Geography of food eLearning Promotion

Hello and welcome to the kitchen of the
Zurich University of Applied Sciences. These researchers are preparing a
mouth-watering elearning course for you. Are you curious about our global food
system nowadays and how sustainable it is? Did you know that food value chains
can help to reduce hunger and poverty? In this course you will learn how food
value chains need to be designed in order to support the United Nations
Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. The core of this agenda are the 17
Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. These are summed up in the slogan “leave no one behind”. Leaving no one behind in the context of food value chains means, for example, that farming returns sufficient profit so that small-scale
farmers too can also have a decent livelihood. It means, that the food is
traded in a way that benefits are shared equally between all economic regions of
the world and that the ecological impact is minimized. And it means that consumers take responsibility for the food they buy. Are you hungry now to learn more about
SDGs and sustainable food value chains?

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