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Cook a meal Staying in the heart of nature encourages
us to do more physical activities. In order to have the necessary energy to do so, it
is important to eat well. In camping, like at home, it is possible to cook good meals.
However, only the cooking techniques differ. The main cooking appliance is the propane
stove. To facilitate its transport, the latter can be easily assembled. First, start by installing
the regulator. Tighten it securely to prevent any propane leakage. Then, attach the small
propane tank. It will be important to perform each of these steps in reverse when uninstalling
the stove. You are now ready to turn on the stove. To do this, first light the lighter
then bring it close to the burner. Finally, open the control knob. Never turn the control
knob before lighting the lighter or propane will disperse in the air and may ignite a
flame. To increase the efficiency and diversity of taste, combine cooking on the stove and
cooking on the fire. You can find hot coals at the base of a fire after several minutes.
Using a metal rod, bring your food closer to the coals. This high temperature cooking
brings a unique flavor and taste to your food as well as a relaxed atmosphere. When you have finished cooking, bring your dirty dishes to the nearest shower and washroom facilities. You will find an exterior sink where you can wash them. Never leave food outside or in your tent because wild animals will be tempted to come and take it. It is much better to
leave it in the trunk of your car. Also, help us protect our environment by bringing and
placing your garbage, recycling and compost in the appropriate containers. The next camper
who will stay on your site will be very grateful.

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