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Hi, I’m Mike Regan with TranzAct’s Two-Minute
Warning for the week of March 3rd. Last week I had the opportunity to attend an outstanding
event when I went to the food shippers associations annual transportation and logistics conference.
Now I was privileged to be asked to moderate a panel discussion and the title for our session
was to tell the truth, In order to do that we went and got some great resources, people
like Derek Leathers from Werner, Jeff Silver from Coyote, Peter Burke from Land o’ Frost
and Barton Jennings from Western Illinois University and what we asked them to do was
to really tell us what was going on within their organization and address some of the
challenges that they’re having in running their business. Now in this two-minute warning
we want to briefly highlight a couple of factors that you ought to pay attention to. First
you need to go to and download two of the slides that Derek Leathers prepared
for the audience because what he did was highlight the investment that publicly traded carriers
have made in their fleet over the last several years and the results are stunning and they’re
not encouraging because what it tells us is what we’ve talked about the two-minute warning,
carriers are not expanding the size of their fleet. And that brings us to our second point,
we talked to a lot of people at that conference, there was almost 900 – 1000 people there and
to a person everyone said they had never seen the kind of January and February we experienced
in 2014 and it wasn’t just because of the weather, they said that there is a legitimate
concern about how they’re going to get trucks to move their freight in the future and that
brings us to our third point. I asked Derek and Jeff when push comes to shove and you
need to get a truck to a customer, how do you make the decision about who’s going
to get the truck and they highlighted a couple things. First of all they look at the relationship
itself, how long has that company been a customer, the second thing is how is that equipment
going to get used. If you’re not paying attention to things like what’s happened
at your dock, you may see the carriers take a pass because they can’t afford to have
their equipment tied up for extended lengths of time and the third thing obviously they
take a look at is the rate for how much they’re going to get to move the freight. Now with
each and every two-minute warning, we’re here to remind you we are on your team and
we’re here to help, but more importantly, we’re passionate about seeing you be successful
which is why we want you to go to and download those slides and send them around
the people within your organization to help them understand what’s going on in the transportation
marketplace and how it will impact your supply chain. Thanks for your time.

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