How to Feast On Board with Scoot’s Inflight Meals – Scoot

Every year, millions of people millions of people Ordinary people A crap load of people Come face to face with the world’s most horrifying question A question so impossibly hard, because the choices are just Meh ~ And it always starts with Excuse me sir? Would you like chicken or fish? Chicken? Or fish? Chicken or fish? Chicken or fish? Sounds familiar? That’s right ~ Generations upon generations have paid top dollar for the promise of full service benefits and “better food” But now, you have a choice You have a choice choice You have the freedom freedom To decide your meals Whether you’re craving for a comforting taste of home Or you’re simply looking to munch your way through You can make that choice when you fly Scoot It’s that simple! Pick anything you want anything you want Or pick nothing at all You have all the choices you need To fulfill your cravings All you have to do is choose right Fly Scoot You have the freedom to feast

4 thoughts on “How to Feast On Board with Scoot’s Inflight Meals – Scoot

  1. The food is shit and costs $50 on some routes. I have more choice with Air Asia, Etihad and other carriers. Scoot is definitely not recommended

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