Food Security

Serwa is a farmer in Africa.
Every day, she works long hours tending a small plot of land.
She hopes to grow enough crops to keep her children from going hungry and sell what’s
left for a fair price. But it’s a fragile lifeline. Crop disease,
unstable markets, or a few weeks without rain could destroy everything she has.
She is not alone. Nearly one billion people go to bed hungry
every day. Millions of farmers throughout the world – most of whom are women – are
struggling to survive and feed their families because they lack the access to quality seeds,
markets, or innovative tools that can maximize their harvests.
But these problems can be solved. Interventions like better irrigation systems,
improved fertilizers, and disease and drought resistant seeds can produce larger harvests.
Alliances between governments and the private sector can foster real growth; creating new,
bustling marketplaces, and fueling supply and demand so farmers can sell their products.
And educational programs on vitamin-rich crops can help farmers provide more nutritious food
for their families. By providing women like Serwa with the right
tools, access, training, and technology, there could be a 30 percent increase in global food
production; that’s 150 million more people who would have enough to eat each year.
Tackling hunger anywhere is the responsibility of people everywhere. By empowering countries
to grow their way out of poverty, we can break the cycle of hunger and build a more stable
world for future generations.

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