Hispanic Heritage Month: Food

If there’s not food,
it’s not an actual Latino celebration. I’m just saying. We do a lot of communal things around food. Certainly that’s something that has
connected my family for generations. We have anywhere
from tamales to enchiladas to the mole. We’ve sort of embraced Tex Mex as our thing, too. And so there’s that
whole aspect of fajitas or the flour tortilla. Some of the names resemble
the names of foods from Mexico. We have tacos we have tamales tostadas enchiladas but they are completely different not only in size, shape but taste. Some of the food that is really
special for us is pupusas. The pupusa is basically a tortilla but they have cheese and pork inside. And you can choose if you want cheese and pork or you can choose just cheese
or just beans or just with garlic. One of the main things where I come from,
which is Rio de Janeiro is the feijoada which is black beans
with all kinds of meats in it then you put oranges and veggies. And the great churrasco which is all the meat that you can ever,
ever eat in your life! One main thing that if you go to Dominican and you’re a visitor they’re gonna tell you to eat la bandera which is your basic chicken arroz con habichuela and then, of course some tostones which is twice fried plantains. Tostones is a banana but it’s the green banana. So what you do is you just
chop it in small pieces and then you fry it you deep fry it. So, the plantains, you can serve
them with sour cream as a dip or you can buy the cream the Honduran cream. You can also serve them with
the black beans or the red beans. And those, of course,
are refried and mashed so that way they can serve as a dip. Yuca plays a significant role
for the Nicaraguan cuisine because we incorporate it
in different typical dishes such as buñuelos or vigorón and also in fritangas. So the cool thing about yuca is that it can feed a lot of people
because there’s a lot of it and you can add anything to it
to make it any sort of flavor. We have a lot of seafood, vegetables, beans. We have a lot of coast and seafood
is a very important part of our diet. Tapas are small plates with different kinds of food. So, if you’re going to go out before lunch when you’re going to take an appetizer you go to a bar you ask for a drink and they always offer
a little plate of food. We like café con pan. So, bread and coffee. That’s one thing. We believe that it doesn’t have to be a big meal it can be a small meal as just café con pan. Desserts, we can go anywhere from pan dulce we have conchas we have flan sopapillas. Too many bad things but they’re really, really good! So, hopefully you get
a chance to try them out.

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