Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge #2! Eating Heart, Tongue, Rat, Rabbit, and Octopus.

No! No, no, no, no– This is the Real or
Gummy Challenge– The worst one! –where one player gets to enjoy
the candy version of a food, while their partner has to
deal with the real thing. Bon Apetit. You know what they say,
sequels are always worse. We’re back baby, let’s do this. Yeah! We’re back. I know. We’re here again. I’d like you to spin– this is my go to–
your spin, then I can blame the
bad result on you. OK. Here we go. Oh! It’s an octopus. Octopus. Why would you do that? I’m so sorry. I can’t control it, man. One, two, three, go. Oh! Oh! Yeah! Oh I’m sorry, that
was rude of me. It’s a face hugger. You’re the least
helpful person ever. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to see that you
have a very disgusting looking animal in front of you. Look at– oh! Ew! I don’t know why I even
feel weird picking it up. Well, probably because
it’s an octopus. I would go for tentacle. I would like, this guy
right here, just like– Yeah. It’s crispy. There’s some charbroiled
parts in it, yeah. The equivalent of
the chicken wing– the chicken wing and the sea. OK. Oh it’s tough. I heard a snap, there was
an audible snap on that. It’s just rubbery with like– Yeah. –no taste, really. Is it anything like Chicken? Maybe like a chicken fry. Chicken fry with
some suckers on it? Well– I think I’m having this whole
thing just hanging on my mouth, though. Oh, you’re getting it
on me, get it away. No! So I’ll spin and you pick? Sure. OK. I’m sorry, Adam. No! Oops! What is it? Heart. Jamie. Heart. Uhh. One, two, three, go. Yes! Aw. Yay! That was right. Do you think pig heart
will taste like bacon? What’s the least weird looking– Dog food. –piece? This one? I don’t know, but you
just touched all of them. So have to eat all
the ones you touched. Mmm. Mmm. Really? That’s really good. Like if you didn’t
know that was heart, you would probably
eat a lot of that. Yeah, I would eat it with eggs
and hash browns on a bad day. Like, everybody’s dead, and all
I got left is this pig heart. I’m loading up on my
gummy heart because I don’t know what’s coming next. When is that burger, buddy? Here we go. All right. Yeah! Yeah! Fast food! Boom! Actually, I just had lunch, so
I’d probably rather have gummy. I haven’t had lunch, so I
kind of want the fast food. Oh! We got what we wanted. Delicious! This is a big piece of gummy. That’s a lot of relish. That is a lot of relish. But we can relish
in this victory, this temporary victory. Mmm, I really like the bun. Looks like a different
texture, too. Yeah, it’s kind of fluffy. All right, that was tasty. Ready? No looksies. Rabbit? Rabbit. OK, I’ve had rabbit. Ah, it looks like a rabbit. Look That doesn’t look bad, though. But it has legs! Little hoppies. Yeah. Oh, god. It’s hard. Oh, yeah. It looks like chicken, or pork. It’s not that bad. It tastes not like chicken. No, so you should have just– No, no, no, ah– [GROWLS] That was a bad choice. That wasn’t a tasty part. Oh! Oh! Tongue, that’s weird. Ton– no! Dang it, Eric. [MOOING] Oh, I can smell it now. This stinks. Oh, I smell it. Do we keep them or switch? Let’s just do it the
way God intended it. You don’t want to switch? Want to Rock-Paper-Scissors? Nope. Is it because she was struggling
to put it on the table? She put the bucket on your side. Put a bucket– let’s switch! She put the bucket on your side. I’m good. How about we switch? I’m good. You’re just going to let me
get a big fat cow tongue. Oh no. Oh, you got it. It’s warm. Why are you so mean? I’m sorry. Oh, come on. It’s so spongy. I feel weird, wrong, just
like cutting into this. You can’t feel– It makes my tongue hurt. I was just at the gym,
and it smelled slightly like this in the locker room. Thanks, Eric. This is just like
concentrated locker room. Thanks, Eric. I will eat a piece
of the tongue. I’ve been pretty mean to you. Because that laugh you gave. I know. It was bad, I’m sorry. Cheers. Cheers. Aw, man. I think he’s just
thinking about his tongue. It really doesn’t taste
bad, it tastes like meat. It’s more the textures is
kind of weirding me out. It’s just a big
old tongue, dude. Oh. It’s just a big old tongue. Oh, dude. I’m going to hit you so hard. And I’m picturing chewing
somebody’s tongue. No, no, no, no, no, no. How does that taste, Eric? I can’t. Oh no! Nope. Oh, no. Nope. Not– [GAGS] Mmm. Is it tongue flavored? It’s cherry. You sure you don’t
want to just lick that? Oh my god. Feel the texture? Now I’m seriously
going to throw up. We have rabbit, we have heart. We’re bound to get
something tasty. No! No! No, no, no– No! The worst one! What did you do? Rat. This is the last
moment one of us will be able to say
I’ve never eaten rat. When you put it like that– One, two, three. Oh. No! Are these like small rats? No these are rat pieces, right? Is that a rat leg? You kept the paws on it. Yeah, this smells like
it came out of a toilet. It’s got a hair on it still. You didn’t get
all the hairs off! It kind of smells
like a chicken wing. Do you want to a bite? No I’m just saying, I’m trying
to help you through this. [INAUDIBLE] You didn’t help me through mine. What part is this? So where the poop–
next to the poop? Do you think I should
go tail or head first? Let’s see, it’s all gummy
so it doesn’t matter. I’m such a jerk, I’m sorry. Yeah there’s a
bucket, I know Adam. Thank you. Thank you for the bucket! I would just take a
small, little one. OK. OK, I’m all right. It’s OK? OK. That is not bad at all. I mean there’s some hair– If you had to, would you
eat that on a daily basis? Daily basis? OK, it tasted good,
but I saw a hair. I’m genuinely surprised
that that is not disgusting. Are you going back in? No. Oh. Never again in my entire life. Never. Get your gummy fix with
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the Real or Gummy Adventure that started it all. Tap here to see us make
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more sweet challenges. Now if you’ll
excuse me, I’m going to do a little real and gummy– heart. Oh, oh, that’s way worse.

100 thoughts on “Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge #2! Eating Heart, Tongue, Rat, Rabbit, and Octopus.

  1. Well, some of us can no longer say that we have never eaten a rat before. Have you ever eaten any of the real things we used in this video?
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  2. I'm a filipino and we eat octopus, tounge, heart and sometimes rat (those who only eat wheat). And yeah It's tasty.

  3. I can't stand cooked rabbits because they are so poor to be eaten…. And why did people do this?

  4. Honestly, all of these things don’t seem bad and actually delicious
    Btw, that’s not how you eat tongue, you are supposed to eat the meat INSIDE THE TONGUE. They are great on tacos!

  5. NOOO WHY THE RABBIT 😭😭😭 as soon as it says rabbit I’m like NOPE and skip the video and I started crying 😭😭 I love rabbits with all my life 😭

  6. I would've eaten all of the real things… And the gummy version of course. I've had octopus, I don't get what's so bad about it.

  7. No I’m not vegan but tongue and heart made me uncomfortable 😣 like I have a phobia of people eating that…

  8. 4:01 Hispanics eat cow tung tacos it used to me one of my favorite tacos until I found out it’s was cow tung😂🤣and it was called lengua🤦🏻‍♀️😂which mean tung😂

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