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[theme music] Now we’re going to make
some Parker House rolls. And the Parker House
roll is an old school, All-American, pillowy, yeasty
flavored, buttery roll. Just the perfect dinner roll. So what we do is
we take some milk, we take some sugar,
and some butter. We just let that
all melt together. Now I’m pretty sure
that the Parker House roll originated at
the Parker House Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. We’ll have to check my facts. So now we have the
milk, the sugar, and the butter mixture melted. In order for these Parker House
rolls to get nice and fluffy and rise, we’re going
to use some yeast. I’m going to pour the
yeast right into this water until it gets a little frothy. I’m going to take our eggs and
whisk the eggs a little bit. OK, and all this is
going to go into a mixer. Eggs, and slowly pour the
milk mixture into the mixer so we don’t scramble the eggs. And then we can add the flour. Here’s a good baker’s trick,
take it on a piece of parchment and slowly add the
flour to the mixer. We’re going to finish actually
mixing all the ingredients together by hand. So basically, what you’re
looking for with this dough is that you have to
make sure, obviously, it’s not too wet so that
you can really work with it. But it should sort of have
a very silky texture to it. In this case, we have to
let the yeast do its job, so we’re just going to knead
this for a few minutes. I’m going to put it
into an oiled bowl and let it rise
for a little while. So it actually rises in volume
by two, which is probably going to take about an hour. Now we’re going to play around
with our Parker House dough. It’s really risen
here, which is great. It’s going to make for a very
nice and light and very fluffy Parker House roll. And so you want to
kind of punch it. I’m going to bring it
out on a board here. Throw a little flour
on there to absorb any of the excess moisture. We’re actually going
to shape the rolls and then let it rise
for a little bit longer. All right, so we’ll
just let those rise for about another 40 minutes. We can actually get our
rolls in the oven right now. We’re going to cook these
rolls in a 350 degree oven until they’re golden
brown and delicious. GBD, as it’s known as. For about 20 to 30
minutes, 350 degrees, Parker House in a jiffy. That’s good, American food.

13 thoughts on “How to Make Bobby’s Parker House Rolls | Food Network

  1. I'm going to make my yearly Pumpkin Soft Yeast Rolls but form them like Parker House rolls instead of making them in a snail shape.

  2. Did he seriously just say "in a jiffy?" By my count, those rolls took 1 hour rising + 40 more minutes rising + 20-30 minutes baking. So a "jiffy" is 2 hours for diner rolls? And that's not all the dough. There's at least another batch waiting to be baked.

  3. I'm still pretty new to making bread.. but I don't think this guy knows what the heck he is doing…….😂😂 and the finished product looks terrible.. over cooked.. no lift.. no real shape.. stick to grilling..

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