this AFTER your meal, if you want
it. I did not want dessert, so I did not order
one. Now we have to pay for our meal. Many restaurants in America have this small
computer to pay on. Sometimes, you will give your waiter the money. I am deciding on a tip. A tip is money you give to the waiter for
their service. Tips are usually 15% of the meal price. On the screen you can choose if you want a
printed receipt or not. I chose a printed receipt. And now you’re done! Congratulations! You can order food at any American restaurant! Eating at a restaurant for dinner is very
expensive in America. Usually, dinner can cost you from $15 to $25
dollars, depending on what you eat. You can save money by eating at a restaurant
for lunch. The prices are cheaper, and you get a lot
of food. I ate during lunch and got a sandwich, soup,
and appetizer for $15 dollars. Have a good day! Thank you so much for watching my video. I hope it helped you. If it did, please like share, and subscribe,
and I will see you next time! :3

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