How To Make Spanish Paella | Omar Allibhoy

Alright Food Tuber. I’m Omar Allibhoy, I’m a chef and I’ve been cooking Spanish food
since I was a little boy. Today I’m going to be cooking the
world-famous the Spanish national Paella Valenciana. If there is a dish in Spain that brings family together it will be paella. I’m putting my reputation on the line, because Balenthenos are very particular with this recipe, like
Napolatanos are with their pizza. So I have a quite a lot of
ingredients here Artichoke, green beans, broad beans, as you can see. Chicken and rabbit the two main meats. The real heroes of this dish. This stuff is just fundamental to the
recipe. Essentially. So lets start, okay. I’m just heating up this beautiful paella pan. I’m going to
start preparing the saffron. Okay, in Spanish saffron is the most
expensive thing in the world. The clove is very small and its difficult and hard to find outside
of spring. What makes it different, is that it is toasted. As supposed to sun dried. We’re going to use this from another country and toast it ourselves.
Okay, so I’m just going to fold it. Kind of an envelope. Then I’m going to put it into this hot pan just for a few
seconds, and that will give extra fragrance, and it will be easier to release all that beautiful aromas and the smokiness into the stock. I’ve had it for about 10
seconds on each side, that is enough. I have the chicken
and the rabbit. And first thing a generous amount of salt. There’s a lot
of ingredients going into that pan. Good olive oil extra virgin always. You see how it’s cracking, the salt The pan is really hot and we’re going to go with the meat. Have a couple of chicken thighs, with the bone and the skin, cut in half, and sort of like a quarter of rabbit approximately. But again, you cannot get rabbit, or you don’t like it, just put some more chicken in or pork rib, that will do. We need to cook this meat until it’s really dark. This high heat has given the meat a really nice brown caramelized colour and flavour. I’m just going to make a little space for the veggies. I have some runner beans already prepared, and some broad beans. And I want this to get really brown again.
At this point I need to add the artichoke. Very fundamental ingredient in the paella. Take the outer leaves from the bottom of the flower. Gonna cut the stalk. Peel the stalk. You can either do it with a paring knife. With the pealer cut the
artichoke around here. Peel it with a paring knife
on the outer part a leave sort of like a diamond shape, like a mushroom. Cut it in half. Cut in quarter and this inner hair, which is inside, which is not edible we just need to
remove it. Just going to do the same with all this quarter’s. I’m going to add a couple of artichokes in total so that it all browns nicely. This
is not a recipe that needs a lot of stirring. Actually. Otherwise juices will be released and it will start poaching and boiling, and this isn’t what we’re looking for. Gonna go with the next ingredient. Garlic.
Very important in the Spanish cuisine. Just gonna finely chop it. A couple of
garlic pills for this recipe will be sufficient. I’ve put the heat down. Give it a little stir, and I’m not gonna leave it there for too
long. Maybe just about a minute. or thirty seconds even depending on
the heat. Smoked paprika as the world knows it. That’s what gives fantastic favour to a lot
of Spanish recipes. Give it a little stir, and I’m going to add straight away the grated tomatoes. I have two grated
tomatoes over here and I think I’m only going to use half. Put the heat, right back up. And now
it’s time for a stirring. As well, this tomato will cook in about two minutes, no more. Take a look at this. Really nicely browned loads of colour. Loads of depth. You know even the
veggies they are no longer green. This is not an al dente good-looking type
of thing. All those reds, all those browns means
flavour. I have a stock here. I’m just gonna pour
this chicken stock one-and-a-half liters. Give it a little stir. Lets go back to the saffron. Going to use about half a gram. Crush it a bit so that it spreads out a little bit more. Let’s bring this to
the boil. And add the rice. And now with the rice. Okay I’m going to be using about 250 grams which is half of this packet. But if you don’t find a Spanish rice, or something that’s called paella rice just use short-grain rice, okay. Never
use basmati or jasmine, or long-grain in general. It is one of the rices which absorbs the most water. Take a quick look. Look at the colour. I’m just going to add around 250 grams of this rice. Give it a little
stir. Make sure either spreads quite nicely.
Just leave it for a couple a minute so that they rice flattens and evens, and then
we’ll just let it be. Okay, this is getting back up to the boil. Last stir. I will let it cook on
the highest heat for 10 minutes. Then will lower it down
for another six minutes, approximately until it’s ready.
You can see here that this part, the water is below the rice, and that one is just over there. It’s
very important that you don’t stir your paella at any point, after the begin, because otherwise the rice will release the
starch, and it will become stodgy. We are going to add the rosemary, three sprigs. We’re going to create a little bit of a lead. I’m going to lower down the heat, because this rice
will still need about five minutes on the low heat, and another five minutes resting, and I
think that will be the perfect rice, with a perfect socarrat underneath. Which is the crispy bit that forms
through all that oils and fats that goes down and a bit of the starch of the rice how it crispens up
at the bottom. That’s the most tasty part. It’s been resting for about 4-5 minutes, so now is the time to unveil it. Mm it smells beautiful. The rice looks
like it’s perfectly cooked. You can see a bit of the burnt bits on
the side. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I
have to say and the socarrat on the bottom. Normally, just take the rosemary off put
it into one side, and you serve a mix of the top, the
bottom, the side, the centre. Just so that everyone gets a bit of this part. Nice piece of meat, a little bit of the
rice. Mixed with a socarrat, always scraping the bottom. In many families they like it with a wedge of lemon. They would put it on
the side and just squish it yourself. Okay. So we never squish it all over. mmm It’s amazing how tasty this rice dish
can be. Every aroma every fragrance and spices, vegetables, I mean it’s all in, and there you go. Paella. Spanish national dish. If you
want me to make any other Spanish recipe
please say it on the comment box below and I’ll do my best. You’re looking for a
great drink to go with this paella going to Drinks Tube, and there is a
fantastic daiquiri. This recipe and loads more classic Spanish dishes are in my book. Tapas Revolution.

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  1. I´m an American sex tourist living in Thailand who once got high in Valencia, and I must say, this is pretty accurate. Although if you want it to be REALLY traditional, dump in MSG powder, and finish with a touch of corn syrup. Serve with a chilled Monster energy drink. Voila!

  2. Safran is not rare outside of spain. I know I know he's a chef and all that but I'm part Chilean and in the north they produce a lot of it (if u can consider a few tons alot)

  3. thanks, if this is a main meal in spain that is a clue of Spanish population which isn't western but eastern. The maybe christain or jewish but still eastern.

  4. It is one of the very very few videos where you can see an accurate paella recipy. I would say there is one catch and is that the rice level would be barely one finger/two cm deep but bearing in mind is a small pan where to cook it, is normal you have tried to put more amount of rice.

  5. Best video I’ve ever seen on paella. You kicked Jamie’s version into the hell it belongs!!!

    Can you show us basque style mussels?

  6. So if a Spanish family can't afford all the Spanish Saffron, Spanish Rice and Spanish Artichoke they will not be considered true Spaniards and be chased out of their town???

  7. well just for the record, there is NO Spanish zaferon. the best Zaferon in the world is Iran's, and Spain buys it from Iran, packs it up and sells it with they're own brand.
    just like Turks trying to steal Mowlana from Iran and fake him up as Rumi, a Turkish poet.

    sorry just had to inform

  8. That saffron is so expensive in my country which is philippines, 3 sachets of saffron is about $10.
    Twice expensive than the chicken.

  9. great – i have rabbits and was searching for recepies – now i found one- will make paella with rabbit only 🙂

  10. Great recipe, but for me the biggest takeaway is grated tomatoes. I've never thought about grating tomatoes. Every time I made, say, pizza sauce in the past I would just blend the tomatoes, which always ended up incorporating air, giving it an unpleasant texture and ugly colour. But with grating you don't incorporate any air. You don't even need to peel them, the skin pieces get so small they just disappear. So thanks for the tip!

  11. Nice to see a 🥘 paella recipe that stuck to its roots! I never knew the only meats were 🐔 and 🐇 (always saw paella with chorizo), and I'm excited to try that technique with saffron!

  12. This Paella, is just simply pure genius…I make this at least once a week: Please make this folks,you won't regret it.
    You can change the ingredients..vegetarian etc:But his timings are perfect for that essential socarrat(the burnt bits) at the bottom of the pan.

  13. No entiendo como la paella se ha hecho tan popular en el extranjero. Es un plato de mierda. Le gusta a los cuñaos y a los acomplejados guiris que tienen que probar algo "typical spanish" por sus cojones morenos.
    A mi me da asco.

  14. If you dont like artichokes dont put artichokes, If you dont want rabbit you can use diced pork ribs. The important thing is don't put yellow coloring or w/e on the rice, the yellow color comes from all the ingredients. You can add shrimps and mussels (those cook very fast be careful). And I don't say anything more cuz im gonna get jumped by a lot of butthurt spanish people here.

  15. Enhorabuena y muchas gracias. No sólo el primer vídeo de paella en inglés que valga la pena (perdón, todavía no he visto el de Chef Amadeo (Gandía) ya que lo miré en español) pero además muy bien explicado, con sencillez y pasión al mismo tiempo. Chapeau y ole, Chef Omar! 👏🏻 👏🏻 PD/PS: While it was difficult to find garrofón beans in the US before, it is no longer; the Internet is your friend in this regard as well 😉

  16. Well I don't really know if this guy is from Spain coz his last name but I have a few things to say about this paella. I'm from Alicante, the site in Spain that makes the most perfect paellas in the world and this can be called paella. I know a lot of Spanish people that cooks it so badly but he is respecting the most basic rules of the paella. Anyways it has a few mistakes like mixing rabbit and chicken. If you do a paella with rabbit it has to be just rabbit. If you do a paella you don't need to have caldo de pollo, just water. And you have to cook that water with the rabbit till the water is at the level of tornillos. Then you add the rice but not on a spot, you have to put it equitativamente in the whole paella and then move it a bit to equal it. Finally you have to cook it till is done and then let it rest about 5 minutes, you don't need Sucarrat, that only done in two sides of Valencia. I call that burn the paella, not funny. The rest of the things is perfect. You didn't add colorante, you add azafrán and pimentón. THAT PERFECT. And you cook it on a paella pan so the basic things were perfect. I'm just informing the foreign guys here not being mad. Saludos desde España. Im sorry bout my English I used a lot of Spanish words.

  17. Hi…I'll try paella like you do…can you tell me how to make tapas of squid? Small squid with chapelure? Pls..thanks

  18. غسل الرز ونقعه قبل طبخه مهم جداً.. حتى تتخلص من النشاء ومتبقيات المبيدات الحشرية.. وتطول حبة الرز ضعفين او ثلاثه..

  19. dry vine for me and before dish campari to start up taste bud. i like this recipe and will do verduras version. i worked in la tasca in london and this version is more authentic but on my surprise do not contain so much tomato sauce. i have valenciana in valencia rabit, chicken and snails.

  20. Spain call it paella, India call it chicken biryani, China call it spicy fry-rice, Japanese call it chicken curry fry rice, in USA – Louisiana, they call it Jambalaya … i am sure there are another way of similar cuisine like this one from different country….. in the end, we are not that different when it come to foods…that is why i love foods.. food bring us all closer together.

  21. Hola a todos valencianos que se encuentren justo aquí en los comentarios. Soy alemán y hasta ahora sólo intenté cocinar unas paellas de marisco que me salían bastante bien (en mi opinión por lo menos). Ahora me quiero probar en hacer una paella valenciana buena. Teniendo leído muchos de los comentarios debajo mio me confundí. El problema que tengo ahora es que muchos de ustedes reclaman su forma de cocinar paella como la única que hubiera. Hay algunos que dicen que la paella se cocina con caldo, otros dicen con agua. Hay disputas sobre cuales porotos (judías se dice a esos de verdad en España?) que usar y más. Así que, por favor, diganme: CUAL ES LA FORMA CORRECTA DE COCINAR ESTA MALDITA PAELLA VALENCIANA?

  22. Le has puesto voluntat, te ha faltado hacerlo en el recipiente original, pero la verdad le has puesto cariño.
    Un Valenciano. 👍

  23. At least he's not a terrorist that prepares paella with chorizo. Nor a suicide like his boss, that will always be remembered (and hated) by adding chorizo to paella.

  24. it dosn't look good, the safran should have done more a bit of color, everything is burning, he can say what he want , but hey we know it better that's for sure. but thanks anyway.

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