How to make YAKI ONIGIRI (Grilled Rice Balls) Easy Japanese Recipe

100 thoughts on “How to make YAKI ONIGIRI (Grilled Rice Balls) Easy Japanese Recipe

  1. hey I just found this channel and I love your videos! is it just me or does Satoshi's voice sound like Francis from Cooking With Dog??

  2. If I make these at night and want to save them for lunch the next day do I wrap them and place them in the fridge? Or leave them out?

  3. Is this typically eaten as a meal? Or is onigiri a kind of side dish?

    It looks very good! I see some people mentioning making it for breakfast so I think I will try that… it will be a change from the typically sweeter American breakfasts I have 🙂

  4. what kind of rice did you use? can you basically put anything inside, like for a sweet version maybe chocolate inside and sweet cream outside?

  5. I literally just finished watching the video and then ran straight to the kitchen. I got sushi rice and soy sauce (nothing for the filling though) and started making it! I was was too impatient on the frying part though, I did not let it crisp up enough because upon tasting it afterwards the crispy, slightly "burned" soy sauce parts were amazingly delicious. I am definitely going to make these again and when I do I shall be patient and have a filling ready cause they sure as hell are yummy and easy to make! Thanks for sharing this, I much enjoyed it 😀

  6. I have a good friend who is Japanese and your descriptions of foods and tours of the cities have helped me in conversations. Thank you for explaining things so well. You two are great !

  7. Hey what is good too is what you said in the oven with the grill on and put instead of soy sauce teriyaki sauce or the unagi sauce!!! ……heeey 😀

  8. I live in LA and here we have corn men that go around in little carts. they sell corn with it covered in mayo and chillie powder on a big stick. it tastes amazing maybe you guys should try making it

  9. Guys, I tried your recipe for Yaki Onigiri. HUGE hit with the family… wound up getting stuck making more for everyone's lunches for the next day… well, I made some for my lunch too so… Fantastic recipe. Oh yes, my oldest daughter is gluten intolerant and LOVES the rice cheese sandwiches you guys came up with. You guys rock!

  10. How do you use the miso when frying the nigiri? Do you mix it into the rice or brush it on when frying? This look like comfort food!

  11. Your Yaki Onigiri look great. Never thought of grilling on a frying pan. I used to make bunch for my son and his friends when we had BBQ. I put cheese in the middle, then brushed with sweet sesame/peanut butter soy/miso sauce. Boy, the boys ate like there was no tomorrow!!. Great side for BBQ meats, too.

  12. PLEASE come to Michigan(USA) to make these for me!

    I'll bet it would be good to make a sweet version, as well; use sugared water, butter for 'basting', sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar (or brown sugar, or maple sugar) to lightly caramelize the sugar on the outsite.

    Not sure, exactly, what to put on the inside but I'm sure it would be easy enough to come up with ideas. Mmmmm….

  13. My coworker 's Grandma will grill hers in the oven and they are SO good! She wraps them in foil for a little time to heat them then removes it to brown.

  14. We will be celebrating my granddaughters 4th Birthday at my home on Kauai. Of course for her Birthday party well have hamburgers with bunch and the fixings. But…the night before her party I will be having a Japanese dinner with a variety of homemade sushi, this Shoyu Onigiri, and your Mom's Nishime. I love watching the both of you. Keep the cooking videos coming!!

  15. Hey, would this recipe taste nice with a bit of nori ? And is regular rice as sticky? Thanks! Great videos ^^ 🙂

  16. うちは関東でお醤油でした。お味噌って山形っぽいですね、さとしさん。しんいちさんのお母さまのやり方もなるほど〜、と思いました。簡単そうで試してみたいです。

  17. when i a m in japan this is my favorite thing to buy in 711 !!  but i cannot have them shipped to the USA!!  so now i know how to make them thanks ! 🙂

  18. In Korea, we call this jumokpap….fist rice.  We like to fill the middle with tuna and wrap it with seaweed too.  I see you like Donna Hay also.  I have three of her books and enjoy them also.

  19. Cool 😎 😎 😎
    I've never seen Yaki Onigiri made. Thank you gentlemen for the recipe and techniques. (Oven & Skillet) As I've said, I can cook alot of Japanese recipes and now I can't wait to try this new to me recipe. 😋 sesame & plum
    – 😀🙏

  20. 憶測でしかないのですが、梅干を種ごと入れるのは種の中の実も食べる為ではないかと思います。

  21. I have a question about a rice – did i need to cook it in some extra way or just like always? Because i want to make this tomorrow for diner and i don't want to break something 😛

  22. Looks delicious! Mine tend to fall apart; I think I'm removing too much rice starch before cooking. Do you use plain cooked rice or seasoned sushi rice?

  23. 10 March 2019, Palermo, Sicily.

    As your pan tends to stick you could have avoided using cooking oil by placing baking paper/parchment paper at the bottom of the pan.

    They look yummy!

  24. I can’t wait to make this for my lunch, thank you guys for making wonderfull videos. Love from Australia

  25. Can’t wait to make this! My rice making has improved so much soooooo yes I’m excited arigato gozaimasu!

  26. Oh Shinichi you cooked your mom version of the rice ball thats so sweet of you to share with the viewers your mom recipe. Hope you keep making more recipes in the future. Say hi to Satoshi,see you on your next video bye sleep thight and good night Shinichi.

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