Friday Night Feast | Four Brilliant Weekend Dishes | Episodes 9-12

Hey guys, Jamie here! So, I’m here on the end
of sunny Southend Pier cooking up some beautiful grub for the diners in the
cafe. I cannot wait to share this series with you! But, here’s a little sneak peek.
We’re gonna make the most incredible British burger. Pimped up with pulled
oxtail, a British burger you’ve never seen before. I want it to have texture. So,
patty, melted cheese, pulled meats, but, when we put it together,
with the burger sauce, I want to be able… wait for it… to dip it in gravy. Filthy, I
love it. We’re gonna start with oxtail and before you run away and say no no no
no you’ve got to stay with me on this because it’s next-level stuff. Slow
cook the meat just falls off the bone and that on our burgers gonna be amazing.
It’s patty time. Don’t overthink it, roll it, up, squash it out, happy days. Get some
English Mustard, Red Leicester cheese. We take the burger sauce. Look at that and
that ooze is a thing of beauty. Incredible oxtail. Oh my lord, behave. But we
ain’t done yet. We made that gravy and then you dip it.
There’s no polite way to eat this. It’s gonna be messy. I’m gonna show you
how to make Gunpowder Lamb. An amazing southern Indian inspired dish. Gnarly,
crispy outside but blushing in the middle. Best feasting meal ever.
It’s got kick! I’m just gonna toast some spices. The smell is off the chart. Time
to get our hands going. Get all the flavor and all the cracks and crannies. Look at that, Yes! Finish it by roasting. Best of both
worlds. Let’s make a salsa like no other salsa. Pineapple, get that on the grill
and if you imagine some of these fragrant elements, with the rich lamb,
it’s gonna work so well. Look at that! What we’re gonna do is the most amazing coconut
rice. There is a really sweet spot that’s called ‘crispy bits’. Let’s get it going
I’m very very excited. Gunpowder juices. Oh My Lordy Lord,
imagine carving this at the table. Absolutely beautiful pineapple salsa.
Nice little bit of mint yogurt and Bob’s your uncle.
Alright, there’s so many exciting things going on. Fantastic! We’re gonna make
homemade ravioli of smashed potato, sweet onions radicchio, fontina cheese and
parmesan. Little edible parcels. Time to do
something incredible, it all starts with the filling. Red onion, radicchio, drizzle
of balsamic vinegar. It’s a different one right, it’s actually a potato filling.
Cheese is gonna be what kind of makes this sort of Holy Trinity of flavors.
Just roll them into little balls and of course the size of your ball will
control the size of your ravioli. Take our filling. Once we’ve done that just
flop it over like this. That my friends is a thing of beauty. Let’s plate it up
and you can see how delicate that pasta is Look at that, get some of those
hazelnuts, bit of parmesan and that my friends is a ravioli worth savouring. So,
let’s get in there. They are the silkiest, smoothest, little mouthfuls of joy that
you’re ever gonna eat. Poached Chicken with broth that is absolutely to die for,
not only comforting but super healthy as well It’s just the sort of thing I love
in a bowl to kind of slurp on, delicate dumpling that sucked up the flavor from
the chicken broth. Get some chicken and veggies, big old chunk of breasts, get
lovely carrot, just top that up with some of the beautiful broth. This is literally
one of my favourite things to eat. The broth is intense, it’s food that makes
you feel good. The chicken is so tender and with the noodles and the dumplings
it’s just amazing. Delicious.

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