Food Talk: Weird food your partner eats Chinese vs American | 奇怪的食物: 美国人 vs 中国人 [国际夫妇] 2WongsMIR

Hello Youtubers! Welcome to the first episode of Two Wongs Make It Right I am Sumting Wong. and I’m his wife, Never Wong. As a couple we have our differences and being interracial, I think it makes it even more interesting. So we’re here to talk about those differences, things like food, habits, culture, sex, really anything you can think of. So we’re gonna make it personal, fun, and entertaining. So let’s start. Shall we? Sounds good. So what should we talk about today? I think we should talk about
something basic for survival. You mean sex? No! I mean food. Okay, I mean, that’s a good topic Maybe we can talk about food that is totally common to you, but feels kind of weird to your partner? Sounds good? Definitely! So you want to start? Sure. I think I would start with maybe that one of the most infamous items you guys have the thousand-year-old egg Of course. And I still remember the first time I had this. We were newly dating and you had prepared me a soup, and you had prepared it so nicely, sliced it very carefully. And that was the first time I’d seen that clear green translucent egg white the green yolk I gave it a shot, and I didn’t really know what to think of it at first. I didn’t think it was too bad. But for some reason over time, I had it a few more times, and I’ve kind of developed this weird sensitivity to it, that I can no longer eat thousand-year-old eggs I really don’t know what’s worse, the color, that weird color or the fact that it’s been in our pantry for the past two years without refrigeration. Something’s wrong with that. Well Heusen yellow of ink is kind of like American drinking. You know it can survive Anything if there’s a Tomic farm in China? They’re gonna be two things left thousand yellow. Egg and cockroaches Oh Which one will you choose? Can I choose the Twinkie? No there’s no such option? Oh? That’s a tough one and the cockroaches Boy Anyway, anything else well. I think the other really big famous one is chicken feet Yes, yeah And I have to admit. I’ve been kind of the length about this I have not actually tried to conceit myself, but I’ve seen a lot of people eat them We go to dim sum from time to time and almost every table has a dim sum They love it. I just see them eating their chicken feet and They come in to two varieties. I think the darker fried one or the Lighters raw one. No. There’s no wrong we You know they they come with the claws right some of them yeah, it’s just too much for me, it’s a quiet page I guess you know, it’s It’s not the best presentation, but I mean I grew up with it, and it tastes pretty good. You know Well I think going along those same lines with the heat is really the Chinese tend to prevent the whole animal on The plate right you bet they’re used to seeing that yeah, and we have that in our wedding, too I mean, it’s all about presentation You know besides you know I paid for the whole chicken. I want to see the whole thing I don’t want to be scammed to come out with only two pieces of the whole chicken Yeah, yeah and for us Americans I mean we pretty much disguise our food to where you can’t even tell which animal it’s coming from hey, Johnny I still remember the story you told me that you didn’t even know shrimp asshead I’m tearing it alive until what five years ago. I think it’s True I never see them with scary honest I think the weirdest example that I have for that might surprise you actually because It was the time that you Had a pigeon on the plate, okay? I remember you were you were with your parents in Toronto as at a very nice Chinese restaurant It looks very nice, and I asked you what you were having for dinner, and you texted me this picture of a pigeon on the plate Laying there. I was pretty shocked, but the feathers were all frayed yeah Yeah, no. I mean it was a delicacy and it tastes pretty good so yummy for my tummy You um I think the first thing I can think of is probably a mac and cheese oh They’re weird I mean the only thing I associated mac and cheese with is awesome project. Oh, yeah when I was a kid macaroni is Art supply and not food so It just you know kind of a weird thing with me but it’s such a comfort food for me I Guess reading that I guess but I mean Americans always talk about you know texture I mean this fall right into that category. It’s chewy. It’s kind of creamy and just like you blend up name you know so Yeah Probably the other thing is the raw stuff Yeah, yeah, I’m at the ravaging America either bottle you don’t style of them no That’s the best you can Raw vegetable with something dressing not dead yeah, you gotta have this quiet cuisine I mean for crying out loud how lazy can you be just cook it? Yeah such a weird concept, I mean because the Chinese cooked almost up their food, and it’s just like it’s it’s weird I still prefer. You know cook vegetable even though you know And I used to make that for you Yeah We still have a lot to talk about food, but I think that’s it for today. What are your thoughts? Any funny stories that you want to share with us? So write in the comments section or drop us a line at two Wong’s m, ir at We would love to hear from you your feedback your likes dislikes Suggestions and topics you’d like us to discuss So this concludes today’s episode as Confucius says Once you go Wong See you later again

24 thoughts on “Food Talk: Weird food your partner eats Chinese vs American | 奇怪的食物: 美国人 vs 中国人 [国际夫妇] 2WongsMIR

  1. Very entertaining and glad to see you guys make a video to share with everyone. Please do at least one every week. Thx!

  2. Great couple! I'm American as well and I'm living in Thailand. I agree on the Mac and cheese. Such comfort food. They eat chicken feet here too, yeah it's interesting. The food here that is even more weird for me is all the insects. Haha.

  3. Chinese food is bomb! I love it all. I've always had judgement about mac and cheese. I'm not about it. Love raw veggies!!! I'm hungry

  4. My Shanghaiese husband loves TEA EGGS – The smell of tea, garlic, anise, cinnamon and soy sauce cooking in my kitchen for several hours. My American children are not fans….at all.

    And I have scared several visitors with his pig ears and pigs feet boiling away on the stove. 🙂

  5. I'm a Trinidadian of Indian descent and we also eat chicken feet and I've eaten shrimp heads a few times, both quite good.

  6. My bf is Chinese and I always try all the food he makes, and usually it is delicious, he is a great cook! The one that was a little hard to swallow was pigs feet. They were good, but the thought was hard to get out of my mind. I also kept calling them pig toenails, which he thought was hilarious, but unappetizing!

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