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Buy the best beef that you can afford. Buy it thicker than thinner. Our 40oz Double Cut Ribeye is about 4 1/2 to 5 inch thick. People really enjoy it as being just an opulent over the top cut. So the first step in doing this is getting
the chili rub made. First you put the two cups of oil and you
allow it to get hot. Then we’re going to add the garlic and jalapeños And we’re going to sorta cook those out
for 2-3minutes. Then we’re going to add our dry spice. Coriander Cumin Chipotle Powder Paprika And we’ll allow those to bloom for about
30 seconds And then at the end there we’re going to
add the cilantro. And we’ll lower the heat at that point,
and just let it cook out for a while. To finish that off, pulse with either a hand
mixer or in the blender. You don’t want to blend everything super
smooth, you want to have a little bit of coarseness. And then allow it to cool And then we’ll use that on the steaks later on So to season the steak we use coarsely ground
black pepper Kosher salt Corn oil season it generously It looks like you’re over seasoning it, but as you cook it’s going to run off, and it’ll going to be perfectly seasoned at the end. And then we are grilling our steak. As your steak grills, just season those onions And the jalapeños And the sweet peppers And just sort off get your grill marked and
allow those to cook. A real important piece to cooking red meat
is cooking it over high heat And that really pulls in all the juices and
blood into the center of the steak. Once they come off the grill We’ll allow them to rest for about 3 to 4
minutes And all that juices sorta make their way back
out towards the exterior of the beef And then we’ll slice it We’ll add them to that black cast iron or that hot cast iron pan and then we’ll generously coat the chili rub
on top of it to allow all of that chili rub to get into
every slice and to cook throughout the beef as we go. We use the onion and jalapeños just to settle along that South Western style with
black cast iron Just to seem to go really really well hand and hand

5 thoughts on “How To Cook a 40oz Double Cut Ribeye Steak | Esquire

  1. Personally, I'd reverse sear thick cut steak. Bake it in the oven until it's 120*F and then sear it in a cast Iron pan. That will get you perfection and ensure even cooking. Notice how the way it's prepared here it's raw in the center and the outside, while it has a nice bark on it, also as nearly 3/8" of gray/overcooked meat. Not good. You won't get that if you reverse sear thick cut steaks. You'll end up with perfectly cooked to the right temperature meat with the perfect bark/caramelized fats on it.

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