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To start, we’re going
to melt the chocolate, the butter, and
the salt together in a microwave-safe bowl. And we’re going to melt
this in 30-second increments until it’s nice and
smooth and melted. Now that our
chocolate is melted, we have six eggs and our sugar. And we’re going to whip
this for 8 to 10 minutes, until it’s light and fluffy. Since this cake does
not have any flour, we wants to beat the eggs nice,
so they’re nice and light, so our cake is nice and
light once it’s been baked. So now you can see
that our egg and sugar mixture is really
light and delicate, and this is exactly
what you want. So we’re going to fold the
chocolate mixture into the egg mixture, making sure to do
it as gently as possible to keep the eggs as
aerated as possible. So we’re going to keep folding
until it’s completely combined. It kind of helps to use
your hand to pivot the bowl, just to make sure
you’re thoroughly mixing both of the mixtures together. And there you have it. So, the next step is to put
our batter into the pan. This is a springform pan. And the best part about
these springform pans is the little latch on the side. And when you undo it,
the bottom actually separates from the sides, making
it really easy to get your cake out of the pan, which is great
for a cake that’s flourless or that’s a little bit more
delicate, so you don’t have to try to flip it and try to– to get it out without
messing it up. We’re going to spray it
liberally with nonstick spray. And if you don’t have
a springform pan, that’s totally fine. You can use a regular round
cake pan, except it might be a little bit more difficult
getting it out of the pan once it’s finished baking. So we’re going to put our
cake mixture into the pan, making sure to get every last
little bit out of the bowl. And then we’re going to bake the
flourless chocolate cake at 325 for about an hour
and 25 minutes. So now, our flourless chocolate
cake has been cooling, and we’re going to
remove it from the pan. Take a paring knife and run it
around the edge, just in case it’s stuck a little bit. Remove the outside
of the pan gently. And now, this cake can
be crackly and crumbly, but that’s just because
it doesn’t have any flour and doesn’t have a
lot of structure. But we’re going to
easily cover that up with confectioners’ sugar. If you want to
use whipped cream, that would be great as well. So, what we’re
going to do, if you don’t have a fine metal sifter,
we can make one really easily. Take a plastic or paper cup,
add your confectioners’ sugar, and then take a
piece of cheesecloth, lay it right over the top,
and then take a rubber band and secure it. And then we’re just going
to dust that on top. And there you have
it– a really simple flourless chocolate
cake that you can make any time of the year.

20 thoughts on “Flourless Chocolate Cake How-To | Food Network

  1. By the way, that's a really clever trick to use the cup and the cheese cloth to make your own "sifter" for the powdered sugar. Me likey!

  2. Can I sabstitute sugar? I am on low carb diet. If so, what is the best sugar substitute to hold a cake structure? Can we do other flavors with this recipe, too or it only works with chocolate? Thanks much.

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