Ta-da! Farmer Rachel Earlier this year we planted rice, and today we’re going to harvest rice! This machine picks the rice stalks and bundles them together. This is a small rice paddy so the machine is kinda small, but some of them get really big! Now we’re going to go to a larger rice paddy and use a bigger machine! We can’t tell who you are anymore. This mask is fine. All ready! It’s super muddy! I’ve been saving these boots for 5 years for a day like this! He said to put these over there. We have to line up the bundled rice stalks in rows so it’s easier to feed them into the machine. Spider. There are TONS of them here. There were THOUSANDS of spiders here, no joke. This isn’t a job for arachnophobes! Uncle, is this a river snail? Jumbo river snail. Jumbo river snail! It’s huge. Grasshopper? Look! Oh, a grasshopper? Yep. Look, that spider’s green! Huh?
Look. Bye, buddy! There are tons of them in America, too. Are you ready?! YEAH! You flatten out the rice bundles and then slide it into this machine. The machine uses the magic of technology to pick off all the rice and deposit them in a bag. Is it fun? Yeah! 😀 It probably took about 2 hours to finish this rice paddy. Work hard! Jun wore the wrong shoes. And my jeans… but it’s all right if they get dirty. This is what you should wear. How was it? Are you tired? No, not at all. All I had to do was stand there and put rice in the machine. After harvesting rice I really want to eat onigiri. Do you get that feeling? Nope, sorry. I guess you’re not Japanese enough yet. Use this and go buy us some onigiri. Okay. Hey, hey, see? We want onigiri! I told you. Onigiri. See! How heavy is it? How many kilograms are these? Less than 20kg. About 15kg? More than that. Yay, good job! Here farmers can take their rice and then sell it. If you look closely, you can see that the rice still has a shell on it. To remove the shell you have to use another machine. After the shell is removed, you have brown rice. And then if you want white rice, you need to use ANOTHER machine to polish it. We made a video of that machine before. There’s so much! Done. Here we are back at our apartment! Yay~ This is the rice that we got from my uncle. And this is genmai. Genmai is brown rice, aka rice that doesn’t have a shell anymore but it hasn’t been polished so it still has a bunch of nutrients on it, which some people don’t like. Yeah, because it tastes a little bitter, I guess. I like it. And it’s really hard. And this is hakumai. White rice. Yeah, literally white rice. So after we take it to a machine and polish it, it turns into this. Yeah, polishing. And actually I have a cooking channel and I made koi fish sushi with the rice I got from my uncle. So if you’re interested, please check it out!

100 thoughts on “HARVESTING RICE お米の収穫

  1. I find it so strange to see a beautiful redheaded princess trying to imitate the Japanese look. Sweetheart you are a Celtic Princess, you don't need to try to cut your hair like they do or anything else. You have a natural beauty that the world is blessed to behold. You are one of my people, Irish Celtic Goddess. Namaste✌❤🔥

  2. Ohhhhhh I miss Japan SOOOO MUCH 😭😭😭. I was stationed in Yokosuka, Atsugi, & Okinawa. I lived in a town called Tsurumi. I loved going to Shinjuku to go roller skating 😁. I often took the shinkansen to vacation in Hokkaido. Lovely people & lovely country. I miss it so very much 😪😪😪😪. New Sub!!!!! Love you guys already!!!!

  3. You don't plant rice. You don't harvest rice. You plant paddy you harvest paddy and you process rice from paddy. There's no such crop as rice crop.

  4. Huge thanks to the farmer for allowing you to experience this yourself and educate others about the work involved!

  5. "All I had to do was stand there and put rice in to the machine".

    And film spiders, don't forget about the spiders, all in a days work.

  6. What's the rate go for these days for Farmers to sell their rice? Thx how much work/equivalent did you guys earn, curious? Just did it for fun right?

  7. I find it a little funny about people who don't like spiders. They are everywhere outside. If you just find a place outside and sit down on the ground and just inspect your surroundings you will be amazed. Up to a million spider per acre and triple that in the tropics.

  8. If America harvested the rice fields; they could had see and kill viet cong forces and win the war

  9. Rachel & Jun:Record vlogs
    Their entity family:Good job
    Me:*records one video*
    My entire family:What the f are you doing! Don't be recording stuff!It is unhealthy!
    My entire family:Don't be talking back to us! We raised you!

    That's what you get for being the youngest one in the family

  10. Does anyone know what happens to the stump roots after you cut the rice stalks off? The ones sticking out of the dirt. Do they have a machine specifically for removing those or is the field done for the season and they leave it there to decompose naturally until next planting season?

  11. Incredible machines…i really need that machine.we take months harvesting and separating.i like reaper and separator machine

  12. Bad Ass! Not everyone was made for farming! I help plant 5,000 hemp plants in Oregon last month. Let's just say you had a better attitude then I about working the farm!

  13. That does indeed look like interesting work. I have to ask though, with rice being such a staple there, what's your favorite combo of rice with other foods? Also Rachel could totally pull off a anime cosplay. Hope you guys are doing ok over there!

  14. JUMBOタニシは食用に輸入されましたが売れずピンク色の卵を産みます今では厄介者扱いです、お米はコンバインより稲刈り機が美味しい、但し10日程天日干ししないと美味しくなりません。

  15. All these ppl saying they hate spiders…ya’ll never read charlotte’s Webb or realize that they eat all the nasty bugs that spread disease? C’mon, respect.

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