Food Shortages in America – Stockpile Food Now- How to Prepare for Food Crisis

food shortages in America stockpile food now why stockpile food for emergencies hi it’s alaskagranny when I was down in Arizona I picked up a little magazine I read an alarming statistic in here that said that two million families in Arizona are dependent on just this one food bank network and that’s not all the food banks in Arizona it also said in one year’s time the food bank handed out 30,000 boxes of food a month in one year the food bank went from 30,000 boxes of food handed out to hungry families per month to 40,000 boxes of food handed out to hungry families per month in one year that is a twenty-five percent increase in people relying on food banks to have enough to eat more people are expecting someone else to help keep their family fed and that’s over one year’s time if you continue to see people dependent on emergency food at such an alarming rate and that is beyond food stamps WIC beyond school lunches church soup kitchens all of that there are a lot of people that don’t have enough to eat take this is a wake-up call and make sure you are providing your family with a bountiful abundance in your pantry because there’s a whole lot of people in line ahead of you if something happens and you run out of food so I thought it was interesting that they said they wanted peanut butter canned tuna and soup so I thought I’m going to make sure I have plenty of that too it’s all well and good to donate and help others remember your number one need to make sure you are providing for your family and I have been reading all kinds of things lately about hunger and lack of food giving me a tremendous wake-up call to ensure that I’m providing for my family I think I do the job but I’m going to step it up if you don’t have three to six months worth of food in your pantry things that you can just go and eat canned food items dry food items and foods that can easily store and require little cooking things like that make sure that you have enough for your family’s stockpile of food stockpile the things that you can make a meal with make-up recipes of things that you already like and then buy extras of those food items to ensure that you have enough for your family make this a wake-up call make it a priority to store more food you never want to see your family going without enough to eat let me know what you’re doing for food storage food shortages in America learn more at please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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