So, asking me for some tips for
“No Meat May”.. My tips as a naturopath would be: definitely get very deep
knowledge on why you’re making choices so why is it that you come to this
challenge, why is it that you want to continue along this maybe a bit further.
Whether it is for animal welfare issues whether it’s for the environmental
impact that meat and dairy is now having or whether it’s because you’ve read and
learned that plant-based eating actually can help us
to live a healthier and longer life lots of studies are showing us now. Whatever
it is for you, I would love for you to get really clear on that so that when
you’re in the shopping lines or when you’re falling back into old habits, you
have that resolved to make the effort to make a change and to try and stick to it.
That is very powerful because we empower ourselves or we know. Secondly I think for
“No Meat May” another tip would be to get prepared so do not just wait until you
are at your lunch time at the office and you are starving and you’re angry and
you just grab for what you’ve always grabbed. Make sure you spend just a
little bit of time researching okay what cafe serves plant-based food.. I
know my favorite cafe can they do another option for me?
Perhaps packing your lunch night before cooking a bit of extra meals it’s also go so when you
go to the supermarket I really recommend having a few recipes out there so that
you know what you want to buy that way you don’t just get caught on operating
on habit which is what makes up 80% of our choices instead you make intentional
choices. Lastly I think which I’ll be banging on about forever that is to eat
a whole food based diet so just because you’re giving up meat and dairy does not
then give you the excuse to go and eat a plethora of packaged foods which are
empty of good quality nutrients I want you to not only feel empowered to give
up meat and dairy through this month but also it feels super energetic and alive
and just you know bursting with energy really by the end of this and
we get that when we eat lots of vegetables a variety of them, fruits,
grains, nuts, seeds, oils more fruit from Earth and less from packages. So there my three tips to make it fun and to really look at this month as a creative challenge that way
you’ll be able to take it from this month May to June to July hopefully
always next year and year after decades down the track I’ve been going 16 years
and touch wood standing here and still feeling fantastic
and I really hope to inspire you that you can do the same.. Thank you

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