Fr Luke Sidarous – 2nd day Feast of the Holy Cross – Sep 29, 2019

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, One God, Amen. On the fortieth day after the birth or our Savior The Holy Virgin carried him to the temple to fulfill the law while she was in the temple Simeon the elder entered. and he carried the Lord in his arms And blessed the Lord and Said: “Lord, now let Your servant depart in peace, according to Your word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation…” (Luke 2:25-32) because his eyes were weak after the years He said to Our Lady The Virgin: This child This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel and to be a sign that will be spoken against When the eyes of Simeon the Elder were opened He saw the sign of the Son of Man he saw The Cross His eyes were opened and he saw The Cross this sign the sign of the cross, is a sign of Christ the sign of the Son of Man It is what separates the person who carries the cross from everyone else In the Friday Psalmody in the Midnight Praises Psalmody means hymn It says “Our Lord Jesus Christ gave a sign to his servants whom fear him.” They defeat the power of demons, close the mouths of demons, turn off the power of fire, all with this sign. This sign in the old testament Was instituted unknowingly by the Israelites on the doors The wood and the blood on the night of the death of the first-born Egyptians and said “I see the blood and pass over you.” Blood on wood And all those who took protection behind these doors that had the blood were saved from the angel of death and from death And in the book of Ezekiel In the 9th chapter Ezekiel had a vision of 6 male angels God called to them and each one was holding weapons of destruction because of anger and much sin and the bad immoralities there was anger descending from God and these angels were descending to do this and in their midst a man wearing a raiment with the stain of blood on his side and God commanded him saying descend… before the damnation, before the anger, before the death, before these big catastrophes He told him to place a sign a sesame seed on the heads of all those that sigh that cry for all the abominations He said go mark the people who do not accept immorality and cannot change anything but they sigh they are in pain He said place for me a sign He placed on them a sign, and he said to the angels going to carry out the wrath, do not go near one who carries the sign This is in the Old Testament In the New Testament He called this sign The seal of The Living God It was no longer an outer sign It became what? It became a seal! and he called them “The Sealed” and He said the numbers of their tribes in the new church 144,000 They have the seal of God on their forehead. That’s why I’m telling you that the Cross That God blessed all of us with and we were sealed and sealed with this Godly seal, the Seal of God Why on the foreheads? Because of thought! Doesn’t the Cross sanctify thought? The Cross is the Seal of God We were sealed with the spirit of the Holy Covenant in our baptism. and the seal of the Holy Mayroon With what? With the cross. When we anoint with the Mayroon, how do we do it? with the Cross The first anointing we receive with the Mayroon is on the forehead. The Seal of God became within you! Sometimes one gets complacent, sometimes the world distracts one Sometimes one drowns in sin but is this seal removed? Never! Never! The sign can be wiped but the seal? It isn’t removed when we were sealed with the seal of God with the Holy Spirit A start from thought we became property of God When one takes something He seals it with his seal When a king seals something with his seal When we were sealed, we became His property. This Cross on the forhead But it’s not visible. People are walking down the street all look the same. But He said, no no this is internal This is a secret seal! It is revealed at the coming of Christ. Are we the children of God? Yes, we are the children of God and we do not appear as we shall then it isn’t apparent but when He arrives in His coming The secret seal of the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, will appear. and on the day of His coming In the myriads of his saints to judge the world. It says, the sun will darken and the moon will cease to give its light and the heavenly powers will be shaken All this will be obsolete There won’t be a sun or moon And at that time the Seal of The Son of Man will be revealed. It will give more light than the sun and the moon At His coming, you will look You will see the Sign of the Son of Man, You will see the Cross Which you are already stamped with upon your forehead Within yourself Which is the sign of salvation He says “When you see this sign lift your heads, for your salvation is near Please take care of this seal take care of it Please Keep your consciousness of it and your awareness of it because we are sealed! Sanctified, consecrated to God And this Cross that is on your forehead shouldn’t leave your mind. don’t let the Cross leave your mind In all aspects of life In good and bad In sickness and health in success and in failure Never let the Cross… “You are those whom have seen Jesus Christ crucified before you” it cannot leave your mind When the Cross leaves your mind, you mess up You get lost You make poor judgements Keep the Cross before your eyes See all people with it How did Christ look at people? How did he look at this sinful, terrible world? He looked with mercy. And he gave himself up on the Cross for the sinners. If you keep the Cross before your eyes You can never judge anyone. It’s not my place This cross…I should carry it and judge myself and my own sins The cross is forgiveness not judgement If we carry the cross Then forgiveness is natural in the life of a Christian person For sinners? Of course for sinners! When Christ appears at his coming and reveals the glory of the Cross… The cross wasn’t just for 3 hours It is the sign of the Son of Man, The sign of Christ that is eternal! Because when John saw him in the book of Revelation, He saw a risen lamb, as if it was slaughtered. And Our Lord Jesus Christ kept his wounds In his hands and his side because it is eternal love. Not something temporary That’s why I’m saying that the cross… that Christ gave us to belong to him and he sealed us with the seal of his Cross… Is the greatest gift that was given to mankind and of course, the greatest act of any person can make in their life, is to carry their cross and follow Christ He said whoever wants to follow Me must carry the Cross against murmuring and complaining with joy and contentment Follow Christ to where? To eternal life! Where is he going to take you? You are carrying His Cross Where are you going? The Cross, the other side of it is the resurrection All who carry the Cross have tested the resurrection And the resurrection abolished death Glory be to God forever, Amen.

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