How to make de-starched rice/Rice with reduced calories/dieter’s choice|Poonam’s Kitchen

Salt is optional. You may prepare rice without salt. Salt is optional. You may prepare rice without salt.

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  1. Than use that starchy water to apply on ur hair for about 20mins than rinse n see how ur hair becomes shiny..

  2. Wow! Thank you for this. I have always wondered how that rice turns out so nice and light and fluffy. Now I know. 🙂 Great channel.

  3. hello poonam , your recipes are simply awesome. please show us veg dum biryani recipe in both ways oven as well as on stove top .thanks in advance

  4. This is how I have always prepared rice (except for the lemon juice as I want sticky rice to make sushi sometimes).
    Thanks for the lemon juice tip for when I want non-sticky rice.

  5. why dont you speak its beter for me to understand more when you talk than music by the way I love the way you cook nice and clean I love your way well done all the best and Thank you Dear

  6. hi I'm wondering if you can help please, you used 1 cup of rice how many calories is in this ? and then how many calories is it roughly after you drained the starch?
    I'm Asian too and rice is main food for us 😑 but I'm looking to lose weight! so I'm hoping this helps cos it's so hard to guess calories in curries and rice 😭😭😭
    thanks so much

  7. Reduce calorie absorption by cooling & refrigerating cooked rice overnight then consume in a cold or reheat recipe. Cooling rice changes the rice grain structure to create "resistant starch" which is unavailable for human digestion but as a plus feeds essential gut flora which keeps humans healthy. Acids like vinegar or lemon juice also slow down the starch digestion

  8. I thought the starch was good for you because it slows down the absorption of sugar from the rice? Idk, heard something like that before.

  9. De-Starched rice …?….But you are welcoming high blood pressure and kidney damage with such a high salt intake !

  10. in regards to the rice water . do not discard this precious water. full of nutrients and vitamins. use this rice water to wash yur face. use as a toner also. asian health and beauty. so some reseach.

  11. 1 cup of white long grained cooked rice has minimum of 240 kcal where if you drain the water after boiling it would be 135 kcal which has 2g of fat in it

  12. if you are trying to loose fat after eating rice wait for 15 mins and then have 1 pc of ginger boil in water and cool the water and then drink before sleeping..ginger will push your whole food from upper digestive system to lower digestive system so your body do not accumulate the fat which you ate

  13. What was the reason to add so much salt,you take off the starch but add tons of salt,what so healthy about this method.

  14. I've always boiled my rice with half teaspoon of lime or lemon juice, then use a colander and drain it well; it's much healthier for me, being a diabetic. I don't use oil or salt and no one ever said that they didn't like my rice; it taste very good!

  15. The initial powder coating of starch can be removed in this way, but more starch remains in the grain. This may work for unpolished, brown rice.

  16. Peanuts hv lectins in them,scratches the viens and arteries and cholesterol sticks there as a patch system….not healthy.

  17. Brown, wholegrain rice would be a lower glyceamic index, keeps you feeling full for longer and has more taste & nutients. Why show white rice at all?

  18. If we add lemon juice to water it becomes cloudy , so how can u say that water became cloudy due to starch and not due to adding lemon juice??

  19. do not for get sourdough bread it does not act as starch to the body it is great for diabetics for all of us who love sandwiches their is other roots like potatoes that has no starch and taste way better plus has more vitamins thats you more need.

  20. The advice in the comment section is terrible, at best only in cold rice, not hot or even reheated the resistant starch isn’t even 30% of the total volume eaten. So if your consuming 100g carbs of cold white rice it’s still 70g net carbs at best. That’s proven science, not crack pot exaggerated hearsay interpreted six ways to Sunday. Please do your own research and not listen to dreamers.

  21. Putting that much salt is unhealthy. We are supposed to eat only half a teaspoon of salt in one day. Eating too much salt causes rise in blood pressure. Do NOT put salt in this recipe.

  22. I eat fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi before a meal with the cold white rice left overnight at the fridge. I feel like the cold rice is more satiating and heavy than freshly cooked rice and also it that I eat less only half a cup or a cup of rice everyday. I only eat one meal a day roughly less than 1000 calories and walk for 45 to an hour depending on the weather.

  23. I have to de starch rice. I cant eat it becos im allergic to stachy foods. But i really i want to eat rice. Unfornately aftr eating my face would swell up like a thanksgiving day balloon.

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