Fresh Prawn Rolls – Gordon Ramsay

65 thoughts on “Fresh Prawn Rolls – Gordon Ramsay

  1. I like the emphasis on flavor and simplicity. The ingredients sound fantastic, and I like the way it all went into a sort of salad with the chopped shrimp that you just roll up. Nice and quick. Must try!!

  2. As a half Vietnamese & half Chinese person, I would say Gordon Ramsay's attempt at Vietnamese food is okay, but not authentic Vietnamese food, it's more like British style Vietnamese food 🇻🇳

  3. Bro its just food lmao. I’ve noticed Asians are the most insensitive when it comes to anything, for example food. Like I remember a professional chef who was white owns a pho restaurant and he told people on how to eat pho. He said never put the sauces in the broth and everyone was outraged? Lmao.

  4. there are countless ways to make a roll, just put anything you like into it.

    I don't think soaking the rice paper in 30s is a good idea, that makes the wrap become too wet, fragile and difficult to wrap, just dip it in water for about 5-10s, or wet your hand with water and rub the rice paper until it can be roll

    p/s: I know my English is bad

  5. Gordon you are you & specially the way you deal with the a very seductive manner..God bless you..keep going🤩

  6. It’s a Vietnamese food made by an American cook in their way. And people start to comment about the goverment ànd vietnamese war. It’s rediculous. Please read book íntead of surfing internet.

  7. Uhhh you aren’t meant to cut the vegetables nor the prawn otherwise when you bite into them pieces would fall out. Me being raised in a viet family we don’t tend to chop a lot of meats into tiny pieces except for dicing for stir fries but that’s almost it.

  8. I hate those kind of thin rice noodles. they are tasteless fillers that have little to no flavour on their own and whatever they are in just tends to taste bland.

  9. Oh. Yes here we go again !
    I love how he soaked his rice paper. But
    Have One question about he soaked for 30 seconds. I was dropping it in warm water for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. And it was adequate great. But when i heared 30 seconds and watched that he roll wet rice paper.
    It was afraid me to be ripped rice paper.

  10. Tendré que hacerlos, solo que presiento que an de estar muy fuertes (por todas las hierbas) lo que no termina de convencerme es el camarón, hervido pierde mucho de su sabor tan distinguido

  11. In my opinion, first, you need to tighten the roll more. Second, we don't chop the vegetable into tiny pieces like that because it will make the roll become wet. Third, we don't put the rice paper in water for that long, some don't even put it in water. Those will make the roll become too soft and the things inside will fall out when we bite.

  12. before you are my idol. from i wached this video. i say no. you broken vietnamese fresh roll. this is not vietnamese dish. this is your dish. dame

  13. As a Vietnamese who s prepared the sauce a thousand times I gotta say it's much better if you replace vinegar with limes

  14. Glass noodles are mung bean noodles actually! I tried Makin SALAD rolls once I couldn't get the rice paper to stick when I wrapped it so it ended up loose salad that fails at becoming rolls. Defiant little fuckers

  15. I wanna say that when you make fish sauce you should mix warm water ,lemon , sugar and fish sauce first . Then put anything you like in to that make your sauce better

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