French People Try American Cheese

(laughter) – What is this? (electronic music) – We have a saying in French. Cheese that does not smell
can not be an honest cheese. – We like to eat cheese
with wine, and just, we eat it for the cheese,
whereas here, cheese you eat it with something else. – Yea with crackers or in
France you just eat cheese, just a piece of cheese like this. – And not with crackers. – Yea, nothing. – Not necessarily looking
forward to trying this but, – Let’s see! (jazzy instrumental music) – It’s just one color. – Yea. – It’s just, there’s no
like little things in it. – No spice or nothing. – Nothing. – It’s very simple. (jazzy instrumental music) – It’s not bad but it’s
what we call in France the cheese for kid. – It tastes like cheese for one
second and then it does not. – It has a bit of bitterness
to it but very, very light. – Doesn’t it feel a bit smoked? – Tastes milky. – It tastes like the
cream you put in coffee, like half and half. (jazzy instrumental music) – Oh my. This looks like mayo. – The texture is very sandy and dry. – How does it taste? – I taste like those little
cheese puff that you can buy. – Mayonnaise cheese sauce with a bit of light orange coloring. – It’s like a mixture
between salty and sweet but at the same time it’s
neither and really acidic. – You’re in a rush to get your food, you’re going to get food that tastes like it has been made in a rush. And it doesn’t have to taste bad but won’t taste as good as it could be. – You should eat food
because you enjoy it, you enjoy the taste of it,
you shouldn’t just eat it to fill yourself up.
– Yea. – And a lot of this
American cheese in general feels just like to fill yourself up or to put on a burger
and just kind of eat it. – And it doesn’t taste, it doesn’t taste. – It doesn’t taste like anything. – So it’s not good for your body and it isn’t good for your
desire to eat something good. – Yea. (upbeat instrumental music)

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