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– I’m about to build the
most amazing, delicious, cheesy, melty lasagna you’ve ever seen. Boom. I’m a food stylist. Consider me a makeup artist for food. I take boring, everyday average food and make it look amazing. When you make lasagna at home, this is what you’re used to getting. I’m gonna show you how I food style this with all of my tricks. When I think of lasagna,
I think of a really nice, solid piece of lasagna,
single served on a plate. And in order to do that, instead of making lasagna
and slicing it out and scooping out a piece, food stylists usually build a hero slice from the bottom up. That way you’ve got clean, even layers and you’re in total control
of the slice that you have. So that’s what I’m gonna do today. I have hard-boiled, very
al dente lasagna noodles. Par-cooking the lasagna
noodles obviously gives them some flexibility but they
also maintain their shape which is very important. We don’t want them to be too overcooked. Instead of building the lasagna slice and then transferring it onto
our prop that we’ve chosen, I’m gonna build my lasagna
slice on the prop plate. That way I don’t have to
move it once I have it built. So let’s do it. The first thing I’m going to do is decide what size I want
my lasagna piece to be. Obviously I don’t need this entire noodle for this little plate, and in order for it to
look like a hefty portion, I’m gonna layer two slices of
lasagna noodles on the bottom. A little trick to keep my lasagna noodles from sliding all over the
plate while I build it is just a little squeeze of denture cream on the bottom of the plate. The denture cream is
gonna act as an adhesive. Polident is good for not
just keeping your teeth in your mouth. The next thing I’m gonna do is make a little cheese mixture
to spread onto my lasagna. I’m really just gonna eyeball this. I’m taking a little bit
of my ricotta cheese, a little bit of a finely
grated Parmesan cheese and a little bit of a shredded and chopped mozzarella cheese. The reason I decided to shred and chop the mozzarella cheese is
because I wanna give it a really fine texture so that when I go to melt the cheese it
will completely blend in and you won’t see any strands of cheese. I have my first layer of cheese. So now I’m gonna add a piece
of poster board on top of that. This is gonna add stability
as I build my lasagna. For the next layer I’m adding
my strained tomato sauce. So this is a super concentrated
just-jarred tomato sauce. I picked out a brand that I
really like for it’s color and it’s texture, but
removed all the extra water so there’s no leakage and it
holds it’s shape really nicely. I’m actually gonna do
another layer of cheese on the underneath side of my noodle so that way I can just flip
it over and make a sandwich. So it’ll be noodle, cheese,
tomato sauce, cheese, noodle. Now I’m just going back through
and adding in a little bit of cheese to the very front
of the lasagna noodle. So, I have my bottom
layer completely done. I feel really good about it, and it looks like it’s really
supported by the cardboard. So now I’m gonna do the exact same thing for the middle layer. Before I add my top, finished
layer of marinara sauce and melted cheese, I’m
gonna go back through and add a little bit thicker pieces of cardboard to the back
structure of the lasagna. This will give it a
little lift in the back so it’s not sloping and I make
sure that it’s really sturdy. For the cheese on the top of the slice, I’m just going through and
crumbling my ricotta mixture with my fingers. That way I’m getting an
even texture on the top. All right, the lasagna is built. And so now I’m gonna take it and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds
just to get the cheese a little melty and make it
look like it’s been cooked and we’ll be right back. We’re back from the microwave, and it definitely got
melty around the edges which I really like. It makes it look like I just
scooped it out of the pan, put it on the plate and
the cheese is oozing out. However the top didn’t really
get the way that I want for our final beauty. So I’m gonna go back over,
clean up some of these layers on the bottom that I lost and then add some more cheese on top and use a couple food styling tricks to make my cheese look extra melty and delicious for the top of our lasagna. To clean up the noodles I’m just gonna take a paintbrush and a little bit of
water and a paper towel. (laughs) I’ve cleaned up my layers and
I think it looks really good. I’m gonna add my mozzarella cheese, my plain mozzarella cheese
to the top and start working on making it look melty. And even though that
there’s cardboard in here, it still smells really good. To start my cheese melting process, I’m gonna use a heat gun. Heat guns are essential with food styling. All right, here it is. I’m really happy with the way this looks. My layers are clean, the
top is melty and brown. So I think now I’m gonna take
it onto our beauty photoset and do some finishing touches and make it look amazing. We have been magically teleported to our photography setup in a
romantic, Italian restaurant. Now that we have our beauty photo setup I’m gonna do a couple finishing touches on my lasagna slice. I’m gonna add a couple
drops of marinara sauce onto the plate to make
it look a little messy, but also make it look like
it just fell there naturally. When a food stylist is working with food that is supposed to be warm and it’s sitting on a photoset
for who knows how long, one good way to keep
that food looking fresh and warm is with a steamer. I’m gonna take this steamer and just wave it over
the top of my lasagna. This is a food stylist product that when brushed on top of cheese, it helps keep the cheese
looking like it’s melted. It adds a little bit of a glisten so that way it doesn’t look
like your cheese is stale. I’ll take this secret to my grave. But trust me, it works. Last but not least I’m gonna
add my final food garnish. I’m gonna take a little
bit of curly leaf parsley, chop it up with my scissors
and sprinkle it on top. I’m not putting the parsley
in any particular place. I’m trying to make it look really natural, so I’m just sprinkling it and wherever it lands, that’s fine. I can always go back over
and take pieces away. This lasagna slice turned out so nice. I love the clean layers,
the bright red tomato sauce, the melty cheese on top. Everything about it looks delicious. There’s no way you’re
getting anything like this out of a box. Thanks for watching. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Let me know what you wanna
see me food style next. Follow Well Done on Facebook and YouTube. And while you’re at it,
follow me on Instagram, and see more of my food
styling, see you next time.

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  2. Looks good. I like what you do. As a home amateur cook and baker, I love taking pictures of my homemade creations. One if my favorites was from scratch cinnamon rolls. I let them rise and cook in my cast iron skillet by the fire. Talk about absolutely mouth watering. Those pictures were amazing. It just takes you back to their decadent taste. I also love taking pictures of my breads and pies. Yum yum.

    How about styling sushi or some type of cool asian dish?

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