How To Make Puerto Rican Rice Arroz Con Gandules

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70 thoughts on “How To Make Puerto Rican Rice Arroz Con Gandules

  1. Highly surprising this isnt related to trains but im gonna try my best to make it and it looks great and yummy 😀

  2. Yes Food!!!! I love food!!! It’s my life!!!! Ahhhhh your food looks Delicious, pork, tomato sauce, beans……oh yeah!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

  3. Where's the sofrito? It's the main ingredient. This is a sazon/adobo rice at best with gandules and a heavy hand of olives. As my little one says "that's not right".

  4. How much oil and Adobo did you put in and what kind of pork did you use?! This looks delicious finally find a recipe I wanna try!

  5. if your using this video to teach viewers how to make the rice you should add the measurements of the much of each ingredient you used

  6. I am a gringo with a 100% Puerto Rican wifey who doesn't cook…..I am going to have to give this a shot to see if I can bring a little of the sabor she loves so much from Puerto Rico 🙂 – great video and thanks for the walkthrough!

  7. yo sofrio cada ingrediente para que quede con mejor sabor, ejemplo el jamon lo sofrio con el aceite hasta q quede un poco dorado y suelte ese sabor del jamon luego echo el sofrito para que se sofria luego la salsa. no los mesclo todo ya que lo aprendi de un chef Puerto riqueno que especifico que cada ingrediente debe ser cocinado o sofreido varios minutos en vez de mesclar todo como una mogoya. pero cada cual cocina a su manera, almenos yo ahora lo hago asi y me queda con mejor textura y sabor.

  8. Next time you do a video it would be nice if you would SPEAK!!! and let viewers know what it is that you're doing, THANK YOU. Not everyone sits at a computer and have time to read everything

  9. too awesome for words can almost smell it but i need a bigger bowl than that gonna eat till i cant move yummmm

  10. hi,recipe looks really good,i just wish people could just stop complaining and move on if you dont like something,omg man,get a life,this women is nice enough to make a video,her video… to show someone how to make rice,like me!! thank for sharing this,going to make it and let you know how it came out ; )

  11. This is the 1st time that i see it done this way… it looks good.

    I do it this way & the flavor will incorporate a whole more than the way you are doing it:
    1- oil ( sear ham or any meat you are puuting in it)
    3- boujon (cubitos)
    4- olives
    5- beans/peas
    6- tomato sauce

    Let it simmer for a bit then
    3 cups of rice (rinsed)
    2-3 can fulls of water
    Doing the spoon check lol
    Simmer till dry, turn it into a cone/volcano shape.
    Leave stove on 3 turn it in 15 min and put it back into a cone/volcano shape then again in 15 and its done

    I do the cone shaping because I feel like the rice expands more and only a bit of rice sticks to the bottom.

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