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numbers are staggering listen to this twenty-six percent of Canadian kids are either overweight or obese which of course is leading to disease and illness there is no easy solution to this problem but two teenagers from Oakville have a new kid focus solution that’s getting worldwide attention so what’s their secret here’s Alison Bush Nick with this week’s generation inspiration they love to dance but these moves aren’t just for fun with each step they’re fighting an epidemic we want to do something to help kids dancers and friends since preschool what Katrina packer and Sloan Wilson learned in health class about obesity shocked them really sad and that we wish that we could change it cuz you’re seeing kids getting a dolt diseases already at this age and that’s what our girls saw and that’s what would affected them and what would upset them so we’re gonna do a dance and you can dance along with us so they turned worry into action creating instructional dancing and cooking videos now we’re done with the help of their parents they launch their own website called fit for a feast hey welcome to fit her face my name is Katrina and my name is slump and what happened next surprise them yeah definitely think that it would get this big and so fast and today we’re celebrating our 14 million Beatles yes 14 million kids all over the world connecting with Katrina and slow I’m Jessica mac and I’m from Hong Kong a kid to kid solution come on in take a seat in your squad line then there’s this jessica glaziers gym class in Auckland New Jersey you see earlier this year Jessica had an operation she couldn’t dance let alone teach it then she found these videos online and since I wasn’t able to physically do it I really relied a hundred percent on solano Katrina and they were able to teach my classes I’m dance I’d say that they’re really inspiring and I love how they can just do whatever and help kids there’s something about Katrina and Sloan that makes kids literally get off the couch kids won’t listen to adults sometimes but they will listen to other kids because they feel more comfortable talking about this stuff with kids doing what they love to change the lives of others we hope that even more people will see it and be inspired to the gyno make a like a really big change in the world el sibou schnick global news Wow exactly inspirational I’ll say what do they want to think of the great things are gonna cheat when they get old enough oh my gosh 14 million views and growing are we doing very very impressive ok ready keep on dancing straight ahead dancing

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