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Wait, is that a scallop? Huh? Eh, look there, look there! I knew it! You would- Ah you see! You see! This is what you get for being a bad person! Konnichiwa! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs. I’m Chiara-san! And I’m Fauzi-san! And today we’re gonna eat Japanese food in Singapore! Uh-huh, and because I’m in this episode, we’re not going to any ordinary Japanese eateries. We’re going to halal ones! Ah, so shall we, sister sashay away! First up, we’re here at Sora Boru. It’s located at the basement of 313 Somerset. You know what it took over? Yoshinoya! But it’s still that fast casual Japanese place. So shall we try the sashimi then? YASSS. So which one is the most effective way to your heart? I’m a little bit of a basic girl. Eh yeah, me too! SALMON! YES! Mmm you can’t go wrong with this! Are you a fan of tuna? I actually am eh, but if I had a choice, salmon’s always my favourite la. Mmm, this is really nice! Now octopus, I’ve never had octopus sashimi in my life. If I’m not wrong, they blanch it. It’s cooked! Wah the piece is huge eh, and thick! I mean I would say that octopus is not for everyone Cause I feel like some people might not fancy octopus. FANCY~ It has a very nice chewy bite to it. So what should we have next? Let me try and say this in one take again okay. I don’t think she can do it. Bara-chirashi-ebimayo-aburi-don. Ohhhhh! Now you know what is special about the bara chirashi at Sora Boru? What is it? They add tempura bits! So there’s crunchy bits also. Oh and it’s not mentaiko you know, it’s ebimayo! Is it good? Good right? Wow! With the ebimayo, it really kind of elevates it a little bit, So it’s really a different take on kind of the regular chirashi dons that you always have outside. Comparing regular mentaiko sauce to ebimayo right, This one is a bit more creamier but it’s not as jelak as like just straight up mayo. It’s a bit crunchy from the ebi roe. Let’s try the curry next. So this is the breaded ebi and shabu beef curry don. You can choose your spicy level. There’s 0, there’s 1 and there’s 2. And we got 2 because mala what? I’m Chiara, mala what? It’s really good the curry! There’s a bit of spice, a bit of sour and the texture is really smooth. So it’s a really good gravy for all your fried stuff. I know! OOOOH! One, two, three, cheers! Can say cheers meh? Oh, umm… One, two, three, YUMMY! Mmm. You know the only thing that’s going through my mind is, how do I fight Chiara for the last piece? Eh look there! It’s not overly fried. This is still very moist inside. You cannot forget that mountain of beef over there. I know, I know! The beef is so good! Mmm! There’s not much even chewiness to it. You like munch, munch, munch – oh and it’s kind of like gone. So for me right, I like my beef slices to have a lot of fats in it. And the ratio of the meat to fats over here is just nice. Okay, next up, we are trying their signatures. One is the snow beef don and the other is the volcano don. The snow beef don is actually an imagery of their parmesan cheese and cream over a mountain of beef. Then the volcano is the same la, that lava is actually the chilli. Wow! Never thought about cheese in Japanese food so much. So this is very different, but actually surprisingly goes very well with the beef eh. It adds a dimension to the beef that I’ve never tasted in my life before. Yeah. So it’s the same beef slices that we tried, just that they zam it with a lot of sweet sauce, then the cream, then the parmesan then they torch it. If you wanna try everything at a go, these 2 bowls actually do come in mini portions as well. Oh my god! Okay, the next one, the volcano beef don. I’m slightly scared because it looks like red. Oh not spicy at all! Not spicy right? The sauce is very honeyed. YES! The honey does ease on the spiciness level a bit. It’s completely a different profile of flavours. This one is really like a little bit more of a kick. This is 100% savoury. In particular, this place right, I couldn’t find something that I didn’t like. There’s no faults I can give. Everything is really delicious. This place is more for people who like sweet stuff. I love sweet stuff, I feel like the signatures are on a sweeter side. Basically what I’m saying is that you’re getting good quality food for very affordable prices. Are we ready? Yes, let’s go! No, let’s eat more- No wait let’s finish first and then we go okay? Okay so we are here now at Hararu Izakaya, located in the middle of the Kampong Glam district along Bussorah Street. It is the first muslim izakaya in Singapore. Orh horh Fauzi, you go izakaya. Izakaya’s are typically known for their bar-like atmosphere. Because it’s err… a muslim-owned establishment, we’re having good halal food. We’ve got a selection of food. So with the seafood tempura, we’ve got ebi, sotong, and, Shishamo and I think some salmon. Instead of crispy, it’s more on the heavier side – it’s crunchy! It’s just shishamo, I’ve got not much to say about this. Honestly the squid is also, right? like tempura squid, nothing too fantastic about it. It’s not something I would come here specifically for. I’ll have the salmon. Cause it’s really oily, really juicy, after you bite through the batter right, yup, It kind of bursts in your mouth. I get what you mean. Um, there’s a sweetness of the salmon, does go very well with the saltiness and the savouriness of the tempura. So we’ll try the tori nanban. When I fry something right, I want it to be very crispy. Mmm hmm. And I don’t want it to be soggy from the sauce. So I would like the option of dipping it myself. So it reminds me of when you have the Japanese salads, they have that sesame dressing. This time it’s not just the sesame dressing. It’s the sesame dressing plus the sweet teriyaki sauce! This kind of taste right, is the kind of foods like you would order for your friends right, then you end up just like hogging it a little bit because it’s just so easy to eat. I see that this is what you’re doing now. It’s on your side of the table… put it in the middle! It is like chicken katsu, and actually I’m not even like complain that it’s doused in sauce. Yeah now I’m like taking back my words. Unagi? Let’s go for it! Okay, can I just say I’m not a big fan of unagi? Oh why not? When I was young, I ate and the bone got stuck on my… in my throat. Oh no! For like 2 nights I was so petrified eh. Unagi right, the bones are so negligible. That’s what my parents said before it got stuck in my throat! You want me to feed you? If I get a bone in my throat ah, I will have trust issues. Okay. And the Oscar goes to… Chiara! Don’t be dramatic! It’s not bad, but it’s not better than average because when I eat unagi, I’m really looking for that kiss from the smoke of the charcoal. It’s on a sweeter side. Mmm. I think it’s more of the sauce that I taste. Yes. The star of the show is sauce la, when it’s supposed to be the fish. Here we are with the steak. What’s it called again? Saikoro steak. What is saikoro? I do not know. Oh you’re sweet but you’re saikoro? Besides the point again, so you’ve got a significant chunk, I’ve got a significant chunk. Let’s chunk! The texture of the meat, fantastic! It is not too tough! What I’m not sure about is the sauce. It’s a bit sweet, and it’s really garlicky, a sauce that I love. Somehow the mushrooms in this sauce works better than the beef. There’s like too many people trying to be the star of the show. You know they’re like Destiny’s Child? Ya then the beef and the that one right like Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, they’re trying too hard to be like a star, but you only know one is supposed to be the star and the other is not. This is a 8-stick skewer set. We grab the one that we want to try. Okay. Oh okay, it’s not a fight! So I got the chicken and leek on a stick. I really love grilled leek, cause it brings out the natural sweetness of the leek. And I’ve chosen tofu with a mentaiko sauce on top. Mmm mmm. Yummy? Mmm. Mmm! I understand why people would order this, so easy to eat. The tofu and the mentaiko, they go very well together. Tofu doesn’t really have much of a stand-out taste, but the mentaiko does again give it a bit of flavour. What I love about the chunk of chicken is that they left the skin there so it’s a bit crispy. And when you bite into it, it shouts “CHICKEN”! And then the chicken meat is like TENDER. And then the pepper is like PEPPER. It’s damn good! I literally have no idea what she was saying. I actually think that’s really good. I enjoyed that one! So next, we’re gonna try the bacon wrapped things. Orh hor, you eat bacon! Stop! It’s turkey bacon! I love tomatoes, I’ve picked the one with cherry tomatoes. And I don’t love tomatoes and Fauzi is nice enough to give me the clams. Exactly! HALAL BACON!
TURKEY BACON! Very interesting! This is like an element from the sea and an element from the land add together. When you bite into it, the juices of the tomatoes squeeze out, and it’s so sweet. And the savouriness of the bacon just works well with that. Can I just say we got it wrong? It’s not clams, it’s scallops! Oh my God! Sounds 10 times better right? Because the thing is I’m not a fan of clams. Chey, that’s why you give me the clams! I thought because you know I don’t like tomatoes! But now you say it’s scallops, now I cannot give you back already. Actually, I really like that! There is a fishiness from the scallop, and then with the bacon itself, it really adds that savoury, smoky, Smoky taste to it. I think the combination is a surprising one that I actually quite like. Okay, I guess this concludes our meal here at Hararu Izakaya. Mmm hmm. I think really for here is about ambience, mmm, and kinda like hanging out with your friends, easy bites. So I think we need to cheers to this. Yes! Sister see you at the next stop! Okay now we are here at our last stop, and it’s The Ramen Stall! It’s very hard to find like good halal ramen places in Singapore. So they told us right, that their chicken broth, they actually boiled it for 30 hours! That one is called effort. Yeah! Let’s try the volcano ramen first! You know on the menu it says from level 1 to 3, but they told us that you can actually even go up to level 20! Wow I feel like that is a bit ambitious ah! So it’s okay, let’s go for a comfortable level 2! Yes! We’ve got some mushrooms, we’ve got corn, we’ve got of course hanjuku egg, and we’ve got chicken in the middle, and then some minced meat, bamboo shoots, yes, and, nori! And the most important part, it’s not called volcano for no reason, it’s got the chilli! It’s not as spicy as I thought it would be! It’s surprisingly creamy eh! The texture is like a little bit thick but then again it’s not super jelak. The creaminess kind of cancels out the spiciness, it balance it out. What about the noodles? I actually like the noodles eh. I’m not a fan of like thick udon type noodles, so this noodle to me for ramen always works! It’s just very easy to eat. It’s not too heavy, and not too like, starchy, Yeah! Alright, so the last but not least, our favourite of all – hanjuku egg! Savoury, salty, and the yolk is flowy. Nothing to fault about the egg. Now this is the beef ramen. Very rarely I hear about beef ramen- -right?
Yeah, that’s true! Okay everything is pretty interesting. We squeezed some lime above which is a first for me when eating ramen. And then they have two kinds of beef on top, one is shabu-shabu and the other is just sliced beef. I’m gonna try the soup first. Oh… it’s different from the previous soup. Yeah! The lime did give a bit of a citrus kick so I’m very surprised by the flavour profile in general. You wanna try the beef? Okay! The big slice right, I love that beefy taste. Mmm. But it’s not too strong, nice and balanced. I think it goes very well with the ramen and the soup. I like the texture of the bigger one. Absolutely! There’s more mouthfeel to it, and this one is actually more tender than the other. Yup! For me if I had a preference, (I’m) going for the volcano for sure! What about you? Me too! Sister same! Yeah I mean this one is good for like if you’re not really a fan of spicy, and you wanna try something different with ramen. Trying beef (is) completely a very legit choice. This is not the only thing they serve. Mmm. They also have some Singaporean-inspired dishes- Yeah, like this one! So this is their chilli crab maki. It’s inspired by local flavours! Of course, if California can have a maki, why can’t singapore? Preach! So obviously they have a bit of crab inside the maki, it’s topped with a slice of avocado as well as the chilli. Can I say I like the ratio of the meat to the rice? Mmm! Let’s try, let’s try! One mouth ah! POM! Unfortunately for me, I think it tastes more like crab than chilli crab. I don’t really taste the chilli! Yeah I feel like I need a little bit more spice and a little bit more kick with my chilli crab maki. Maybe we add 2 chilli mountains on top one. You know what? Let’s do that! Let’s see if that works better! Here we go! Two dollops of chilli! Better right? Yup. Also I think the… the tip here right, must tip the chilli down onto your tongue. I mean I think overall, we’ve got our favourites. Obviously I would… we would both choose the spicy volcano ramen. For me maybe a little bit more spice. Oooh. And then for the chilli crab maki I think definitely would try again as well! But I’ll ask for more sauce! There you go! So not only do they have awesome ramens and nice makis, we also have desserts! Froyo!
Wee! You know actually the ramen stall has appeared on Eatbook listicles multiple times. Right. Because it’s halal and it opens till 5am so the USP is really strong. Exactly! Yeah so I’m happy to be finally able to taste what my colleagues have written so far! Right! So having a late night option for ramen is always a very welcome choice for me la. So we are done with the 3 eateries. I am super full. Chiara, which was your favourite place? I like the first place! Sora Boru was impressive like I would totally head back again and again and again. I mean… sister same! To me, it’s a good combination of food. I think the prices were not too bad. Mmm hmm. Plus, the location! I would have to give a big shout-out to the other 2 locations as well, because they serve a different purpose. For especially for The Ramen Stall, I think having a late-night option is always going to be a good option! And then for Hararu Izakaya, it’s more about the ambience you know, mmm, spending time with your friend under a comfortable Japanese setting. Overall, all 3 have a little bit of like their own unique flair to it. So if guys would like us to try out any other types of cuisine that are halal, you gotta let us know in the comments down below! Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook vlogs! If you like this video, you can check more over there! And remember to like share and subscribe and until next time, Sister sayonara!

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