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[music playing] NARRATOR: Want to learn the
secrets to perfect rice? Here are three ways to do it. First method? Boil it. Two parts liquid
to one part rice. Bring everything
together to a boil. This is long-grain rice. Then you generously salt. Next, cover, lower the heat, and
let it simmer for 18 minutes. Don’t peek. Peeking lets too
much moisture escape. Let it stand for a
few minutes, and it will get nice and fluffy. You can also make your
own rice pilaf way better than the stuff in the box. A pilaf means you brown the
rice first in some oil or butter for about two to
three minutes until it looks toasted and smells nutty. This gives the dish
a deeper flavor. Again, this is long-grain rice. Want the rice to be buttery
or fragrant with olive oil? It’s all about what
flavor you choose. Once the rice is nice and
toasted, follow the basics. Add liquid, boil, salt,
and simmer for 18 minutes. You’ve just made
perfect rice pilaf. You can also cook
rice like pasta. Start with plenty of
salted, boiling water. We’re using
long-grain white rice, but this is great for variety,
such as long-grain brown rice that can take a long time. Lower to a simmer. But this time, no lid. Cook until it’s tender,
then drain, just like pasta. Making rice from
scratch is so easy, you’re sure to stick with it.

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  1. I always add some fat….like butter cuz I like mine soft and yummy!!  I also remove it from the heat and let it sit for 10 minutes then uncover and devour!!  sometimes I add a small bay leaf to accompany my entrée.

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