How to Eat One Meal a Day (OMAD Diet)

Hey it’s Danny from conscious
calisthenics here so I get a lot of people ask me on a regular basis how can
I start eating one meal day on an everyday basis which some people call
the omad diet. So I’m going to share with you how
you can do it from what I’ve learnt from my own personal experience with eating one meal a day and I find eating this way really really easy and I get no
hunger what so ever even when 24 hours into fasting on water
only. So what I first wanna mention is about what you can be consuming whilst
you’re in the fasted state that will not break you out of it. So number one water
is not going to because it contains no calories whatsoever, anything with
calories you want to be avoiding at all costs, some people are saying you can have around 50 calories but I do not belief that from the research that I’ve looked
into and learnt from certain people that I really really trust. Black coffee is
absolutely fine, zero calorie drinks but most of them contain artificial
sweeteners and other toxic substances so they’re best avoided, apple cider vinegar
and various other zero calorie drinks, don’t be consuming anything like juice
because some people ask me if they can do that they contain calories and no coconut
water either but what I will mention is that dr. Rhonda Patrick in a video that
she was being interviewed by Joe Rogan on his YouTube channel
she actually said if you’re consuming anything except for water during your
fasted state that it fires up your metabolism and that will break you out
of a truly fasted state so you won’t necessarily get the full benefits so I
do recommend that you try and do water but if you’re new to it have something
like black coffee or apple cider vinegar and as you get more used to one meal a
day then you can start to have water only and what I say from my own
experience, I’ve done water only from the beginning and I have an abundance of
energy throughout the day. I’m an entrepreneur that runs multiple
businesses. I’m very busy in my life I train with very hardcore calisthenics
exercises on a regular basis and I do it in a completely fasted state and I feel
absolutely amazing throughout my whole day and my health is just at the highest
that ever been and I have a super super low
body fat as you can see doing pretty damn well and yeah got quite a ripped
body and a lot of people ask me how much water should you be drinking? It variates
from person to person depending on how hot the country you live in, how physically
active you are and many different factors as well so just drink when you
feel that you need to drink don’t just drink a set amount because someone tells
you to because we’re all different so it shouldn’t just be a specific set amount
and what I would say with me most of my fasting is done in a dry fasted state
which means abstain from all food and liquids completely but I don’t
necessarily recommend this to someone that is new to one meal a day this is
you’re saying there’s naturally occurred for me over time and it has been
actually shown through scientific research that I will put a link down
below for the dry fasting actually burns fat three, yes three times faster than
fasting on water only which is absolutely amazing but this something you
want to be very careful and cautious with, do your research on it and yeah
just don’t jump into it with no knowledge and no experience I say if
you’re gonna get into dry fasting do it for shorter periods of time then
increase it gradually over time but yeah just be very very careful because this
can induce very intense detoxification symptoms in you and some people can just
make them feel awful so make sure that you stay safe
and the reason I’ll do this like I said my body naturally wants me to do this
and I know when my body needs water because I feel a very strong urge and
desire for it so then I will drink water but if I’m drinking water the majority
time I only drink around 300 milliliters of water but if I’m a lot more active
and I’m sweating a lot and I’m in the Sun like on this Beach then yeah I will
need more water, so my water intake varies from day to day dependent on many
different things. So now on to the food side of things, a lot of people recommend
with one meal a day calorie restriction. I do not at all, i eat around 3,000 to
4,000 calories per meal when eating one meal a day that I do every single day
and if you would like to see what I eat in a day I’m gonna put a link for one
video here and one at the end and you can search on my channel for many what I
eat in a day videos, where I live in Thailand and eat at may
different amazing restaurants so yet for me i eat a whole foods plant-based diet, I do no calorie counting, no calorie restriction, I’m allowed an unlimited
amount of calories and whatever foods I want as long as they are plant-based
vegan foods but what I say is you don’t necessarily need to eat this diet
because doing one meal a day it will help you achieve the body type that you
want to give you a low body fat percentage and increase your muscle mass
at the same time if that’s what you’re looking for with any type of diet that
you’re eating which is absolutely amazing because so many people are told
that you need to eat all different types of diets that could be very very
restrictive to get the weight-loss benefits that you’re looking to achieve
whilst increasing your muscle mass but this is why I call one meal a day and intermittent fasting in general the ultimate weight-loss hack but I do always
recommend you try and eat as many whole foods that are plant-based because
they’re high in water content, high in fiber they got an abundance of nutrients
in there help improve your digestion and your health overall. So yeah make sure
when you are eating that you eat as many calories as you possibly can because I
found when I tried to do some calorie restriction, I don’t have an abundance of
energy throughout the day my mind doesn’t work so well, I don’t have as much motivation, no
drive. Yeh it just doesn’t work for me at all and I find that I get hungry very
very easily so from our own experimentation I found once I started
increasing my calorie intake to around 3000 to 4,000 calories per my one meal a day
it is easy for me to fast 22 to 24 hours a day and even when I get to 24 hour
period I still have experienced no hunger and I still have amazing energy
levels but for me I know that I should be eating some food because yeah I don’t
want to be fasting any longer than that because I just feel at least for me that
it’s completely unnecessary so yeah don’t restrict that or eat like a
warrior eat as much as you want and yet you could experiment with this
and find out how much you need to eat maybe you don’t need to eat as much as
me but I have found the sweet spot for me and it works really really well and
yes you feel very very full afterwards, a lot of people say they feel bloated but no
you stomach is just full of food and if you’re not used to
eating a lot of food you just train your body to eat more and more and more so
slowly build up, say for example when you get into running you don’t just start running
marathons, you start with running small amounts like 500 meters and then a kilometer
then two kilometers, three kilometers, five kilometers and so forth so it’s
training your body so it can be eating a large quantity of food over time and a
lot of people say to me don’t you feel like crap afterwards? Doesn’t it drop your energy levels massively well if I’m in my very high energy state
and I’ve been sleeping very well and going to bed early and looking after
myself, a lot at the time actually feel energized from the food and actually
work for hours afterwards as well so from my own experience no it doesn’t
make me feel absolutely rubbish and awful but maybe it would if you eat in
certain types of unhealthy foods who knows but I don’t eat any like highly
refined processed garbage foods at least the majority of the time and for me I
eat anywhere from an hour to two hours so it doesn’t matter how long eat food
just make sure it’s one meal and it doesn’t matter if it takes quite a while
or a very short period of time it’s gonna vary it from person to person and
for me which a lot of people ask me is when do you break fast and when do you
stop eating it variates from day to day so I fast anywhere normally from around
21 to 24 hours and the reason why it variates is sometimes I’m just doing a
lot more in my day so I end up eating a lot later because I’ve been so busy and
then other times friends might want to go to restaurants earlier so we go
earlier or if there’s a buffets quite late at night then I will go at that
time so there’s many different reasons why I eat at a different time but as long as
I’m fasting a minimum of 21 hours a day but preferably up to 24 hours that’s
when I start to get the full benefits and it has been shown through scientific
research that fasting for longer periods of time especially past the 20 hour mark
is where you start to get the full benefits for it massively increasing
testosterone levels in men by 200 to 400 percent females 130 percent, human growth
hormone levels in females by about a 1300 percent, 2,000
percent in men, you also get great benefits for autophagy
which is your body eating up undigestible proteins and
mitochondria that’s not working so well and cells and then it creates new ones in
the body, it’s like self-cannibalism in the body and it also gives you greater
benefits for increasing your longevity it also gives you greater benefits for
lowering insulin and improving insulin sensitivity and so many other different
benefits, so yeah the longer you fast the greater benefits you get, so this is
why I’ve found from my own personal experience switching from the 16/8 intermittent fasting method which is around fasting 16 hours a day
and eating around an 8 window in comparison to one meal a day that I just
feel a lot better overall because it’s given me greater benefits with hormonal
production and other different benefits that I’ve mentioned and for me eating this way I’m happy to keep a super low body fat percentage all the time, I don’t do bulking, i don’t do cutting and I do what is known as lean bulking and i actually train as a
calisthenics athlete, so I don’t have absolutely huge muscles but it’s because
I don’t do bodybuilding but if I did then it would give me much larger
muscles and I have a body physique of a bodybuilder but I look more like a
gymnast because I do calisthenics so you can do the specific training that you
want to do to achieve the body type that you want, you don’t necessarily need to
achieve the body that I have but yeah as you can see look at that there is hardly
anything you can grab on me super super low body fat and a lot of people say
it’s hard when you can see very clear visible abs and v-cut as well and yeah
I’m very very happy with my body for obvious reasons and yeah since I got
into intermittent fasting and calisthenics in under six months I
gained over ten kilos of muscle which is absolutely amazing completely free from
all pharmaceuticals that a lot of people in the bodybuilding movement use and
just through intermittent fasting, training correctly, eating whole foods plant-based
diet and just having many other amazing healthy lifestyle practices on a regular
basis, so you don’t be concerned about eating an abundance of calories with one
meal a day because it’s people like myself and many other people such as
blake 201 who is a lot older than me, he’s got to be around 40 years old plus
and he has a super low body fat percentage, has bigger muscles than me
because he does bodybuilding and he’s a load of garbage food as well which i
don’t recommend doing but yeah he’s showing that yeah you can
even do it within the most unhealthiest food possible as well, so yeah that is it
for this video if you have any questions let me know down below and I get will get back to you as soon as possible, if you like the video like it down below gives a thumbs up and
please share this video with anyone you think needs to learn about how they can
go in the direction of sustaining and maintaining one meal a day with ease
just like I have managed to and completely eliminate my hunger fully
which is just absolutely amazing and if you haven’t already, hit that
subscribe button by clicking it down below to receive a lot more what I eat
in a day videos with one meal a day also many one meal a day informational
videos, calisthenics workout videos and many other videos to help you go in
direction of achieving the fitness levels, their energy levels and the body
you desire as well. So as always stay strong, stay fit, stay energetic and go
and get those gains peace

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  2. Hi i ve just watched your video and the content of it sounds exciting for me to try it out, would you be able to give me some tips on the calorie count and the proportions i should get with veg meat carbs and good fats. I m 179cm tall and 95kg weight. I m training regulary in the gym 5-6 days a week for muscle gain and body fat reduction. Thank you .

  3. This fast is called "Ramandan" 30 day Islamic fast. Its a meditation and a yearly detox done by all starting at the age of 12.

  4. "how to lose weight without suffering"
    Is what people want. Clearly, most of these plans
    work if you stick to it, but no, they want it the easy way.
    Which is non existent. It's the law of conservation of energy.
    Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form; for instance,
    chemical energy/potential energy can be converted to kinetic energy.
    Fat = potential energy. That means work.

  5. If i go longer than 18hrs fast i get giddy with headaches and the only thing to stop that is to eat. Is that usual when doing 1 meal a day? Will my body adjust over time if i just get on and do it? How long does it take to adjust to the one meal a day? Thank you

  6. One way to know if your not drinking enough water is by the colour of your pee; if it's orange you are very dehydrated; if it's clear your all good, also I don't get how going dry is good for you!? As your body uses water to filter the insides and keep you hydrated

  7. Thanks for your help! Can you answer this question please? Does all the rules include women as well and women in their 40’s?

  8. Thanks a ton for this video this is the one with no fuss starter video. Other complicate so much that it keeps me away from trying.

    Few questions please please answer.
    1) should my OMAD meal be when I end my day i.e at night only or I can have one big breakfast and and eat after 24 hrs i.e. next morning breakfast?

    2) can night shifters can do it since their morning is their night (I hope you got it)

    3) I am vegetarian and I need to take one ayurveda medicine with one teaspoon of milk curd (dahi/yoghurt) in the morning, will it put me off from the OMAD?

  9. im looking into doing the omad diet though when he said he don't drink water how the hell don't he get dehydrated whilst on the diet

  10. I am from Cambodia I want to ask if I study untill 12 pm and also work out in the evening I feel hungry can I do it?

  11. Great advice. I’m eating 1 meal per day for 2 weeks now and feel great and no hunger and weight loss. Not to mention increased energy and feeling great. By the way I’m 60 years old.

  12. I find that I am not hungry if I eat enough during that 1 meal a day, but eating that much food at one sitting makes me feel very full.

  13. I lost 25 pounds in 4 months! Avoid Saturated fats and Trans fats such as burgers and Cheese! No soda even diet soda. Plus walk 12000 steps a day with 4 16 ounces of water consumption. Eat 1200 calories a day That's it!!!

  14. I couldn't wait to be judged for eating meat. How righteous everyone is. Oh well, I guess only good people are vegan and vegetarian. I don't think I'm good enough for this diet. Pass the Porterhouse and butter and salt. I would rather die of a heart attack than indulge this hypocrisy. You people make me sick. No, literally!

  15. I would love to achieve the same body as yours. I like drinking coffee and wants to try the one meal a day. But I just think coffee makes me more hungry. And when youre working, it would be impossible to just have one meal to keep you going.

  16. It's more than a couple of years already since I started eating one meal a day. Although I'm so skinny but I am healthy and I don't get sick easily.

  17. I had a sleeve gastrectomy a year ago and can't smash the calories in with OMAD. Is 16/8 optimal or a smaller window?

  18. Hey brother, you look fit! Keep it up.

    When I was in the Philippines, I often ate just one meal a day. My weight went down to 166 lbs but I looked sickly. A good weight for me would be 177 – 180 lbs since I'm 1/2 inch away from being 6 feet tall.

  19. Best advice here. I only eat between 5pm – 9pm everyday and the result is my energy and mental clarity has increased dramatically. It took me just over 3 months to adjust to this new eating regimen.

  20. Whilst doing the fasting, can I drink water with Turmeric, black pepper and a teaspoon of crushed ginger?
    PS. Great videos. Very informative.

  21. Hi Dan, I have a question which I hope you can answer. I have tried going on the Keto plan three times and every time I last about 3-4 days and then start feeling unwell. I dont know how to explain it, except that I just dont feel right – just general malais and a feeing that my body is off somehow. I try but it’s so bad that can’t contine and have to go back to the way I have been eating all my life which is pretty much carb centered. Can you explain why this is and howto get over it? Oh and it takes me 3 to 4 weeks to start feeling like my old self again.

  22. I lived in Ibiza for a year and could only afford one meal a day.i think people do over chocolate no biscuits no crisps .one day spuds next day pasta then next day brown rice.chicken fish chicken fish…plus three eggs each lots of books and exercise walking short runs and bike.

  23. I have been in the oma for 3 years now! I feel less sleepy and more energetic. When I started I was overweight at 94 kilos 177 cm height and now I am at 74 kilos 🙂

  24. I stayed at a Buddhist monastery for about 4 months and they only eat one meal a day and it’s difficult at first… but then you see how well you sleep and energy levels sky rocket

  25. at list one thing got proven by this guy that, Ramadan has good benefit for human body . and also have mental benefits.

  26. This guy needs to eat more than one meal a day. Don’t get me wrong, he aesthetically looks great for his height but could stand to gain a few.

  27. Iv been doing this same diet for a while now. I just wait to start eating until about 7pm and eat mostly stir fry with lots of veggies, ginger, rice, tofu or shrimp and I feel amazing and im in the best shape of my life! I Do drink coffee for lunch and start/end my day with a shot of apple cider vinegar.. haven’t even gotten sick In over a year and even my occasional cold sores have completely gone away!

  28. This dude should eat breakfast.
    And second breakfast.
    And elevenses.
    And luncheon.
    And afternoon tea.
    Maybe dinner too.
    And probably supper.

  29. I've been doing OMAD For 3 weeks, I've lost weight and got stronger, but I have plateaued now and I'm finding that I'm going without needing the toilet, is this okay as previously to fasting I could go three times in one day every day?

  30. I started OMAD a few months ago and plan to stick with it for life. Lost 30 pounds in 3 months and need to lose another 25.

  31. As a Uni student in cold England with long periods of time either studying or sleeping, a one meal diet has become second nature!

    That being said, i don’t see it doing any good for me but rather just keeping me the skinny underweight guy i have been for a long time. Is it now that i start building up the muscle or should i attempt to switch up my diet etc?

  32. I’ve been really struggling with the motivation to do intermittent fasting. I usually do it for several days then quit but this video has inspired me to make it a permanent part of my life. You’re a life saver man & I can’t wait to watch your other videos on OMAD. I hope this can help me get a midsection like yours (I wish😔). Thank you man👍✌️

  33. Thank you man!
    I feel blessed to find your channel because you complement my knowledge in this that is saving my life.

  34. It seems too extreme to me. I started 16/8 IF a week a go and I'm starting to adapt. I like the fact that now I can easily drink 5/6 Liters of water a day when I don't workout and 7 when I do. I am toying with the idea of going to maybe 18/6 or 20/4 eventually but I'm 16 yrs old so I don't think I can get enough calories or nutrients in one meal and I don't prefer to go that extreme.

  35. I am down to a 4-hour 12-4pm window where I may eat only once or twice. New to me. No more 'healthy' powder bars, rice packs, apples, etc. Eggs, salmon, fatty meats, LOTS of avacado.
    Funny the last time I went 5 days w/o food it wasn't by choice – a beach bum in the 80s on a beach that looks just like that one (Santa Barbara).

  36. Subscribed! As my new T-Shirt says: "Game of Ketones. Thinner is coming." 08:17 has me thinking about only eating over a one hour period daily between noon and 2. Just hard as a wage slave to have access to good food options I guess I need to get a food carry bag or some sort of lunch box.

  37. Ha ha ha ha – "how do I eat one meal a day?" YOU EAT ONE MEAL A DAY! It's not rocket science. I'm 64 and have been doing OMAD for years – and my Mother before me.

  38. Can you gain weight with OMAD? I’m 16 and currently doing one meal with 3000 calories . I used to eat 3000 throughout the day anyway so is there harm? Will I lose weight?

  39. If I remember correctly form the Michael Mosley documentary about intermittent fasting, he show that it actually DEcreases the human growth hormone, and the body goes in to 'repair mode', which is why it's so healthy. You claim the opposite: scientific research showing that intermittent fasting boosts the human growth hormone. I can't tell which one of you is right, so can you point me to this research?

  40. Will I lose muscle on OMAD ? Will I raise insulin when I eat 100 to 120 grams of protein in one hour ? Will I get into ketosis with OMAD ?

  41. Hi, could I ask. Is it possible to lose weight some weeks and not others? I have realised it has taken all my life to gain weight at around a couple of pounds a year and do not expect to reverse it overnight in total over 25 years I've gained 65 pounds, I started off not having breakfast then added two missed lunches a week then as I became less hungry ended up on OMAD. I am happy in myself with this, I am not vegan by the way and feel I have not reduced my carbs enough, I also am not sure as to how much carb is ok. Is it beneficial to do three to five day fasts throughout the year? If so how many times? After being on OMAD for a while one day I skipped my evening meal just did not feel like I needed it, the next thing I knew I'd gone three days. I was not weak felt absolutely fine but decided to eat on the third day. Over 2 months I have shed 18 pounds so far and have noticed what I think is reducing visceral fat because although I still have a fair amount of external jelly to remove, my stomach feels almost flat and that hard distended sensation is almost completely gone. I really like the starting transformation. I want more and due to a stalled weight this week feel a little flat not to give up but it's made these questions rattle around more this week. Thanks

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