How to Make Rice Pops – Rice Cake Pops Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show

Heghineh Cooking Show – How to Make Rice Pops – Rice Cake

67 thoughts on “How to Make Rice Pops – Rice Cake Pops Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show

  1. Te admiro eres un gran ejemplo de mujer a pesar de tener la distracción de tus bebés tu sigues con la elaboración de tu receta, felicidades.

  2. Hi heghineh oh my god you are the best man in the world i love all armane because of you my deer keep going i wish you all the best and your family

  3. Lmfaoooo i LOVE how she completely and smoothly avoided saying "use the scoop so you'll have bigger BALLS" Stopped herself and said POPS, NICE save haha 😂 Sorry a little grown humor, LOVED the video, you're accent is so adorable, cant wait to try the recipe 😘

  4. Instead of real miniature marshmallows  could we substitute it with marshmallow cream?? (by heating the marshmallow cream & do the same process) ooow,  [email protected] inch hamov u poqr e aystehg ,   :))

  5. You did a great video and decorating! Thanks for the ideas. You have very beautiful family. I will be making these with my children. God bless you Jesus loves you have a wonderful day.

  6. loved the way you did the pops, and cared for the kids in the kitchen, awesome…will try them. thank you.

  7. Hi hghineh jan my name is anahid and I am from Sydney I made swis roll and turn to heavy sponge not like yours any suggestion any way I like your show and I am proud o Armenians and watching your show and tell everyone also god bless you and your familly

  8. Love😍 how realistic and family oriented this is 😊 exactly how my kitchen is a few years back,there older now and can help 💙

  9. Recipe




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