Growing and Foraging 100% of My Food – No Grocery Stores for a Year! (trailer)

For the last year I have been growing and foraging 100% of my food. No grocery stores, no restaurants, not even a drink at a bar. Nature has been my garden, my pantry, and
my pharmacy. I’m here in Orlando, Florida and this abundant garden that I am
standing in, right now, this was just a lawn, like that, when I
started. I don’t own any land, so to grow my food I met people in my neighborhood and I turned their front yards into gardens and shared the bounty of food with them. And while I was here, I built a 100 square foot tiny house, along with my friends, to serve as my simple homestead and my
base. In my gardens I grew over 100 different
foods. Dozens of different greens, packed with
nutrients. Sweet potatoes, yam and yucca for my
caloric needs. Delicious fruits like papayas and bananas. Pumpkins, carrots, beans and beets. So many vegetables! And herbs and peppers to flavor all of
meals. And I also raised bees so that I could have my own candy shop right in my yard. In addition to the huge bounty from my
garden, I foraged over 200 different species from
nature. I harvested my salt from the ocean simply
by collecting it and boiling it down. I got my caffeine from the native yaupon
holly tree. Not only was I my own grocery store, I was also my own pharmacist. I grew fresh turmeric and ginger right in
my gardens. I harvested wild elderberries to make elderberry syrup to prevent cold and flu. I harvested reishi mushrooms and different
medicinal teas. And also grew moringa, also known as the
vitamin tree. I cooked up dozens of different healthy
meals, fermented veggies to make sauerkraut, and made delicious beverages like honey
wine and ginger beer. I whipped up delicious desserts and ate the healthiest of my entire life. And I even grew my own toilet paper. (music) This project wasn’t just about growing and foraging all of my own food, though. It was about empowering others to grow
their own food, to take back power from Big Ag, and ultimately, to take back their health and grow their communities. So, during this time I started a few community initiatives. We built 15 gardens for the people, planted over 200 community fruit trees, and sent out over 5,000 free seed packs to help others grow their own organic,
healthy food. And I taught dozens of free gardening classes, in my gardens, to the people in
my community. I’ve been exploring food for close to a
decade and I believe that our globalized, industrialized food system is broken. This was my quest to see if I could step away from Big Ag and grow and forage every single bite of my food. I’ll be honest, though, I do have an
agenda. I want you to question your food. Where did it come from? How was it grown? How did it get to
you? And what was the impact that it had on the earth, other species, and the humans
that grow that food? And if you don’t like the answers that
you find, I want to empower you to change them. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to grow and forage all of your food. The solutions are there in your community. You can grow a little bit of your own
food. Maybe an herb garden on your window sill. Or some pots of tomatoes and basil on
your balcony. Or a raised bed in your front yard. And if you don’t have any space at all, you can join a community garden. You can source your food locally and purchase from local farmers and gardeners. The farmer’s market is a great place to
start. You can buy whole foods and cook more rather than packaged processed foods that leave trash behind. And you can work with your community to make healthy foods for people in need. Grow a garden or your elderly neighbor. Or start start a grassroots organization to harvest the fruit trees in your community to distribute it to others. And this doesn’t need to be a lonely
journey. For most of us, food is at the center of our lives and we can do this together in
our communities. My year is over, but my journey of food
has just begun. A book is in the works and 100% of my proceeds will be donated to organizations working on the food solutions. And I’ll be here, online, sharing inspiration and education on how you can get involved in gaining food freedom. (music) My mouth is cold now (mumble) …my own (laughing) medicine and
vitamins to… (struggling to get words out and laughs) alright, make note of that (laughs) Subtitles by the community

64 thoughts on “Growing and Foraging 100% of My Food – No Grocery Stores for a Year! (trailer)

  1. Bee keeping 🐝 and stealing their honey 🍯 is not ethical just as raising chickens 🐓 for slaughter is not ethical
    Though I do commend you for living off the land it would have been nice if you rather used dates for sweetness instead of honey

  2. This is a trailer. Watch the full video here:
    Health and happiness to you all!

  3. Rob please contact PBS you should be on Sesame Street. Hanging out on the curb talking to Bird Bird about this! Sharecroppers unite ♥️🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍉🍇🍓🍈🥬🥒🌶🍆🥑🥦🥥🍍🥭🍑🍒🥔🍠

  4. You are my hero! You are my inspiration and aspiration 🙂 and I love how you approach all of this in a non-judgmental way! I think a lot of people are touched by what you do and your approach. Keep up the good work!
    Ps: The challenge to do this, or a shorter version of this in a northern region, is still up, but you can take a little rest for now haha! (I challenge you to do this in Canada, my homeland haha! ;))

  5. If I were there I would give you a big hug! I think it's great what you are doing and I wish you all the best. I've just moved and for the last 2 weeks have been making preparations for growing my own food. After a lot of clearing up my friend has just got me 8 pallet collars which make great instant raised beds!,I am now on the lookout for a ten foot greenhouse. There's no way I can do what you do,but I plan on trying to preserve and freeze as much as I can and cut down on waste.

  6. Замечательный пример, как человек может поддерживать свою жизнедеятельность, не нанося непоправимого ущерба природе!

  7. Good job Rob, yeah your right👍🏻when i was small little girl? we plant all veggie,'s ,but as time goes by? people are changed!? but for me ?! like what you did? 👍🏻 it is good,firts of all organic.and the way you do? the gonna do.goin to basic gardening.

  8. loved your videos and subbed to you a few months ago. i live and work on a small organic farm in central Virginia, that also has an online seed business, that grows our own seed and uses local and small farmers across the country. it was such a pleasant surprise to look back into our data base and see that you used lots of our seeds, books and supplies to start you off on your amazing and inspiring journey. thanks so much Rob! hey reach out to us and perhaps we can sell your book in the future!!!

  9. You are goals! This what I try to do for many years but but being in the corporate full time it's a challenge planted 80% of what you mentioned. Moringa, ginger, papaya, herbs.. when I was younger. I want to have a homestead soon.

  10. If you're doing the seeds thing again – I want to come to help the group(s) that are pkg and mailing them – in Orlando? I want to meet all those gardeners & farmers who are freeing up food too. thx btw

  11. Please don’t promote fake medicine. It really taints the whole movement when the leaders are almost all anti vaxxers and alt-med

  12. I love this! I live in Cocoa, Fl. Will you be offering anymore free gardening classes? We have a lot of things growing in our yard now, papayas,bananas,moringa,etc. but we have a hard time growing vegetables. I would love some tips. Our goal is to grow most of our own food.

  13. This is one of the most impressive things anyone is doing on youtube. I think you're finally in the midst of making that huge impact you want. This year, the videos, the book. Hard to gauge the impact of something like that, but it hit. Thank you, I will get that book asap

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